"Father…before we head out there is something that I have been keeping secret from you all this time." As Delta rubbed his wrists that had been in restraint so tightly he looked to his grown up Little Sister.

"I-I'm sorry. I know that you have found those audio diaries of my plan to escape Rapture. I want you to know that it was not my intention to use you in anyway!" Delta just looked at her and cocked his head to the side.


"Delta I know you can hear me, you know as well as I that you are dieing and there is nothing you or Eleanor can do to stop it."

"Mother…" The word came out of Eleanor's mouth like it had a bad taste to it.

"And Eleanor have you told Delta of your…little infatuation?" Sofia Lamb said smugly over the radio. Eleanor's eyes grew wide then narrowed.

"Mother don't you dare…"

"Delta your daughter-"


"Your daughter does not love you like a daughter should. I have found this audio diary of her speaking of committing one of the worst acts of perversion of all.." And with that Lamb let the recording play.

'I-I don't know what to think anymore…. He was my Big Daddy wasn't he? But at the same time these feelings towards him…are stronger than a father daughter bond should be. I-I had a dream that he saved me from a bunch of monsters, like a knight in shining armor and that he took off his helmet and we kissed. It had some…other things in it to. I-I'm so disgusted with myself, I try to get thoughts like that out of my head but…. He is the only person in this world that I have left that actually loves me, I have no one else. But I fear if he ever finds out that I love him in…that way he will push me away.'

'I wouldn't be able to bear it if he does. That's why I'll just have to settle for his fatherly love, that's better than nothing at all.'

The recording stopped playing and when it did Delta looked over to Eleanor. Even with his helmet on one could tell that he was shocked.

Eleanor's eyes were wide open and as she looked to Delta tears fell from her eyes.

"F-Father I-I its n-not-"

"Eleanor you thought that you could fool me? You mumble of him in your sleep, you draw pictures of him, I even found stories that you wrote about what it would be like if you two went to the surface together. You were only bonded for a short time, not even a year, you thought that you could hide such strong feelings from me?"

Eleanor just continued to stare at Delta like a deer in headlights.

"Listen to this Delta: "Father I know that you were made to be my daddy but can you just take your helmet off and kiss me on the mouth just once? There is no one else in this world meant for me, I just want to get rid of this…urge." 'You see Delta your daughter wishes to…mate with you.'

Eleanor faced another direction so that she would not have to look at Delta.

Delta however was still staring at Eleanor. He knew that she loved him but he never would have thought that love would have gone so far. When he listened to the audio diary containing Eleanor's plan of escaping Rapture he was a bit saddened but then again he reminded himself that he was created to protect her and keep her safe at all cost. Getting her out of Rapture is the only way to make sure she is kept safe. Even if she did use him he is her Big Daddy so she had the right to use him however she wanted to. Delta knew very well that he never had free will. Eleanor is his Little Sister and what ever she told him to do he would do it with no questions asked.

But still. He could understand her loving him as a father, but this was a little much.

"F-father I'm sorry. I'm disgusting aren't I? First you find out I used you then you find out you were the center of my sick perverted fantasies…just don't hate me daddy ok?" She look to him with big eyes filled with some hope. Just a sign that he still cared a little for her. A whale call? Anything?

When Delta did not respond Eleanor's skin turned a little green. She then started to hyperventilate and she sunk to her knees and held her head with both hands.

"No, no, no, please daddy don't leave me alone…please? I-I'm sorry I-" Then it hit her like a ton of bricks.

He doesn't love her anymore.

All because of her. She was so sick and disgusted with herself, and her father was to.

"I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…"

Delta snapped out of his daze and rushed to her side and started to emit low whale like calls to calm her down. Delta berated himself for not responding to her sooner, Eleanor loved him so much that she had nearly had a panic attack when he did not respond to her. He also berated himself for even thinking that she used him like some golem for her own escape.

"D-daddy you love me…right?" Tears were streaming down her puffy red eyes, Delta could finally see clearly what Rapture has done to this poor girl. She was so confused. He had to get her out even if it meant that he died.

Delta gave another whale like call to answer her question. Eleanor began to calm down and regain her bearings.

"F-Father I'm sorry I-I didn't tell you sooner. I thought that you would h-hate me." Delta rapped her in a gentle embrace and rubbed the side of her face affectionately, he could never hate his Eleanor. Never. It wasn't in him and it defiantly showed through his actions towards the Little Sisters and the citizens of Rapture.

The Little Sisters all looked so much like Eleanor, he could not bring himself to harm a single one. Grace Holloway was just trying to see her niece again, and he violently pushed her aside. He had no right to do that and he defiantly had no right to kill her. Stanley Poole although he was a crook and conniving sneak, he was the reason Delta met Eleanor in the first place so he owed him in a sort of twisted way. Then there was Dr. Gil Alexander, one of his creators and the creator of the Big Sister suit and conditioning. He was tempted to kill him only because the recordings of his old self had begged him to. But then Delta thought: 'Who should I listen to? A ghost? Or someone who is alive and right in front of me?' Delta was still kind of tempted though but when Gil stated that if he let him live not only would he repay his debt but would go live outside in the ocean leaving Rapture be that was good enough for him.

His actions and kind gestures have given him the nickname 'Savior' among the Little Sisters, just like Jack Ryan before him.

"Father I know that you will never love me in that way but…I still can't get over the feelings I have for you…"

Delta knew that in order to save Eleanor not only would he have to get her out of Rapture he would…

Have to die.

He must free her and the Little Sisters from Rapture's shadow forever. It must be done, she would get over him at some point she has a whole life ahead of her. She is smart, headstrong, and beautiful. And what is he? A giant lumbering palooka trapped in a foul smelling diving suit. He doesn't even want to know what his face looks like. Even if she wasn't his Little Sister they could never be together. The only thing he could do for her now is get her out of Rapture after that…

She would have to face the world alone, something that he regrets but its for her own good. Its like what Sofia Lamb said.

He must die so Eleanor may live.