Memories i never wanted to remember ... pop up in my mind and travel to my heart like poison that kill everything on his way, my heart full with tears that fall down in my face. I can't avoid it the wound still there i though i could cover it and forget about it but.. all that i done had made it worst, i never felt so empty before the only thing that full me are my tears of pain and funny i never though i could return to this stage but now i notice that in a unknown way this wound already sealed opens it again destroying my mind, now i can't smile because i'm running out of smiles, i can't love because i don't have a heart anymore, i can't think because my mind have been disturbed of this thoughs that constantly torture me. Tell me did you already know the meaning of loneliness? no? then i'll explain it.. loneliness means misery... that means all had ended up theres no light at the end of the tunnel and even if there it is you are too tired to get it, begin alone isn't fun ... without someone to play with... without some one to tease.. without someone to... fall in love with.. little by little the loneliness consume you and whe it takes total control of your mind and body... you never return at the way you used to be.. You start to think... that you are useless... that all hated you... that you could never begin one of them... but even so... You always give an warm smile from your heart that is agonizing... so don't ever forget that... i will be always at your by your side supporting you even if the others don't do so..