***My version of Adolescence (RIN POV)***

" Oyasumi, Rin-chan." Said Len as he left her room. Rin sat on then bed, quiet. Feelings rushed through her body.

He's my twin...

My brother...

It isn't right to think such things...

" Len-kun!" Rin called out to her brother. He looked behind her, eyes fixed on her lacy yellow tank top. She made her way off the bed, her heart pounding in her chest. " I-I'm afraid of monsters. . ." She blushed, it had been her hearts only excuse for him to stay. The urge to run went through her body at that moment.

Len smiled at her. " Monsters, Rin-chan? Isn't that childish." Rin shook her head and put two shy fingers to her lips. Len stepped toward her; Rin's blush deepened. He wrapped a cold arm around her neck and pulled her close into him. Rin's eyes grew wide as he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

" Oyasumi, Rin-chan." He whispered before turning off the light. Rin stood, speechless. She put a hand to her forehad and shook her head. No, thats wrong to think that!

*** The next night at the Vocaloids house (LEN POV)***

After everyone, including Rin, had gone to bed, Len laid restlessly on his bed. He tosseled his banna looking bangs and sighed. He stared int othe picture of a surprised Rin last christmas morning. Her messy flaxen hair, wide blue eyes, slender waist.


What would you think of me?

His feelings for his "sister" coursed through him, and they always gave him chills when he'd wake up at night.

Something moved in Rin's room, which was right across the hall.

Rin doesn't toss and turn in her sleep, is she awake?

Len eased open Rin's door, his heart pounding all the way in. Rin was sitting on her bed. Eyes closed, singing "Magnet". Len smirked, she looked so sexy when she sang.

" Dammit!" Len said a bit too loud, his hearts thoughts were getting too... lustfull. Rin's eyes popped open and she tore out the ear phones.

"Len-kun?" She whispered. Len's eyes were glued to Rin's knee length golden silk gown. The one Meiko bought her for her second birthday. Rin stood, letting it fall down her legs. Len blushed and covered his nose. " Len-kun, are you okay?"

Not a nosebleed!

"Yeah, uh..." Len said. After he regained his blood level in his nose, he faced her. He didn't realize she had walked toward him. Something burned inside him, and his mouth seemed warm and wet suddenly. " Mmmm!"

"Ack!" Rin cried, pushing her brother back. " Len! Why would you...?" Her face turned strawberry red as she covered her lips. Len kissed her... and now he regreted it.

Len covered his mouth too. " I-I'm sorry Rin-chan!" He cried, his pleas flowing in a river of exictment from the kiss. " I didn't realize...!" Len couldn't bear to look into her eyes, he saw himself in them. She probably hated him now... but...

" I love you so much..." Len said. His thoughts spoken out, his heart danced in his chest. Rin gasped and stepped back. Len turned away from her, unable to say anything more.

Rin glomped him, and Len's eyes widened. She whispered to him, " I love you too, Len-kun... is that so wrong?"

Len pulled her into a passionate kiss, his arms wrapping around her waist. " No, Rin-chan."

It was very... very... intresting night.