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'blah' means thoughts

/blah/ means telepathy between yami and hikari

April Fool's Day Chapter Two

As soon as the bell had rung, Joey jumped out of his chair and ran out the door. 'All I've got to do is throw this book in my locker and then I can go to lunch.' The blonde got to his locker and spun the dial. He opened his locker and was instantly buried under a mountain of doughnuts. Within a few seconds, the mountain started moving, and Joey's head appeared. 'Doughnuts? Who put doughnuts in my locker?' Just then a piece of paper, ragged on one side, floated out of his locker and landed on his head. He grabbed the note and read it.



Joey crumpled the note in his hand. "Tristan!" he yelled as he scrambled out of the pile.

"Hey, Joey. What's with the doughnuts?" Tristan asked, appearing from down the hall.

"Don't act like you don't know!" Joey waved the note around.

Tristan grinned, deciding to play along with the note, and said, "Gotcha!"

Freeing himself from the pile, Joey put Tristan in a headlock. The brunette managed to wriggle himself out of Joey's grip and headed to lunch. Joey then started to stack the doughnuts back into his locker except for about thirteen. He carried the baker's dozen down the hall, eating them on his way to lunch.

Lunch passed without incident, and Ryou found himself sitting next to Duke in Keyboarding. At that moment, Duke was glaring at the Ring. His glaring was getting to Ryou, so he turned to the creator of Dungeon Dice Monsters. "What did Bakura do now?"

"He erased my new program. It would've added a new dimension to my game."

Ryou looked down at the Ring and poked it to emphasize each word. "I'm sure he's sorry."

/He should have saved his work./


/It's not like his business is bad!/

/That is not the point./ Ryou shook his head and started his typing exercises. The rest of the class passed smoothly except for the last ten minutes. During that time, Bakura took over, seeing that Ryou was done with his assignments. He slipped a piece of computer printer paper out of the printer without anyone noticing and ripped it in half. Folding the remaining piece in half, Bakura took out Ryou's black ball point pen. He started writing, draping his left arm around his work to shield it from prying eyes.

When the bell rang, Bakura packed Ryou's book and pen back in the briefcase and dashed out of the classroom. He got to Duke's locker and spun the dial to three random numbers, which caused the locker to open. The Tomb Robber slipped in his latest prank. He shut the locker, spun the dial, and slipped away, going to Ryou's locker.

Duke watched as Ryou dashed from the room, a little confused. 'Why is Ryou running? Maybe…maybe that's not Ryou! What's Bakura up to?' Duke thought as he approached his locker. Duke cautiously opened his locker, stepping to the side to avoid whatever may fall out. Nothing happened, which caused Duke to sweatdrop. He looked all over his locker for pranks. Seeing nothing, the raven-haired boy put his book on the top shelf of his locker, but a folded piece of paper caught his attention. He picked it up and read it.

Mr. Tristan Taylor


Ms. Serenity Wheeler

Invite You To

Their Wedding

October 17, 2000

At 2 o'clock

Duke's blood boiled. Serenity was supposed to be his! He slammed his locker closed, clenching his fist, effectively crumpling the invitation. He stalked down the hall, searching for Tristan, which didn't take long. "Tristan!"

"Hey, Devlin. What's up?"
"What is the meaning of this?" Duke shoved the crumpled invitation in Tristan's face.

The brunette took the invite and smoothed it out to get a better look at the words. "Nice idea, but I didn't do it." He thought, 'I don't mind taking credit for the prank on Joey, but not this.'

Duke glared at Tristan, not believing him. At that moment, Joey came up, finishing the last doughnut that he was holding. "Hey, Tristan. Hey, Devlin. What are you two doing standing here? Lunch is half over with."

Tristan gave him the invitation. "Devlin found this and thought it was real."

Joey took the invitation, looked at it, and started laughing. Tristan grinned.

Duke fumed. "Why are you laughing?"

"It's a joke, Devlin. You've been played." Joey laughed.

"Who could've done it?"

"Bakura." Joey laughed again, turning to Tristan. "You didn't do the doughnuts, did you?"


"Why'd you take credit for it, man?"
"It's all in good fun, Joey."

The blonde put his friend in a headlock. "Sure it's all in good fun." He laughed as he let Tristan go. Duke shook his head at their antics and left.

Tristan grinned. "We need to get to class before we're late."

"See ya, man."

"See ya." Tristan walked to the gym and into the locker room. There he saw Ryou. "Hey, Ryou."

Ryou looked up and smiled. "Hey, Tristan."

"Your other half has been up to his pranks again," Tristan whispered.

"What did he do?" Ryou whispered back.

"Well, this time he filled Joey's locker with doughnuts and put a fake wedding invitation in Devlin's locker."

Ryou paled. "He did?"

"Oh, he plays a mean game of dodge ball, and I was the target most of the time; kept making all of us fall pretty hard."


/I was having fun./


/No one was seriously hurt./


/It seems someone's angry./ Sarcasm leaked through their bond like an old faucet.

"Five minutes!" The gym teacher called into the locker room. Ryou gasped and dressed in his gym clothes.

Gym, like lunch, passed without incident and, in Ryou's opinion, too fast. He was worried as he walked into World Civ.

"Hey, Ryou!"

The white-haired boy looked up. "Oh, hey, Joey."

"You're worried about the test, aren't you?" At Ryou's nod, Joey laughed. "Don't worry. You'll ace it."


"No problem, but I've got to tell you what Bakura did!"

"Now what?" Ryou almost whined.

"You know the guy that sits behind you? Well, he tried to set Bakura's hair on fire with a lighter, so Bakura made the fire spread to the boy's hands."

/KURA!/ Ryou poked the Ring.


/You could've hurt him badly!/

/It was only a first-degree burn./

/That's not what I meant./

The bell rang, catching Ryou's attention.

"Wish me luck, Ryou!" Joey called out as he went to his seat.

The teacher walked to the front of the class and passed the tests out. "You may begin."

Ryou breezed through the first couple pages of the test easily. He turned the page to reveal a page of questions about Ancient Egypt. He struggled through a couple of them, but there were a lot that he didn't know.

He groaned inwardly, which caught Bakura's attention. The Tomb Robber looked through Ryou's eyes at the test paper and rolled his eyes.

/Oh, these are so easy./

/Of course, you think they're easy. You lived in that time./

/Why don't you let me answer them?/

/Because it's cheating!/

/Too bad./ Bakura took control of his light and answered the questions correctly, refraining from insulting the Pharaoh. He stood up and turned the test in. In Ryou's voice, he asked the teacher for a pass for the bathroom.

"You don't need a pass. Go ahead."

Bakura discreetly took his hikari's briefcase with him. He walked into the hallway and towards a row of lockers. He approached one and banged his fist on the door, resulting in the locker opening. Bakura rolled his eyes, when he saw how the Pharaoh and his light decorated their locker. There was a mirror attached to the lower part of the door, and a poster featuring Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl was on the back on the locker. The books were placed on either side of the locker to make sure the poster could be seen. The Tomb Robber pulled something out of Ryou's briefcase and fiddled with it before putting it in the locker and closing the door.

It was at that point that Ryou took control of his dark half. He looked around, noting the empty hallway. /Why aren't we in class?/

/Because I had one last prank to set up./

Ryou groaned.

/He was begging for it./ Bakura continued.


/The Pharaoh./

Ryou groaned again. 'I can't take much more of this.'


Yugi heard the bell ring and walked out of English. He only had one more class, and then he could go home. 'I just need my Algebra book.'

As he approached his locker, the tri-colored haired boy could hear muffled sounds emanating from his locker. Knowing neither he nor his yami brought any electronics to school, Yugi opened the locker carefully.

All the school kids so sick of books

They like the punk and the metal band

When the buzzer rings

(Oh whey oh)

They're walking like an Egyptian

All the kids in the marketplace say

(Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh)

Walk like an Egyptian

Yugi blushed up to the tips of his hair, embarrassed. Yami looked exactly like Yugi, except for the angry expression on his face. Both of them knew who did this prank: Bakura. Yugi reached in, turned off the MP3 player, pulled it out, and put it in his briefcase.

/Yami, why did Bakura do this?/

/There is no sane reason./


The bell rang, signaling the beginning of class. Just as it finished ringing, Yugi slid into his seat next to Ryou.

"Hey, Ryou. Glad you're feeling better."

"Hello, Yugi. Me too."

"I have something of yours," Yugi said, digging through his briefcase.


"I found this in my locker." Yugi held out the player.

"It's my MP3 player." Hearing his yami's laughter, Ryou growled, /Kura!/ Bakura was too busy laughing to reply. "What song did he program it to play?"

"Walk Like an Egyptian. He had the volume turned up to maximum."

It was at that point that the teacher began class. There were no disturbances in the class. However, there was one point where Bakura and Yami (both in their "ghostly" forms) appeared. Yami was glaring at the Tomb Robber, and said Tomb Robber was smirking at the Pharaoh.

The period ended soon enough. As Ryou was packing his things up, Bakura appeared beside him (in his "ghostly" form), grumbling.

"What's wrong, Bakura?"

"I don't want to sit through another choir session. I hated the last one."

"Oh, the choir isn't meeting today."

"Thank Ra!"

Ryou grinned. "Gotcha! Happy April Fools Day, Bakura!"

The End