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Bella's POV

Shoo… I am so tired I was up until 3:00 this morning arguing with my boyfriend Edward Cullen. Now I have been so annoyingly awakened by my alarm clock buzzing in my ear only three hours later, telling me to get ready for school. If he was here right now I would kick his ass. I go take a shower and put on my faded denim jeans with the frayed holes in them, a black low cut tank top with my push up bra to lift my slightly large breasts up, and my Nikes. I pick through my mess of chocolate, waist length, curls. Throw on my eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. Then I spray on my cherry blossom body spray. All the stuff that he hates for me to wear. But I figure what the hell I'm going to be accused of wanting to screw all the guys I talk to today anyways. He so needs to get over himself.

I go downstairs to grab some breakfast Billie has made for me and Jake. I moved in with Billie and Jake when my dad Charlie got shot and killed while he was on duty one night by a man trying to rob a local bank. Charlie and my mom had been divorced for six years. She past away from cancer so I moved in with him. When Charlie died Billie insisted that I move in with them.

Jake has already left for school so I set down to eat with Billy. My cell rings I know by the ring tone Miss You Babe its Edward. Billy hates Edward with a fiery passion. Grunting he blows and heads into the kitchen so he will not be tempted to say anything rude. He doesn't allow Edward in the house. So I respect his wishes, but he can come by and pick me up.

"What?" I answer the phone.

"How are you this morning, love?"

"Well lets see… I've had a grand total of three hours of sleep. Because I was up half the frigging night fighting with your ass. So I'm hateful as hell." I left it at that I don't care how he felt and for the first time since I have been living with Billy. I was glad Edward couldn't sneak in to spend the night with me last night or it would have been a lot worse.

"Can I come and pick you up this morning and drive you to school?"

"Well… Let me think… No I don't want you to come and pick me up I'm taking my bike this morning." Then I hang up my phone, throw my dishes in the dishwasher, and kiss Billy who is smiling at me.

I go out to the garage to my crotch rocket, its a blue and white Suzuki IGSXR 1000R. Jake and Billy bought it for my last birthday. I love it and I must say I look incredibly s hot on it. Oh and did I mention the fact that Edward hates it. It is unlady like and dangerous, he is always harping at me. This will be my first time taking it out without Jake. But I can ride good we go riding together all the time.

I twist my hair into a ball and put my helmet on. As I am pushing it out Jasper pulls in the driveway on his bike. It's a Suzuki 1300 Hayabusa. He takes off his helmet and grins that sexy smirk that I love. While he is looking at me shaking his head. "Mmm… you make me hard just looking at you."

"Jasper…" I scolded but couldn't help the grin that spread across my face.

"Remember you wanted us to keep honesty between us. So I'm just being honest darlin." I love his Texan drawl. He looks so sexy in his tattered jeans and black muscle shirt. His hair is straight sandy blonde, it hangs past his shoulder slightly, and is in a skater hair cut. He runs his hand through it throwing it out of his face.

"Your right I do… You look really sexy too. You want to ride to school with me?" I asked smirking at him.

"You know I wouldn't miss this for the world and Edward is so pissed. Luckily he is afraid of me, because he was so pissed when I got on my bike and left the house that if possible he would have been red." jasper mussed.

I knew that Edward would know Jazz was with me. We had became best friends over the past four years of me being with Edward on and off. Even when Edward and I would break up we still hung out. I am also good friends with his twin sister Rosalie, their sister Alice, and Emmett he is my other favorite.

I got on my bike and start it up as Jasper did the same. We pull out he lets me in front of him. We get to school and Jasper pulls in next to me. I get off my bike and Jasper is already in front of me grinning. I take my helmet off and shake loose my hair. First Angela and Jess comes over to us then the Cullen's. Edward has a single pink and yellow rose in his hand and holds it out to me smiling. He knows that they are my favorite. Suck up. I notice him looking at my choice of wardrobe. With a disapproving look on his face.

"Damn Tinkerbella you look sexy" said Em coming to my side.

"Thanks" I replied to Emmet as Edward comes closer kissing my cheek whispering "sorry" in my ear. Yeah like I believe that.

I started talking to Angela about our history test today. Edward takes my hand in his as he leads me to my first class. Its French class and I have it with Jasper.

"I know I lost my temper with you again and I am sorry, love. I'll make it up to you later."

"Yes after Jake's party tonight we can talk about it…I know you don't approve of me going. But it as been a long time since I hung out with the pack. You do remember I'm going to a bonfire tonight right? I hope it doesn't cause you and I more problems."

"Yes love I remember, I will try to behave myself." He kisses me lightly on my lips and I go in the classroom.

Jasper had an 'I knew it would happen again' look. He didn't have to say a word he was coming to his seat in front of me. He had been flirting with the girls in the back of the class. He is quite a charmer it even pisses me off a little although I know it shouldn't.

"I need to talk to you, in private." Jasper stated.

Jasper POV

I could her Edward and Bella's conversation and she was still pissed about their fight last night. I didn't bother asking what happened I knew Bella would tell me soon enough. We were getting even closer and I cant help but think about her all the time. I know it pisses Edward off because he can read my thoughts. But he knows better than to say anything to me, I can and will kick his ass. He will growl occasionally at me which cracks me the hell up.

When she tells him she ridding her bike I go outside to get mine. Bella and I have so much more in common than her and pretty boy . But since he was her first boyfriend and I did avoid her at first. I wait for my opportunities then I pounce every chance I get. I mean hell alls fair in love and war, right.

I take off on my way to her house. Edward is not welcome there, but for some reason Jake and I have become good friends. Billy will even talk to me. Just last week when Bella left us in the room together while she bathed. Billy surprised me by saying 'just kick his ass and take her boy. Hell you know she feels something for you we can all smell how aroused you get her." With all these thoughts I watch Bella get up to go to the teachers desk.

"Sir I don't feel so goo…" then she slumps over in the floor. I am at her side in second trying not to get noticed for moving to fast.

"Bella are you ok?" I pull her into my lap when she opens her eyes and looks deep into mine.

"I need something to eat I think its my… sugar." She mumbles, I know that Bella has low blood sugar. I also know that she has eat this morning her house smelt like french toast and bacon I could smell it from outside. "don't worry Mr. Burkett I will take her to the cafeteria and get some food in her."

"Thank you mister Jasper I'll notify her next class in case it takes her a bit to get feeling better." I help Bella stand up and she leans into me as I wrap my arm around her. We get out of the room and shut the door behind us. We get out of the building and start down the steps to the cafeteria. She looks up and me and smiles as she sets down patting the space beside her on the step.

I cant help but return the smile "you know you suck at lying, right." I admonished.

She giggled "well I do now, thanks." she grumbled playfully.

"Anytime darlin" I reply smirking. "So… what, is so important it cant wait until after class, honey?" I turn to her watching her twirl her hair around her finger.

"Jazz I know I'm really tired. But I have been thinking all night about how I feel about Edward lately and… I don't feel the same way for him that I did a year ago. I don't think that I'm in love with him anymore. I mean he makes feel all the ways I want to be made feel sometimes. But we fight all the time and lately he only shows me affection when he is sucking up. I'm just not sure its him that I want to be touching me or loving me anymore."

"Wow… Sweetheart you have floored me this time. Start with telling me what happened last night then we'll discuss the rest ok." I am trying to not show how excited I am that she is finally falling out of love with Edward. I get one of her hands in mine and rub the top of it gently.

"Well yesterday when we were all outside playing baseball in the field. When we was all playing around, I took a running go and jumped on Emmet's back. Then you smacked me on my ass."

"Yes I remember. Everyone was having a good time, even him as I recall. Didn't him and Rose roll around on the ground wrestling when he said she was out and she said she was safe." The more I think about him jumping on her over me and Emmet the madder I got.

"That's what I told him. But he said I acted like a whore, when I did that. I didn't need to be rubbing myself all over every man I came across. Because I cant control my hormones."

That fucking did it. I get up to go after him. She still has a hold of my hand and does not let go. She tries to pull me back down.

"Please Jasper it would only make things worse for me." I stop at the pleading in her voice and set beside her catching her face in my hands wiping her tears away with my thumbs. I look into her crystal blue eyes. I could get lost in them.

"What happened then?" I asked not sure I would be able to stop myself if I find out.

"When he went to take me home he pulled over beside the rode and walked into the forest a little. I followed him That's when he started telling me how I acted. Then he… well he … Jasper I'm afraid to tell you. You have to promise me not let him know that I told in anyway or it will be worse."

"I promise to try. Shit Bella does he hit you?" I could tell by the expression on her face. She pulled away from me and looked at the ground.

"Not really hit me, he just shoves me around and since I'm very clumsy I guess no one has ever noticed."

I cant stop the growl that erupts from my chest. "Show me what he did last night, heard him say he lost control again."

She stood up and said I will have to pulls my pants down. I pick her and run quickly to the woods behind the school. "Show me, please sweetheart. I will not let him know that I know this time. But if it happens again he is one going to be one crispy fucking vampire." She starts pulling down her pants and I notice the large purple bruise on her upper thigh. I place my hands on top of hers and help her pull pants back up. Then I place my forehead against hers and look into her eyes again. I hear her breathing hitch and her heart rate accelerate.

Bella's POV

He places his hands on mine and he helps me pulls my pants back up. He leans his forehead against mine "if it ever happens again I will take care of the problem. You have to promise me that you will tell me." he pleaded.

"I will." I promised without hesitation. He is so close I can feel his cool breath fan over my face. He is so sexy I cant control myself I lean forward and place my hand on the back of his neck. I feel him take in a deep breath as I kiss him he doesn't resist, which is good. I have wanted to do this to him for while now.

First I kiss his bottom lip sucking it gently then run my tongue over it. I move closer to him as he moves his hands to my waist. He opens his mouth for me meeting my tongue with his. A moan escapes from me and I hear the bell ring. It brings me back to reality. "I… I'm sorry Jasper its just that I have wanted to do that for so long." He placed a cool fingertip to my lips.

"Not near as long as I have. But I will have to stay away from Edward as much as I can or he might see it. Not that I want to but until you two are officially over it would only cause you more problems."

"I know I shouldn't have put you in such a position. But I just feel drawn to you somehow." I explained my reasons to him.

"I know exactly what you are feeling I feel it to." I back away from her as I smell Edward coming.

"What's up guys? Is she ok? Her teacher told me her sugar had dropped again." He reached out and took my hand it didn't feel the same as when Jasper held it.

"See you guys later?" Jasper said.

"See ya Jazz and thanks. I feel better now, Jasper took care of me, lets go to class." I said to Edward. I took his hand and we went to class. The rest of the day went by in a blur I keep thinking of my first kiss with Jasper. I had wanted to do that for a long time now. I have even imagined more with him. I know I'm messed up but I cant help it.

Edward is so mean to me anymore he gets mad at me over everything. It is the last class of the day. All I can say is thank God it's Friday. The bell rings and Edward walks me out to my bike. Jasper is waiting with my favorite smile. Damn he is so sexy.

"I wish you would let Emmet take this home. I'll drive you." Edward tried to persuade me

"No thanks I'm a safe driver and besides I have Jasper with me." He muttered something under his breath as he kissed me quickly, it sounded like 'that was the problem.' Jasper laughed as I got on and we started our bikes.

"I'll pick you up at the cut off to La Push so we can talk some before I leave you tonight." I nod my head and pull out.

When we got to my house I pulled in the garage and Jasper did too. He got off his bike, took his helmet off, and grabbed me around the waist. His eye's were black with lust and his breathing was heavy. I placed my arms around his neck knowing I needed this as bad as he did.

He started to kiss me soft at first then deepening it slowly. I moaned into his mouth gaining a low moan from him as well. His mouth made love to mine as we stood there.

He picked me up with his hands on my ass. I wrapped my legs around him and moaned as I tangled my hands in his hair. I am never allowed to act like a whore where someone might see us and Edward has never kissed me like this… Edward oh shit… What the hell am I doing?

I know he sensed my feeling because he draws back a little. "Sorry I know that you two are technically still together. But I have thought about that all day." Then I hear a wolf whistle{ pun intended}.

"Damn. Get-er-dun Jazzy!" it was Jake.

Jacob's POV

I decided to walk to school this morning. As I am walking back home I smell my Bells and she smells very happy. If you know what I mean. I also get a whiff of cinnamon too, which could only mean my new blood sucker friend, Jasper. I get to the garage and the lust hits me so hard I have to grab a hold of the wall. Fucking empath. There they are Bells, turned backwards a straddle of his bike. Jasper a straddle of the back wheel with her legs around him. It was all I could do not run over there and join in the festivities. With all the lust that dude was projecting . I whistle at them. "Damn. Get-er-dun Jazzy!"

He turns around smiling. "It's about fucking time. Are you and Douchward finally over." She looks down and hides her head against Jasper's chest. Jasper shakes his head no. Shit me and my big mouth. She pushes Jasper a little and he moves.

She fakes a laugh "I guess he's right I do act like a whore and I can't control my fucking hormones." We both growl.

"Oh hell no! I know Edward didn't call you a whore. I will fucking kill him." I start to shake then I get hit by a wave of calm.

"Don't man. She might get hurt." Jasper stated.

"When are you going to break it off? Because if it doesn't stop I will stop it." I walk over to her and move her hair out of her face.

Jasper takes hold of her hand "You are no whore darlin. He has pushed you away by being mean to you. Besides this time it was all my fault. I will take full responsibility."

"No Jasper. I could have stopped it anytime and I know that. But I am planning on telling him after the party tonight when he comes over to get me. I'm staying all night with Rose and Alice while all the men go hunting."

Jasper phone rung the ring tone was hollering, pick up the damn phone. He knew it was Rose. "What Rosie?" We could hear her over the phone. "Get your ass home lover boy I need to go shopping for tonight." Then she laughed "Oh and Ali seen your bite of sugar you got today so you have to get me and her away from Eddie or she will slip up. Ok." Rose laughed.

"Ok I'm on my way." Jasper said with a big smirk on his face.

Bella's POV

He turned to me "I'll see you before I leave tonight. Ok?" Jasper said gently. He kissed the top of my head and walked toward his bike.

"Jasper since I won't get to talk to you very much tonight before you leave. Call me when you get back from hunting and be careful." I said smiling at him. He turned and smirked his sexy little smile.

"Don't worry I will be careful. I have to get back home safe so I can call my girl. I would be nice if Edward had a hunting accident though." Then he put his helmet on waved and left.

Jake is so excited about me and Jasper it never shuts up as we go inside to get everything we need for the bon fire. Like stuff for hot dogs, pop, beer, chips, and music. We have to take plenty of food because the pack has big appetites. I get ready leaving on the clothes I have on already I taking more for tonight. That is if I am still allowed to stay after I break up with Edward.

Its just that he is so controlling and I can never do anything right anymore. All he does is tell me what a bad person I am, that I don't act lady like, and I need to control my hormones until we get married or people will think I'm a whore.

I finally got sick of it last night when he shoved me and I fell over that branch and landed on the big rock. He said 'shoo god Bella look what a fucking klutz you are you cant even stand up.' I told him it was his fault and he said it was my word against his and that no one would ever believe me over him. That's the way it has been for the past year now. He is just getting worse and I am tired of it. As I am deep in thought when my phone rings 'Miss you Babe' its Edward.

"Hello." I answered.

"Hello love did you make it home ok?"

"Yea I am getting ready for tonight."

"Bella I think we need to go ahead and have our talk now. Before you get here at the house in front of everyone."

I could feel my nerves starting to act up so I take a deep breath. "I feel the same way." I tell him.

"Bella I don't think we are working out well anymore. You are changing and I'm not sure I like the person you are becoming." What the hell… he don't like the person I'm becoming. But wait a minute… this could be my break.

"You know what, I am changing, and I think you're right." I wait for him to continue, I hear him take a deep breath.

"I think we should go our own way for a while, see other people, and see if this is what we want. We can still hang out and talk, but as friends."

"That sounds fine. I think that is what we need. I was going to suggest the same thing to you. Is it still ok for me to stay there tonight while you're gone?"

"Yes of course the girls would be disappointed and mom is making snacks for you for tonight. So I will still pick you up after the party."

"Ok then I'll see you later Jake is waiting for me. Bye."


"Wow that went better than I expected lets get the hell out of here. I need a drink." I tell Jake as we start out the door.

"Hell yea I think I'm going to like the new Bells come on baby lets celebrate." I grin at Jacob and we make our way to the party.