The Second World

Chapter 1: Prologue

The world is not always as it seems. Amongst the human world is a secret world that consists of four different races. The Lorus race, The Dangos race, The Torpio Race and the witches

Lorus- A half human half Dango being that are trained to be Death Dealers for the Dangos. They have the reflexes and senses of Dangos and the strength and speed of a very fit human.

Dangos- A living vampire that can reproduce and age. These don't have super strength or super speed. They do have heightened reflexes and senses. All of the common Dangos have ice blue eyes, where as the royal bloodlines have green eyes. All Dangos have a tall and slim build. They can go out in the sun as much as they like and can be killed by any methods. They do drink blood but they don't kill to feed, instead they feed off donors, but they can also digest normal food. Also All Dangos have a small ability of compulsion which allows them to make people forget things. That is what allows them to survive without being discovered.

Witches- Humans that have a connection with the earth. Each witch will specialise in one of the four elements, earth, air, fire or water. The witches learn how to use their element peacefully but also how to use it as a weapon. Witches also can't be killed, so they all live long happy lives and only age can kill them. They also can't be turned into a Torpio.

Torpios- An undead vampire. They have no souls and are very fast and strong. They also have very fast reflexes and heightened senses. They can't enter holy grounds or enter somewhere protected by magic. They can only be killed by a pure silver stake plunged into their hearts. They kill to feed and possess no magic to help them protect themselves from being discovered by humans. The main difference between Dangos and Torpios is that Dangos are born; Torpios are made by one of two ways. One of the most common ways is by a Torpio biting someone and then killing them any way except draining their blood, since the person must have blood in their system for the transition to take place. The second way is if a Dangos chooses to become a Torpio. They do this by completely draining a person of blood.

Donors- Humans that live on the fringe of the human world and agree to be a continues source of blood for Dangos. These humans are addicted to the high that come with the bite of a Dangos.

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