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'blah' means thoughts

"blah" means speaking

/blah/ means bond talking between yami and hikari

Bakura = Yami/evil Bakura

Seto = the High Priest

Malik = Yami/evil Marik

"April Fool's Day"

Sequel to "Sick Days"

Ryou groaned. His least favorite day was coming up, and he couldn't get out of it. He groaned again and continued doing his math homework.

Bakura was lying on his hikari's bed. One foot was planted on the bed with the other leg draped over it. His hands were behind is head and headphones, which were connected to Ryou's new ipod, were nestled in his ears. He loved this piece of technology Ryou's dad had shipped to him as an apology for missing his birthday. In between songs, he heard a groan. He paused the music and popped one of the headphones out of his ear. He looked over at his light. He had his head nestled in his arms.

/What's wrong?/

/Tomorrow's my least favorite day./

/There's a test tomorrow, isn't there?/

/Well, yes, but that's not the point. Tomorrow is April Fool's./

/What's April Fool's?/ Bakura asked, feining indifference. He was actually interested.

/It's a day where pranks are played./

/But then you get punished by a teacher. That's no fun./

/Not tomorrow. Everyone plays pranks on April Fool's, and I hate it!/


/Because I'm the target of most of the pranks!/

/Maybe tomorrow will be different./

/I doubt it./ Ryou groaned. "I need to get some sleep, so I do well on my test."

Bakura grinned evilly. A brilliant plan had formed in his head, and he couldn't wait to implement it. 'Tomorrow is going to be the best day.'


Ryou slipped his shirt on and pulled the Millennium Ring out from under his uniform. He sighed. 'Time to face the pranks.' He grabbed his briefcase, walked out door, and headed off for school.

On the way there, Bakura was looking through Ryou's memories. /So, Marik gets to school at the same time every day?/

/Yeah. When I asked him about it, he said something about helping Ishizu in the morning./


When Ryou walked through the front doors, Bakura took over, an evil glint in his eyes. He set his hikari's briefcase to the side and went searching. He found the nearby janitor's closet open, so he nicked a bucket and filled it with water. He propped the bucket up against the top of the doorframe. He picked up the briefcase and slid down a nearby hallway to watch.

Right on cue, Marik came to the door. He pushed the door open, and his world went black. He felt something fall on his head. 'A bucket?' Laughter floated down the hall and to Marik's ears. 'Bakura!'

Pulling the bucket off his head caused his hair to flare out. (AN: Oh, wait. It's just Malik). The psycho version of the Tomb Keeper proceeded to pull the dagger out of the Millennium Rod and advance on Bakura. Marik in his ghostly form pulled on Malik's arm. "Yami, don't! Ishizu will me if you get us expelled!" Malik growled softly and put the dagger away. Marik glomped his yami's am. "Thank you!"

The psycho brushed his hikari off and spied Bakura down a nearby hallway. Malik gripped the Rod tighter and purposefully strode over to Bakura, who saw him coming and gave control back to Ryou. Malik didn't notice the switch and hit Ryou in the back of the head. "Ow! What was that for?"

Just then, Marik took control. "Ryou, I'm sorry! Your yami played a prank on me, and Malik took control intent on hitting Bakura."

Ryou groaned. "I shouldn't have told him about April Fool's Day."

"Nope. You shouldn't have. I'm going to class." Marik went off in the opposite direction.

Ryou shook his head. /Why did you do that?/

/Cause I felt like it, and it was funny./

/No, it wasn't./

/Yes, it was./

/'Kura !/ Ryou practically whined. Just then, the bell rang. /Time for Biology./

Ryou walked into the room and saw Téa, who was shaking slightly. Ryou smiled at her as took his seat. "Hi, Téa."

She relaxed visibly. "Thank goodness it's you, Ryou."

"Who else would it be?"


/What did you do to her?/

/Helped her with a dissection./


/I might have skinned the frog./


/I might've made it dance./

/'Kura!/ Ryou yelled mentally. /I hate dissection!/

/The teacher gave you an A./

/That's okay then, but you know you're not supposed to use Shadow Magic in front of my classmates./

/No one saw anything./

/That's not the point./

/All right. I promise not to do that again./

'That? What exactly did Bakura do when I was out?' Ryou shook his head. He probably should ask his friends. The teacher walked to the front of the class and started teaching. Fortunately, biology passed without incident.

At the ring of the bell, Bakura took control of Ryou. He grinned evilly at Téa, who cowered slightly. He picked up Ryou's briefcase and exited the classroom. He took a can of black spray paint out and shook it while on his way to a row of lockers. He picked out Téa's locker pretty easily due to the faint spray paint still on the front of the locker door. He grinned again. 'I remember doing that to her locker.' He banged his fist into the locker door, resulting in it swinging open. The Tomb Robber had to shield his eyes from the inside of the locker. 'Just as I thought.' Once again, the inside of Téa's locker was covered in variations of pink (hot pink, light pink, neon pink, etc). Bakura shuddered slightly at all the pink (AN: Oh, the horror!). He popped open the spray paint and coated the inside of Téa's locker.

Once the spray painting was done, he closed the locker door and stashed the can into his hikari's locker. He also grabbed Ryou's English book, and closed the locker door before he gave control back to Ryou.

Ryou blinked in confusion. 'Wasn't I just in Biology?' He looked at the book in his hands. 'At least Bakura got my English book for me.' The silvery-white haired boy sighed and walked to his next class.

When he entered his classroom, he sat down next to Marik, who smirked at him. Ryou noticed Marik's hair was dry all ready. At that point, Malik appeared in his ghostly form, his hair slightly droopy due to the fact that it was still partially wet. The psycho glared at Ryou or more specifically at the Millennium Ring hanging around Ryou's neck.

Ryou didn't have a chance to say anything, because the teacher started class. Bakura decided not to do anything during this class or the next class, no matter how much he wanted to. He knew how Ryou was about his school work.

Study hall, however, was another matter. Even though he wouldn't go all out like he did last time, he could use a little bit of time at the end to set up a prank or two. The Tomb Robber smiled evilly as his hikari walked into the room. He had very fond memories of creating chaos during this class.

Pretty much unaware of what his yami was thinking, Ryou sat down next to Kaiba. He knew the CEO has a yami of his own, but usually didn't let him out. According to Yugi, it was the spirit of the High Priest, who also named Seto. At this moment, though, Kaiba was drinking his coffee and going over some notes. Unknown to Kaiba, his little brother had dumped a lot of sugar into the coffee, but instead of making him hyper, the sugar mellowed him out. He was so relaxed that he let his guard down. It was at that point that Seto took control of his hikari. It felt so good to be out.

Seto nudged Ryou and winked at him. The High Priest poked the Ring, which caused Bakura to take control of his hikari. He hissed at the High Priest, "What?"

"I see that hikari of yours has domesticated you, Tomb Robber."

Bakura growled, "Nobody has domesticated me." Then, he thought to himself, 'You and your hikari will pay for that comment.'

Seto grinned. "Sure." He then gave control back to Kaiba, who took another sip of coffee before taking out his laptop. He proceeded to type really fast. Sometimes his left hand stopped typing so he could get a drink, but his right hand would pick up the slack. The click, click, click was getting on Bakura's nerves, so he gave control back to Ryou so he wouldn't have to hear it anymore.

Ryou blinked a couple times before staring at Kaiba and his laptop. He had the strangest urge to slam the lid closed on the CEO's fingers. (AN: Hmm. It seems the Tomb Robber is having an effect of his hikari.) Ryou shook his head slightly as if trying to get rid of the urge and returned to his book.

Near the end of the period, Bakura took control of Ryou and snuck out of study hall and down toward Kaiba's locker. He punched in the code 302545389075 and the locker door swung open. "Welcome, Seto Kaiba."

Bakura grinned. 'This is too easy,' he thought as he set up the prank. Then, he stepped over to Joey's locker. Instead of opening the locker, Bakura just placed his hand on the door of it. He opened up the Shadow Realm and filled the locker with something. After closing the Shadow Realm and removing his hand, he gave control back to Ryou, who blinked several times. He surveyed his surroundings and groaned. 'Bakura's done it again!' He walked over to his locker and pulled out his keyboarding book. It was at that point that the bell rang.

Kaiba stalked to his locker. He wasn't in a bad mood (thanks to the sugared coffee), but he enjoyed study hall. He just needed to stop by his locker briefly before going to lunch. He typed in his code 302545389075. "Welcome, Seto Kaiba." The door swung open and something lunged toward the young CEO. He took an involuntary step back and focused on the thing that was in his locker. It was a cardboard cut-out of the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon, which was on a spring. Kaiba's left eyebrow twitched and his eyes hardened looking like sapphires. Seto appeared in his ghostly form right beside Kaiba. Seto raised an eyebrow at the cardboard cut-out. The CEO's glare alone looked like it would set it on fire. A little confused as to his hikari's behavior, Seto managed to dig his way through Kaiba's memories (which resembled a well-organized filing cabinet).

Finding a folder labeled Duelist Kingdom, Seto leafed through the folder and found a specific document detailing Kaiba's duel with Pegasus including pictures. The High Priest put the file back after reading it and slipped out of his hikari's mind. It was then that he heard Kaiba say, "Who put that in my locker?"

Barely able to contain his laughter, Seto managed to say, "Bakura." Then, he thought to himself, 'So, the Tomb Robber pranked my hikari. How amusing.'