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HPxYGO YAOI future lemon, major OOC.

HarryxMarik, mild HarryxYamiBakura

Summary: On the summer that Harry returned from Hogwarts after Sirius's death, Big D and his gang take things too far, landing Harry in a position he's never been perfore -Juvenile Hall. For mysterious reasons the Order of the Phoenix has not come for him? Now, the intervention of a third party rocks everyone's world to the core, when a distant contact finally comes for Harry...

-and it's not Dumbledore.


Contrary to popular belief, he was not a bad child, at least…not in the beginning.

Harry Potter tried his very best with the Dursley's when he was little, he didn't understand that love from relatives wasn't something you earn –it was supposed to be unconditional. But they were intent on using him for manual labour and Dudley Dursley was perfectly content on blaming the crimes of himself and gang on Harry Potter.

But then they went a little too far, and it had disastrous consequences.

There was a boy named Mark Evans, aged 11 that lived a block down from Dudley's house, now, hardly anyone liked Mark anymore. For one simple reason –he was a rat and threatened to tell the cops everything, how it was really Dudley's fault that the preschool teacher Miss Jordan broke her leg. That Harry wasn't the one who stole her crutches and pushed her. But Big D took it too far, when Mr and Miss Evans left for work, before the babysitter arrived they shut the windows and doors to his house.

Infact, Piers Polkiss remembers everything that happened that day, -he still sits down and talks about it sometimes with his cellmates. Yup, through a lighter on the place –course the kid didn't die though, -just threw himself out the window to escape.

The paramedics said something about third degree burns, or some shit. Either way, it was attempted murder and defiantly arson.

I'm Piers Polkiss, I was going to take most of the shit for that –but the lawyer-bloke said if you could convince the court you were influenced they'd go easy on me and lighten the sentence. I didn't want to drag Big D into this –he'd get me killed or something, so I dragged Potter down with me. The gang lied and said they witnessed me and him set the old Evan's place on fire, then, we both went down for it.

Fuck, I was stupid.

I think me and that freak have been here for at least two years now. Call "Here" whatever the fuck you want, a detention centre, correctional institute, juvenile hall, rehabilitation centre –it's all fancy talk for shithole. Hell, the longest staying prisoner left a little message on the wall next to wear you piss. "Abandon your hope with your shit here," –right by the loo, classy.

Well, welcome to the newly reopened St Brutus's School for Incurably Criminal Fucktards, or whatever they call it these days.

-End Pier's P. O. V. Present Day