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Prompt: "Thou shall not..."

It's funny; I've been told by my husband that as a human, I often held the values of the church close to me. But yet, almost nightly, I broke one of the Ten Commandments.

Not that I kill intentionally. Oh no, far from that. I do it for two reasons. First, the poor man that is to become my meal was destined for hell anyway. And secondly, I was hungry.

Sure, I didn't need to play with my food, but it made it much more interesting. This human male would think that little old me wanted to fornicate with him, when in truth, I just wanted to drink him of his life source.

If I were to fornicate with anyone, it would be my husband, Jasper, who would watch me lure my prey from the safety of the shadows.

The sound of obnoxious laughing brought me out of my thoughts as my lips curled into a devilish smile.

"Should I be the seductress?" I asked the shadows as a pair of red eyes shimmered at me from the passing light of an automobile.

"Always my love," he purred in his husky and masculine voice.

The poor man didn't stand a chance. Of course the minute he got far too handsy for either mine or Jasper's liking, he was dead. Oh well, at least I'm full.

End Note: Oh Vamplice… you tease. Just the way Jasper likes it ;)