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Frau Bergman

The moment the doctor whispered that dreadful news to me, I knew that my life would never be the same. My little Wendla was pregnant. She was going to have a child…

"But Mama!" she cried in protest. "I'm not married!"

"Exactly!" I shouted back angrily.

I knew from the start this talk about babies would lead to something terrible. She was never one to question my authority like that either. She was an innocent child. She was always so joyful and imaginative, playing pirates with her friends, that poor Stiefel boy, and Melchior Gabor.

I'd always known they'd end up together. When they would play as children, he would always be the captain of the grand pirate ship, Wendla his wife. She used to blush whenever he would grab her hand. And when we went to our Sunday services, she'd always smile at him and he'd smile back.

So it only broke my heart to learn that he was the father of her child. How could a boy who cared so much for her do such a terrible thing? And now whenever I walk down the streets I receive terrible nasty looks out of pure disgrace. I hate myself for saying this, but my own daughter has become a disgrace to me.

There is one way this can all go away. And that is by getting an operation. I am terrified to even suggest it to her, for I know she will refuse. But it's her only choice. She needs it. For the sake of her life, but most importantly…for the sake of her family.

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