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Sweet Treats

Ryoma laid his bare figure down on the bed as he awaited Fuji to return to the room. When the older boy had walked in, he held onto a small plastic bag that only made Ryoma question what he had gotten himself into. As Fuji tore open the bag, he placed his usual smile on his face while saying that he'd be gentle. Leaning over Ryoma, Fuji began to pour the bag's content over the small boy. Falling onto his chest were small, odd shaped, colorful beans.

"Jellybeans?" Ryoma gasped as Fuji's tongue dragged across his body.

"I've always wanted to try this," Fuji licked at Ryoma's left nipple after taking a pink jellybean in his mouth. He continued to pick up each jellybean with his wet tongue. With everyone that was placed in his mouth, Ryoma became more and more excited. Ryoma let out a few soft moans, but yelped when his right nipple was bit.


"Ah, I thought it was a jellybean since Echizen's body tastes so sweet to me," Fuji picked up one more jellybean before pressing his lips against Ryoma's. Forcing his tongue into the young boy's mouth, his gasping became louder until he was completely taken away by Fuji. After a few moments, Fuji pulled himself away and scanned the younger boy.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Ryoma flinched as Fuji grabbed for one of the jellybeans that still rested on his chest.

"There's another place I wouldn't mind licking these from."


"Echizen, turn over," Fuji commanded as he reached for Ryoma's shorts.

"What?" he jumped up letting the jellybeans that still covered him fall onto the floor. Ryoma slowly backed himself up against the wall and held tightly onto the top of his shorts.

"Don't worry, Echizen, I'll be gentle," Fuji forced Ryoma's hands away. "Now, get back on the bed."

Without being allowed to respond, Ryoma's body was tossed back on the bed. Before he new it, his pants were off and more jellybeans were being poured onto the back side of his body. "Fuji-senpai!"

"Your body is rather delicious, Echizen."

"Senpai…" Ryoma let out a squeal as he felt Fuji's wet tongue once again sliding against his body. He dug his fingers into the covers as he realized he couldn't stop the older boy from doing as he pleased. Ryoma learned a lesson that day though: Fuji enjoys eating jellybeans off of various areas of his body.

NOTE: "You're such a pervert." No I'm not! Okay, maybe a little, but, as I said, I just wrote this, EchizenRyomaLover came up with the idea. It was her mind that came up with jellybeans on Ryoma's body. I just wrote it out for her enjoyment; she forced me to post it (Not really…). It was decided that this will be a chapter fic that will have a different sweet treat featured (and possibly a third character to molest Ryoma)(Maybe "rape" is a better word.)(No, no, no…"sexually torture".). Yes, but expect complete yaoi randomness that has no meaning to it.
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