Fancy Jackets

Summary: Because of Murdoc's antics, he gets 2-D in an Insane Asylum somehow. But when the gang go back to the Insane Asylum the next say to pick up there poor friend, they realize that Asylum is not what it is said to be, will they be able to fix 2-D and demolish the Asylum?


The searing pain in his head and and the drowsiness over took the bass player by surprise. He groaned loudly in severe and sudden agony and tried to cover his eyes with his rather large hands from the bright light of the blazing sun.

" Ah..for the love of.." He grumbled as he rolled onto his side, he took note that he was most likely on the ground of somewhere.

He tried to recall all that had happened to lead up to that moment but could only gather bits and pieces. Something about a bet or something?..

He coughed and tried to breath in as best he could without causing too much pain in his head. A breeze suddenly took him by surprise and opened his eyes from laying on his side.

He saw small tuffs of grass her and there, a tree in the distance, but saw a lot of graves.

" Why the bloody 'ell am I outside? " He mumbled and finally sat up.

He tried to let the wave of dizziness wash off of him quickly and managed to do so with some luck. He looked around, trying to recollect lost memories.

As he reached his arm out to shade his eyes a little and wipe some sweat off the top of his brow, he saw a long gash on his arm.

" Must been some crazy action going on..wherever I was..." He thoguht back for a moment and then gave a victorious grin.

" Ah yeah! 'Da bet me and R-Russel had!" Murdoc exclaimed suddenly, longing the 'R' for not reaon what-so-ever.

"Tha's righ'! But if I'm out here..then why isn' 2-D out-"

His eyes went into sudden horror and his mouth dropped open, revealing his many sharp teeth and unusually dark colored tongue.

" Oh Shi'...Faceache!"

He sat up, rolled over onto his knees and got into the ready stance of a runner at the olympics as he stood up and began to actually sprint towards the gigantic house.


2-D opened his eyes with great force, trying to open them in his slightly dazed state. He coughed out and took a shaky gasp. Why did it hurt so much to breath?

He tried sitting up from his current fetal position on the floor. He couldn't see anything at the moment..just was all a blurry, fuzzy white..

He tried to reach his hands up to rub his eyes but found them strapped down somehow. He continued trying to tear through whatever force was upon him but couldn't seem to do so.

Finally as his vision began to come into some sort of distorted focus. He blinked wearily and took note of his headache. he would need his pills soon..but that wasn't exactly the main thing on the singers mind.

As his vision finally focused more and more, he looked around the room and saw the many square shapes that looked so soft..almost like pillows.

2-D gasped and began rustling around, trying to tear out of whatever contraption was on him. He screamed out and kicked the walls with all his might.

The door suddenly creaked open slightly, it had only one window which was at the very top and was almost microscopic small.

2-D stopped and started breathing heavily.

" Oh , please, do not fret. Do not see, you have a little jacket on. "

There was a woman with a rather large body frame and dark brown hair which was put back in some sort of a wrapped, or curled bun. A fully white nurse outfit was also fitted perfectly snug on her. It had two flaps, each were in the front.

The first one went over the second one almost all the way to her side and buttoned as the under one was under it.

To top the whole nurse outfit off, she had a little old fashioned nurse's hat ontop of her brunette head.

" A..A jacka't? " 2-D murmured under his shaky, large breaths.

" Yes , a small jacket to make sure your arms function like there supposed to. "

She had a dementedly happy, giant smile.

2-D tried to sit himself up so that he was sitting on his bottom, and had his back leaning against the soft wall. As he looked down he swallowed in horror, this was no joke.

There were two tiny soft buckle straps at the top which covered the zipper securely on the collar which came up all the way to his chin. The worst part though was that his arms were wrapped around his body as if he was hugging himself. There was no way to move his arms or hands unless he was fidgeting inside the small space left inside the jacket sleeves.

" ..'Ow..'Ow did I ge' in 'ere? " 2-D asked scared to know the answer.

" Don't worry your little head about all that , your in good hands now you know. Your just in a little special home for people like you..don't worry, you'll have fun here, I promise. "

The blue haired man didn't respond, he was still trying to take in the fact that he was really there. He knew this place..he knew what it was...

" Well..are you hungry? "

He still did not respond, he looked around frantically at the many walls.

She giggled, putting the clipboard she had in hand at her mouth innocently.

" Why don't you follow me? I think you'll fit right in around here . "

She walked over, her heels squishing along the soft ground and her rather largish legs bent down and helped 2-D stand up.

" There you are, you have it. Do mind if I call you Stu or Stuart instead of Mr. Pot ? "

" S-Sure.." Stu finally answered her with a swallow voice. It was a barely audible answer but yet, it was still an answer.

" Alright, good then. Lets go and make some friends, shall we? "

Stu had no way to answer such a question. Friends? Friends in this place? He had friends! He already had friends at Kong studios! He didn't however have friends, or would ever make friends, at an insane asylum!

She opened the door, put her arm around his shoulder guidingly and walked down the hall, slowly, one-step at a time, making him follow her every step for the entire way.

He shook underneath her touch and looked around, each door was a hard metal with a tiny window at the very top. The metal was painted white and all the walls had been also, each door looked to be a thick five feet apart from each other.

Some doors he walked by were absolutely silent, others had loud banging and yelling inside them, and some had very quiet sobbing and moaning.

If he tried to look at the doors with noises coming from them, the lady holding him would tighten her grip around his shoulder and then shake him slightly if he didn't quit from her firm grip and slightly painful grip.

" Stu, don't look at those doors with the noises, they will only be encouraged. " She directed him smoothly.

" B-But how will they know if they can't see me doin' it? " 2-D asked her, his voice trembling with slight fear still.

" They can feel your looks.." She answered in a lower, quieter voice. It was much different then her other, happy, joyful, sweet voice.

Her face was now a deep scowl and one of intense thinking. It changed just as quickly as it had before though, she turned to 2-D and gave a big smile. " Never mind that though dear.."

He swallowed a little frightened by the older woman.

As they passed down a hall and through a small white door there was a tiny lobby. It almost looked normal with a rug, two chairs and a small fire place with of course was covered with a thick grate.

yes, it would of appeared very much normal if everything had not been pearl white.

The walls, rub, chairs, flower vases which held daisies, and the brick fireplace, had all been painted or came naturally white. The walls were an off white but that made no ultimate difference.

" Alright, the cafeteria is right through the next door, now, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. " She told Stu as he stood there with a paranoid look on his face.

Was she really going to leave him in the cafeteria with a bunch of crazy people, all alone?

" H-How did I get here? " he asked scared.

" Oh, honey, it's not your fault, you were just born with a different mind set is all, go in, it'll all be alright. Were gonna take good care of you, we promised your father that last night. "

" F-Father? You saw my father! ? What did he say? Didn't he try to stop you from taking me in! ? " Stu yelled through a sudden burst of hysteria.

" Please calm down Stu! It's nothing to fret over, your father is..a interesting man...please do not worry over little things. I'm sure your father would love to come and see you! I'm sure he will visit! "

She then put her hands on Stu's shoulder and turned him around so that he faced the door, then she put a hand on his back a lightly pushed him towards the entrance to the cafeteria.

When 2-D turned around to command that she tell him what had happened, she was gone already.

He looked around frantically and then sighed. He turned around towards the door closed his eyes as he cautiously made his way to the door, to the entrance, to the gateway of true psychos.

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