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Note: One of my first Skinwalkers stories. Purely movie canon.


He stumbled into the cage-like room, his dulled senses still able to pick up the scent of her and of blood. He stared at her motionless form and felt his gut clench. Something inside him, not yet fully dead, mourned her and howled its last breath. He had loved her. Now he pitied her. He hated the sight of her like this.

Caleb turned, ready to walk back to where his family was waiting for him. He had said his goodbyes to Zo. To his brother; the one who deserved to be alive right now. He couldn't say goodbye to her. He didn't know how.

A tiny whine came from behind him. Caleb turned to see greenish yellow eyes staring up at him, her lids only half open. He swallowed at the heartbreak on her dying face.

Was it regret he felt now? A twisted form of guilt? Something deeper and filthier than whatever regret he felt over his own family. Whatever it was, it wasn't right, and he didn't like it. He didn't want it. Those eyes wouldn't let him escape it though, and he couldn't turn away from her. That feeling inside wouldn't let him.

Sonja weakly lifted a clawed hand towards him. She grimaced and whimpered, simply from the effort of reaching for him.

He couldn't leave her, not like this. Only a couple of steps taken, and he was crouched in front of her. He held her hand and let her fingers wrap around his palm. Caleb tried not to flinch when her claws scraped his skin. He was half afraid that he had opened himself up for an attack - she had to know he was no longer Varek, and Caleb remembered her temper. He could very easily be the object of her dying rage and sorrow.

She didn't make a move to strike. She merely watched him. The she-wolf was studying him. Perhaps taking in the differences between Caleb and Varek. They both knew he wasn't the same person anymore. Her eyes were almost empty, and the lids were fluttering more. She was almost gone.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. His voice was dry; drained. It was the first time he'd spoken since the wolf inside him had died. He felt wrong for saying it to the female in front of him and not the woman waiting for him. He didn't feel regret though. He didn't feel any guilt over it. He owed this woman something. Varek had dragged her into this mess, thinking the whole time he was saving her.

Her eyes closed completely once more. Her fingers loosened. "Varek..."

"Go to sleep, Sonja," Caleb whispered. He reached over. He stroked her hair. "Go to sleep. I'll be with you when you wake."

The she-wolf's hand dropped to the ground.