Hitsugaya's chest was on fire but it didn't matter because he wouldn't leave his fukotaicho's side.

The fact that it was his fault that she had such a fatal injury only solidified his determination when Uohana told him to go and rest.


Hitsugaya blinked and sat up in a heart beat. Matsumoto was eyeing him, her eyes sticking longer onto his injury before meeting his eyes. They were all too serious and Hitsugaya couldn't begrudge her right to be angry with him.

But then she gave him a small smile that took his breath away and patted the space beside her in an obvious gesture and Hitsugaya could only comply.

So when the 4th Division's Captain went in to check in on them and to perhaps beckon Hitsugaya to rest, she found him laying beside his fukotaicho as she cuddled him against her like a stuffed animal.

Uohana smiled and closed the door behind her.