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Secret's of The Moon

Chapter One

The fog was cold and damp, and an icy wind blew through the shadow-cloaked forest. Autumn trees, bare and skeletal, clawed at a small figure that ran through the woods at that time. The small girl stopped as she reached the edge of a cliff which overlooked some hilly woodland. A snowstorm that had arrived only few hours ago had a blanket the wilderness beneath in a carpet of white powder. A silver cloak was draped over her shoulders; a white dress that seemed to glow in the moonlight clothed her little frame. Her bare feet sank into the snow beneath her. A cold wind rustled her auburn hair.

She brushed a snowflake from her cheek. Her features betrayed not the slightest hint of emotion. She was utterly focused on the task at hand. Her silver eyes searched the landscape in front of her. Smoke rose from a spot couple of miles ahead. Her destination was close.

The edge of the cliff dropped away sharply in front her, but she fearlessly walked straight up to the precipice and right over the brink. Gravity seized her, and she plunged toward the woodlands fifty feet below. She coolly adjusted the small package she had been carrying in her arms as she fell, unconcerned by the snow covered ground that seemed to be rushing up at her at breakneck speed. Her petite form plummeted gracefully through the branches of the trees, expertly missing the towering tree trunks that threatened to impale her. The trees posed no real threat to her, but they did to the fragile cargo she was carrying.

But the girl knew what she was doing, however.

Her feet touched down at the foot of the cliff breaking her stride. She looked down at the package that she had been holding protectively in her arms, as it shifted for a moment. A smile spread through her lips. It had not even woken up. She gazed at it for a moment holding it close to her body to keep it warm. Then she remembered what she was supposed to be doing.

She marched forward; I have to keep moving, she thought. Dawn will be here soon. She knew he would wonder what she was doing all the way up here, and if he got curious he would discover her secret. She did not want to give explanations to anyone, at least not yet.

The girl marched through the snowy forest at a brisk pace. She could not afford to waste a minute, not even a second. She had to reach that place and then leave this area before dawn, or risk being discovered. She glanced up through the canopy of tree branches overhead. From what she could see of it, the sky did not appear to be lightening yet. She still got time to get to the house.

Within a few moments, she reached a small meadow; a house on the edge was in complete coverage of the trees. A well hidden secret sanctuary, it was hard to spot from above and just as difficult to reach on foot. She still remember...

The girl approached the doorsteps. The light coming from the windows provided the only illumination, but the girl did not need it; she could easily see through the dark. She arrived at the foot of the door and was about to knock on it when it swung open, revealing an older girl behind it.

"You sensed me coming?" she asked.

"Yes, I still have not forgot the old ways," the older girl responded with a smile. "It's been a long time, Lady Artemis."

"Yes, it would seem that way," Artemis answered looking up and down at the girl. She looked like a normal girl in her late teens. Her long blonde hair fell all the way to her waist, and her blue eyes still held the brilliance that they always had. She was still beautiful as well, but she had not changed much from the girl Artemis used to know.

"Please come in," the girl said, moving away from the door frame to allowed the goddess entry. Artemis walked pass her into the house. From outside the house, it did not seem that impressive to her; it was only two stories tall, rectangular and well proportioned but that was it. But on the inside was not what Artemis had expected; the room was large and bright, the south wall had been replaced with glass, revealing behind a small porch that spread to a wide lawn. A staircase dominated the east side of the room; the walls, the high ceiling, the wooden floor and the thick carpets complemented the room well making it look even more impressive. She always had excellent taste.

"You seem to be doing well, all on your own, Galetri," Artemis's voice broke the short silence. "Well, it has not been easy, but I manage," said, the girl named Galetri.

"I see."

"I was surprised to hear from you again, my Lady."

Galetri watched the goddess with sad eyes. "I thought that after everything that happened you would never want to see me again..."

Artemis cut her off. "I'm in need of your service Galetri," she said, turning around to face her. "I spare your life after your betrayal, now I want you to pay me back for that."

Galetri's eyes turn to the top of the stairs, then to the goddess, and with a bit of fear on her voice, she spoke. "My Lady..."

Artemis cut her off again. "I'm not here to harm you Galetri, or her."

Galetri relaxed. "What do you need from me then, my Lady?" she asked the goddess, who in return remained silent. She looked down. For the first time Galetri noticed the small bundle she was carrying in her arms.

"I need you to look after something for me," she said in a low voice, as if she were afraid someone else might be listening.

Artemis took a step toward Galetri extending her arms to give the bundle to Galetri. She hesitated for a second then took it from her. Galetri carefully proceeded to remove the blanket that was wrapped around the object, only to reveal a sleeping infant inside.

Her eyes opened in shock at the sight of it. "My Lady, is this child yours?" Galetri tentatively asked.

"Yes, Galetri you are holding my very own child."

Galetri could not believe what she just heard. "But my lady have you…?" She was forced to hold the statement she was about to make as Artemis shot her an angry look daring her to finish that sentence.

"I have not broken my oath Galetri. I am a maiden, and I'll always be one."

"But then how did you...?"

"The birth of this child is a long and complicated story," Artemis explained. "I do not have time to explain right now. All I need you to do is promise me that you will look after him as if he were your very own," Artemis said with a bit of sadness at the very end. "You're the only one I can entrust him to."

Galetri had her eyes glued at the small infant the whole time the goddess had spoken. Then it hit her. Him. She turned to face the goddess " It's a boy."

"Yes," Artemis responded with a sad smile on her face. "My only child is a boy. Ironic is it not?"

Then her expression turned serious "Would you do it?" Galetri kept quiet for a moment. Then she nodded her head at the small goddess who sighed in relief. "Yes my Lady, I'll raise him as if he were my own."

"Thank you."

Artemis turned to look at the glass doors; she noticed the sky beginning to turn different colors. Narrowing her eyes she said, "I have to go now." Then she turned to Galetri and walked to her. She stopped and placed a small kiss on the baby's cheek. Then turned to the door and proceeded to leave.

"My Lady?" Galetri stopped her as she was about to exit the house. "What is his name?"

Without turning Artemis answered, "He doesn't have one. I didn't have time to give him one. I'll leave it to you to decide." With that she walked out of the house. Galetri followed her, but by the time she reached the door the goddess was gone. She walked back inside the house and closed the door. She felt the baby staring to move in her arms; she brought it up to her face and whispered to him. "It's ok. Everything is going to be just fine. I will protect you. I promise."

With the baby in her arms, she went up the stairs; as she reached the top she smiled, "You know I just thought of the perfect name for you."

Looking at the baby she said, "Welcome to our little family... Dante."

To be continued...

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