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The Digimon Emperor sat in his chair, watching the replaying feeds from his many cameras. Each displayed a battle- a battle he had lost against the Digidestined. The boy studied each of the children's actions in turn, searching for a weak spot- any weak spot. They had no strategy, only make it up as you go attacks and retreats.

" you'd think that would make it simpler" Ken thought angrily. "instead, it just makes things more complicated. Not that it matters. Everyone, every team, has a flaw in any plan. I'll find it. They're only pawns, and I'm the chessmaster."

"Master?" a timid voice broke through the young genius's thoughts. It was Wormmon. Glaring, Ken snapped, "what do you want?"

"Sorry, Ken, I just-" the cowering digimon began, before being interrupted.

"How many times have I told you, you don't have the right to say my name?" the Digimon Emperor hissed, getting to his feet and raising his long, black whip. Wormmon flinched, but the sharp pain never came.

" Sorry, Master." He said, softly. "I .. I thought you might want to know that those kids were backā€¦ they knocked down another spire." Again, Wormmon flinched. He knew that Ken did not like getting bad news.

"What? And you're only telling me NOW?" the boy's voice was like thunder, harsh and angry. When the digimon nodded, Ken ordered him out with a yell and a kick.

Again, he watched the screen- and then he saw it. The last battle he'd lost. He'd nearly won, nearly gotten rid of the digidestind problem once and for all. Davis his- well, rival wasn't quite the word, as it implied they were almost equal. Davis, his opponent, had been ready to give it hall up for his team. Friendship- that was what held the group together. That was why he hadn't beaten them- yet.

"All I'd need is one." Ken though, smiling to himself, "Only one of the little brats, and the rest would do anything I asked. Still, the question is which? Not Davis- it's too delicious to watch him squirm. Not the older girl- she might try something foolish, and besides, she'd drive anyone nearby crazy with her whining. No, not what' s her name, violet hair. One of the others. The little one, maybe, or the other girl." A plan was forming, and Ken remembered only a few days ago, when the brunette girl had been left behind. She'd stopped Andromon- he wanted revenge for that. And it seemed the rest of the pitiful team had been frantic. She would make a good choice. Then again, the youngest would be easier to snatch, and already, everyone seemed overly concerned for the kid's safety. Either would do quite nicely.

He typed away, setting up another control spire. Tomorrow, like clockwork, the brats would come back. And he'd be waiting. The Digidestind's greatest strength would be their downfall. In 4 days, the Emperor calculated, the Digital world would be his, and his alone. No one would be able to stop him. He laughed, then logged out, returning home. Tomorrow- he could hardly wait.

To be continued

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