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First Sight

(Title Stolen From Twilight)

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"I can't believe you, Bella! One day and I'm already taking you to the hospital." I sunk back into my seat, cradling my injured hand.

"I can't help it." I turned to the window and watched the green shrubbery lessen as we made it closer into town.

Tiring quickly of the dreadful landscape, I reached down for my book in the compartment by the car seat. I placed my bruising hand in my lap, setting the faded book next to it. The car came to a stop, and I sighed, opening the door and grasping the conspiracy of Shakespeare philosophy book tightly, so I wouldn't drop it.

"Please have a seat, Chief, a doctor will be with your daughter shortly." The nurse gestured towards the empty seats by the door, my dad nodded, leading me away. I pulled back quickly, stepping a few paces behind him.

I bowed my head low, wishing to be anywhere but here. "Bella Swan," A smooth voice called patiently, I stopped in my tracks, having not even made it to my seat. When I looked up at him, I smiled shyly, forgetting my father as I left him staring after me.

As I got closer, the doctor's eyes widened for a second and he subconsciously stepped back, away from me. His butterscotch eyes darkened to a dark brown and they glazed over slightly, before something dawned on him and his shaky hands put my medical chart down. Quickly composing himself, "Hello," He said softly, captivating me instantly, what mystery he held. "I'm Dr. Cullen, it's nice to meet you." He smiled kindly, leading me towards the few clinic rooms in the back of the building.

"Hello," I muttered a beat too late, he laughed softly, and looked down on me.

"What grade are you in?" He asked randomly, trying to start a conversation, and he held the heavy wooden door open for me to enter. I shrugged, grimacing and holding my hand to my chest.

"7th," I said quietly, sitting down on the wrinkled paper. I blushed when in crinkled loudly. He nodded his head and grimaced, though too fast for me to make sure of it. A second later he was smiling, stepping forward and holding out his hand.

I looked away from him, and to the posters around the room, scattered, misplaced, forgotten as soon as they were taped down. I instantly felt pity, for the poster left in the corner, alone. For some reason I knew how it felt.

I placed my wrist in Dr. Cullen's palm cautiously. A spark lashed through both of us and he stiffened, though other than that seemed unaffected. He slowly loosened and began to gently feel along the edge of my hand, my breath caught in my throat as his hand grazed over the darkening bruise. He looked up at me quickly and smiled apologetically.

"Sorry," He told me swiftly as he pulled away, grabbing something behind him. "It's not broken, just sprained, but if it continues hurting." He stopped turning back towards me and smiling, "Come back, and we'll take an x-ray." I nodded, looking down and noticing him fiddling with the compression wrap.

"Is something wrong, Dr. Cullen?" He jumped slightly at my voice and shaking his head absentmindedly, pulling my hand to rest against his side and hang against his white lab coat.

"No, just thinking," He taped the compression wrap over my wrist and around my thumb, tightly hooking it. "Keep ice on it if it swells, and take ibuprofen or Tylenol if it starts hurting again." He stood up from his doctor's stool and slipping his hand to the small of my back he lead me from the small examination room. I looked one last time at the food pyramid poster in the corner of the room before turning away.

My father's incredulous look was obvious as we made our way back to the waiting room, Dr. Cullen stopped at the front counter, leaving me to confront my father alone.

"Bella, what's wrong?" I felt like snorting, that seemed to be the only thing my father asked me.

I ignored him and grabbed my book that had been forgotten, he must have placed it in the chair next to the table for me. "It's just sprained." I muttered. I heard the fabric of his shirt rub together as he nodded.

Dr. Cullen slowly made his way towards us, I stared at him, turning away when he caught me. He shook hands with Charlie, then turned towards me. "If you need anything," He handed me a business card, "Call me."

Charlie narrowed his eyes but said nothing. I looked towards the floor and nodded embarrassed, shoving the card into my pocket.

"Chief Swan," He said turning back to my father. "Just make sure she's taking medicine to keep the swelling down, and ice too." Carlisle nodded without an answer from Charlie, and gripped my shoulder for a second. He looked into my face, searching for something, than turned away, keeping his hand on my shoulder, but it fell limp after a second.

"Bye, Bella," He gave me a charming smile before walking away without a glance. I sighed and Charlie turned towards me, raising his eyebrows in a secretive way.

"Bells has a crush on the doctor," He chanted, I shoved him with my good hand and he peeled over laughing.

"So what, I'm sure every girl does, with that charm." I turned towards the exit and gestured without saying anything.

"What a teenager," He chuckled and lead me out.

I rolled my eyes and looked one last time at the small community hospital, a window shade moved and I laughed. I knew who had been watching Charlie and I. I turned towards him and smiled, putting my book away for now. "I'm only thirteen."

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