Five years ago, humans constructed nanomachines and they went loose all over Earth, but one kid had powers non-nanite based beforehand, and his energies destroyed the nanites that ever keep trying to infect him, as a result he will never become an Evo, but he does not care about that, he has goals elsewhere, to cure Earth, with fire.



Location: New York City, damaged Brooklyn Bridge

Men walked around in NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) Equipment scanning the area with Geiger counters, they eventually reached the center of the bridge when the counters went crazy, one of the men then said to the others "This is it, Providence has no cover-up now, with this we can at least raise a few heads in the senate for the US to stop funding them..."

Another man walked up and said "All Nanite-Samples completed sir, this kind of nano-tech ability will be effective for Anti-Nanotech Weaponry."

Walking without any NBC suit and equipment was a teenager, about 17. He looked around and said "Only one thing stands in our way then..."

Then scientist rose up and then said "Their new agent, Rex?"

The kid laughed and said "That rookie hasn't even bloodied his hands yet, I'm talking about the ship he is in, the Keep". The scientist then said "Ah I remember now, the Anti-Satellite missiles can be a hinder to our Evac plan." The kid said to the men "Finish up and prepare for phase two."

The Keep, six hours later 9:15pm, Saturday

An alarm sounded as the Providence troops quickly rushed to their posts, the only person who wasn't in a hurry was a lazy Rex, who just said "What's the rush around here, it's 9:15 at night." Right behind Rex was Agent Six.

Six then said "Unknown Aircraft are heading towards the Keep, they're obviously not Evos."

Comm Station

was in the Comm station at the moment when suddenly a transmission came through, it said "Attention Providence ship, you are no longer welcome since you're attempted Nuclear Attack on New York city, dump all A-SAT munitions now."

A few minutes passed and White from his office spoke to the aircraft saying "The City was infested with Evos, we had no-"

Interrupting him was another transmission that said "I said drop all A-SAT munitions, not make an excuse, you're time is up, whatever prayers you know, say them now." One of the men at the Radar station said "Missiles inbound from 4:00 low!"

two minutes later

The Keep exploded just as many ICBMs launched from the surface of the US, France and Japan, they continued out of the atmosphere, not changing their direction to meet a ground target, they were bound for the moon.

Many parachutes could be seen from the Keep's ruins, and Rex was flying southward, Luna Imperius has been born. These chapters will reveal the aftermath of their uprising, and the wars on both Earth and the Moon, as well as the hunt for one of the Pack members who can secure the ability for Luna Imperius to attack from anyplace, at any time, instantly...

To be continued