Stylish eSper Shooting Sports Fan fiction

The Reaper Files : The Chaser Infection


What does one do when a game becomes real? When the heartbeat one is used to hearing as a sound effect is their own heart? When a reaper one is used to running from becomes real? Does one run and hide, or stand and fight? This time though... the fight is for your actual life.

This story is about a group of players of the popular online game called S4 League. Unlike in real life, the game has been made into a virtual reality game, using a head visor, still using a keyboard though. These new features have taken the game to a whole new level. The gameplay more interactive and intense then ever. The members of Clan Shinsei and the other players do not yet realize the dangers that they soon will face when hackers cause system corruption within the game and bring the all too familiar chaser virus to life. The fight in the game will now become a fight for their lives.

Authors Notes:

When it involves real life, the characters will be called by their real life names. When they're in game then they will be called by their character names. The characters though may call each other by their character names or even their nicknames. Since there is a good chance not everyone who reads this will be familiar with S4 allow me to explain.


The characters in this story are both going to be called by their real name and in game names. As such here is a list of the characters real names to character names

James - Gamoden

Michelle - misherukuro or Misheru

Jon - KichiK or Kichi

Louis - OwlEyes or Owl

Nick - Arcanafate or Arc

Timmy - Taowel or Tao

The Story of S4

Note this is the story of the game itself, so in it's own world. Thusly the time is a bit ahead of modern time. The Story of S4 takes place a few years in the future. The World got sick of war and decided to simulate wars using a virtual reality program and considered the effects real as far as the power struggles go. However, some countries got upset as the program could have easily been biased and decided that they would go back to real wars and that ended up being the outcome and the virtual reality program was terminated. Years later the source of the Virtual Reality war program was leaked online and a group of game developers got a hold of it and turned it into a game. Over the years the game became so popular that it has been turned into an official sport. The Stylish eSper Shooting Sports League or S4.


Chaser: In Chaser mode one person is infected with a controlled chaser virus which sets them against all of the other players. The objective is to either defeat the chaser or survive the round without getting killed yourself.

Touch Down: An eclectic mix of football, soccer, and capture the flag. Two teams start off on opposite sides and the fumbi or ball is in the middle. The objective is to get the fumbi to their opponent's goal.

Death Match: As simple as it sounds Two teams duke it out in a free for all. Highest points win.

Chapter 1

Good Times Gone Bad...

James made his way over to computer desk after a long day at work. He was exhausted and just wanted to relax and relieve some stress. He turned on his desk top computer and raised the screen on his laptop on the snack table right next to the desk. He signed into Skype on his laptop to see who was on and if anyone else from his clan in game would be interested in playing. He looked at his contact list and saw that both Jon, Timmy, Louis, and Nick were all on. James had many different friends on Skype, and a number of different chats were open for selection. One was just the general chat, but he was focused solely on the one that had been set aside for the members of the S4 League. Eagerly he typed the messages reading:

Kuro: Hey guys. Let's play a few rounds in S4 Fire up the VC!

Kichi Kuronagi: Sure gimme a sec

Kuro: Ok

Before long James saw the box appear on his screen saying that Jon had started the voice chat and he quickly pressed the answer button. Which changed the box to show who all had answered the call.

"Hey guys. How's it going?"

James asked eagerly to his clan members as they all answered the voice chat call. Jon, Louis, Timmy, and Nick had all answered. This was going to be an entertaining afternoon James was sure.

"Doing alright, logging in. Where's Michelle?"

"She'll be on after she gets home from work."

James replied to Jon's question, he could hear the clicking of his friend's mouse. Jon was the one who had gotten him into S4 in the first place and James always

had a good time playing the game with him and the rest of clan Shinsei as well.

"Alright, I'm getting on as well. See you all in the game."

James replied, clicking the mouse to sign onto S4 before he put on his visor and picked up his controller. He then turned on the visor as the S4 logo appeared on the screen over his eyes as the game started up. Before long he was logged in and he was standing in the lobby. It looked like a hotel lobby kind of, a few places to sit. There were a lot of people on it seemed, the great majority of them gathered around the three boards posting the different types of matches going on and which rooms they were in. The three types of match were Chaser, Touch Down, and Death Match. Gamoden looked around the lobby searching for KichiK, Owleyes, Taowel, and Arcanafate and it wasn't long before he saw all of them had signed in as well. Gamoden waved at them all in greeting. Gamoden accessed his My Panel and switched the chat over to the Clan chat.

"Hey guys! So what shall we do?"

"I'm up for just about anything." OwlEyes replied, which was true he usually always was.

"Yeah same here, how about a death match at Highway just the four of us?" Taowel suggested.

"Sure I'm game... what's taking Kichi so long?"

Gamoden looked around at his friends from Gaiaonline and fellow members of Clan Shinsei. Only Tao tended to wear the very basics. A yellow hoodie with grey short sleeves and padded white slacks, sneakers and gloves. Owl wore a jacket that only really covered his arms and not much else. The avatar's bare flesh exposed with some black tattoos running down from the ribcage to his waist. He also wore a pair of baggy pants, the lower part of the right pants leg removed by a zipper. On the left pant leg there was a chain that wrapped around the shin of the pants. Other then that he wore basic sneakers, white fingerless gloves and sunglasses. Arcanafate was wearing the attire known as the space suit with an Envy Ranger helmet on. Gamoden however wore a long coat white coat that went down to about his knees that had some black detailing and a large chain attached at the sides that hung from the back. Two long black tails fell from the base of the neck of the coat down it's entire length. Beneath the coat was nothing but his bare flesh, not that he could feel hot or cold anyway so it was no big deal. A steel mask covered his mouth and nose, black pants with a white belt and black boots that had white armor on them that went up to his thighs.

At that moment Kichi ran up to them up to them beaming with a big smile on his face as he stopped in front of them. He was wearing the purple colored layered jacket, layered pants, headphones, and the default sneakers.

"Guys guys! I finally got my permanent pimp rifle from the Fumbi dance!"

KichiK referred to the semi-rifle with a black top and gold underside as the "Pimp rifle" and to the rest of them that was common knowledge. KichiK had wanted it for the longest time and it seemed today was finally his lucky day.

"That's cool!" Gamoden replied, "Now hurry up and go make us a Death Match on Highway for just the four of us."

"Alright, I'll invite you all when it's ready."

Kichi replied as he pulled out his My Panel and pressed the button to create a new room. He vanished in a series of green ones and zeros leaving the rest of them to wait in the lobby while he got it all set up. It didn't take more then a minute until they all would receive the invite from Kichi on their My Panel. Gamoden quickly pressed the button and just as Kichi had done he too had vanished in a series of ones and zeros. In the visor he saw the same series of ones and zeros but they would only last for a moment before he appeared in the waiting room for the match. He walked over to the panel that Kichi had put his name in on Kichi's sid, the alpha team. Pretty much divvying the teams up except for one of them. Taowel and OwlEyes appeared in the room and entered in their names for the beta team. Arcanafate was last too arrive and he was automatically signed on to the alpha team.

"Alright ready up if you haven't."

Everyone hit the ready buttons on their My Panel and they all teleported in the normal fashion down to the field below. Gamoden looked around at the scenery, the all too familiar underside of the highway which was above their heads. Gamoden held his hand out to his side and his semi-rifle appeared in his hand. He quickly dashed forward into a fenced in area and then up a set of steps to the upper level of the area below. Immediately he engaged Taowel, firing his semi-rifle as he ran along the overhang trying to dodge the fire. He was about to be defeated when Arcanafate finished off Taowel from behind with a plasma sword strike.

"Thanks Nick." Gamoden said to his team mate after he helped him, falling back to their real life names as he tended to do when they were playing alone at least, "Gah!"

He flew forward a few feet as he was beamed from behind by OwlEyes with his rail gun and for a few seconds he saw in the visor Owl standing on a platform a ways off and a count down signifying how long it would take him to respawn. During which time Kichi had gotten to his secret sniping spot and blasted Owl with his own rail gun. As soon as his invincible state had worn off after he had respawned he dashed forward once again. Jumping against a bus and then the familiar feeling of inversion as he pushed off from the side of the bus and then pushed off of a pillar next to the bus resulting in a wall jump on top of the bus. He soon saw Taowel yet again and brought out his counter sword, a short blade in his right hand and a floating mechanical gauntlet, covering his left arm. Jumping off of the bus to strike down at Taowel in the jump attack, a fierce thrust brought Gamoden down to the ground and then it was followed up by an upper-cut from a shadow telekinetic hand hitting Taowel head on and then it was followed by a few quick cuts finishing him off.

"Too slow Tao!" Gamoden called out using the general chat. "Owww!"

He yelled out as yet again OwlEyes sent him spiraling due to a blast from his rail gun. As his vision zoomed in on Owl in the distance, Gamoden laughed as he watched Kichi smash Owl from behind using his purple storm bat sending him crashing into a bus and finishing him off. This general kind of non-stop chaos ensued for the next 30 minutes, the time and action going by in a blur to the Clan members and before long they were back in the waiting room. Kichi, Gamoden, and Arcanafate had won the match but by only one kill.

"Well that was fun." Gamoden said to the group, a big smile on his face, "A much closer match then I could have anticipated. What shall we do now?"

"I need a Touch Down match in Colosseum for a mission." OwlEyes replied, "If you guys want to join me that's fine."

"Sounds fine to me. Let's show them what Clan Shinsei can do!"

Gamoden replied to Owl's request. Kichi quickly reprogrammed the room. The view below them becoming a series of ones and zeros with a black background as the arena below them changed from the Highway into the archaic structure of the Colosseum. The center of the field directly below them and the large Victorian towers on either side. It didn't take long for once for the room to fill up and the teams set up so that the whole of Clan Shinsei were on the same team.

"Alright it's set, ready up."

They all walked up to their corresponding panels and plugged in their names into the system and Kichi started the match, all of them teleporting down to their respective sides of the field. The members of Clan Shinsei on the Alpha team the other group on the Beta team.

"Fight! Show me your S4!"

The commentator's voice rang out across the field signifying the start of the match. Everyone on their side dashed up the starting stairs, some went out the blue wires on the right where the other team's goal was and some went left.

"Each of the teams are making their preparations. A number of the alpha team are making a charge for the fumbi. But here comes the Beta team as well!"

Gamoden, Tao, and Kichi were running in, Kichi in the center road. Tao on the left and Gamoden on the right paths running along the glass tunnels that typically would lead up the goals. Kichi then anchored up on top of the glass circle and jumped down and grabbed the fumbi.

"KichiK of the Alpha team has grabbed the fumbi and the three are still advancing toward the beta team's goal! Will they go all the way?"

Gamoden fired off his semi-rifle to break the glass circle that Kichi was trapped in and they dashed forward.

"Oh! KichiK has been gunned down by the Beta team, but wait Gamoden has picked up the Fumbi! He could go all the way and he does! Using a well timed plasma sword dash attack to rush into the goal!"

"Yeah All Right!"

Gamoden yelled out as he jumped in the air in his joy. In the next few seconds they were teleported back to their starting places.

"Fight! Show me your S4!"

The commentator shouted yet again at the start of the new round. Yet again the clan moved out, running in their own directions with their own plans.

"Both teams are making a strong charge toward the fumbi yet again! This time it's the Beta team's Shakugaan who claims it this time and is quickly rushing towards the goal! Oh Wait! A fine rail gun shot from OwlEyes has sent her spiraling and the Alpha team has picked up the Fumbi yet again!"

"Great shot Owl!"

"Nice one!"

Gamoden and Arcanafate yelled out cheering his team mate on as he followed behind Tao who had claimed the fumbi this time. He soon fell down below though just as Tao did as the opposing team broke the bridge that led directly to the goal. Forcing them both to run up the ramp that lead to the goal instead, the longer of the two paths to be sure. He continued to follow behind Tao as he ran toward the goal, running and jumping to the sides to avoid the relentless stream of bullets that flew at them. However it wasn't enough.

"Oh! Taowel and Gamoden have both been taken down by the Beta team and Zetsubuo has grabbed the fumbi and is making his way quickly toward the goal!"

Gamoden cursed under his breath as he charged forward out of the respawn point, dashing to increase his speed as he ran to the right and up to defend the goal. However it was too late, and just as he had done Zetsubuo had used the dash attack into the goal.

"Touch Down! The Beta Team has scored tying the game up one to one!"

The match continued in this fashion back and forth through both the first and second half but in the end the Alpha team had come out on top winning by two points. The final score was ten to eight. When the match was over they were all taken yet again to the waiting room. Gamoden beamed at this fellow clan members they had won the match and it had been an epic one indeed. All of them stretched somewhat, the good match wearing them all out.

"Well I think I'm done for the night."

Kichi said as he looked at the group.

"Yeah same here, I need to get some sleep."

Arcana said in basically agreement to Kichi's decision and then promptly left the room.


Owl and Tao both replied. Basically all of them were leaving for the night it seemed.

"Alright then, I'll talk to you guys tomorrow I guess. I need to do a few chaser rounds

for a mission this week. Night guys."

Gamoden replied as he left the waiting room, automatically teleporting him back to the lobby. He was a bit disappointed that all of his clan members had left so soon. But there was nothing that could be done about it really. So he walked over to the large boards and looked at the list of chaser matches. He soon found one at his favorite sight for Chaser matches. The all too familiar Temple O and soon entered in the room number and teleported to the waiting room. It seemed to be just his luck the match was just about to start so he quickly readied up and they were all teleported to the stage below.

"This is the Chaser..."

The normal voice announced as the all too familiar Chaser Virus made it's appearance. The skeleton wrapped in it's usual tattered cloak. It's scythe in it's left hand and the red bandanna over it's eyes sockets. On it's back was the strange decorative fan. A demon inscribed in it, the ends coming to sharp points. It placed it's hands upon the one who had spawned in the very center of the field within the octagonal shrine. The person who stood there had nothing distinguishing about them. Just wearing the standard red t-shirt and shorts and white spiked hair. He held in his hands crossing over his chest the sub-machine guns.

"Bring it!"

The announcer said starting the match. Immediately Gamoden ran out of the room with one of the glass walls facing shrine where the chaser was and immediately ran into one of the hallways of the outer building using the dash ability to go at high speeds and out of the door into the courtyard. He then used his anchoring ability the chain and spike launched out and stuck into the over hang of the door and the shuttle launched along the chain sending Gamoden up on top of the overhang. Looking down he could track the chaser as well as fire upon him without being down there with the enhanced player. He brought out his semi-rifle and began unloading upon the chaser as he tried to eliminate the targets that were running around below. The chaser for the first round at least seemed more focused on chasing after the targets below and Gamoden easily survived. He noted though that someone else had had entered the room named XxShinigamixX.

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Next round will be starting!"

"This is the Chaser..."

Gamoden's vision yet again focused on the new chaser who could not have looked different in contrast. It was the person who had just entered at the start of the last round XxShinigamixX. This man was dressed in the cowboy set, of course since he was chaser it was all in red. White hair fell from his head, his eyes covered by the red hat pulled low over his eyes. A long tattered trench coat draped over his frame exposing a Y-shaped scar over his chest as though he had been cut open for an autopsy. He wore red pants and cowboy boots as the Skeleton chaser virus laid it's skeleton hand upon his head. The name Shinigami had never fit so well with any other appearance. Held over his shoulders was a burst shotgun.

"Bring it!"

Instead of running out into the hallway of the ring shaped building Gamoden instead blasted his semi-rifle at the glass in front of him, blowing it open. He then jumped up into the window frame, preventing it from repairing itself and yet again began firing at the Chaser. He figured it was adrenaline but he could feel his heart starting to beat fast in real life as the Chaser began to stalk the players. It wasn't more then ten seconds into the round that the familiar sound went off indicating the Chaser had defeated someone. James' eyes narrowed though as he saw that it was not only the target, but that the person defeated left the room as soon as they were defeated. It wasn't more then a few seconds until another one, yet again the selected target was eliminated and also left the room.

"That's strange. I wonder what is going on."

Chaining down the line of targets it seemed XxShinigamixX hunted down target after target and defeated them all. Six targets defeated until the Chaser's attention turned to Gamoden. He quickly closed the distance as Gamoden jumped out of the window frame, finally causing the virtual glass to be restored. He quickly used the dash yet again to get some distance between himself and the Chaser.

"What is going on? My heart is racing..."

James said to himself in real life and sure enough as the Chaser shattered the glass and yet again quickly closed the distance his heart rate increased to what seemed like dangerous levels. Gamoden quickly brought out his counter sword bringing the mechanical gauntlet in front of him in the revenge mode. If the Chaser tried to do a melee attack it would stun him. It was a mistake though as the Chaser hit Gamoden with a Burst Shotgun blast. The distinct sound of the shell hitting the ground and then another shot rang out.


Spit escaped from James' mouth as it felt like he had been hit square in the chest, not once but twice. Just as Gamoden fell down defeated, so too did James. He fell out of his chair and landed on the floor, the visor still pulled over his eyes. The screen showed static for a few minutes before it suddenly faded to black...