"This better not be another prank." Hitsugaya grumbled as he was led by his fuko-taicho.

"I promise that its not!" Matsumoto yelled, squeezing his hand briefly. Hitsugaya sighed and resigned himself to being led around.


Toushiro sighed once more and focused on Rangiku. He normally hated being put in a situation where he was left vulnerable but he (unfortunately) trusted Matsumoto entirely too much to believe that this was some random ploy of hers. Usually when she did try to prank him, he was given a fair chance to avoid it. If he was hit then he deserved it for his negligence and make a mental note on working to better his defenses.

Not that he had been caught in any prank (recently) but it was never a bad idea to keep on your toes around Rangiku.

The sound of the tatami door alerted him to their destination and he was pulled forward so that she was settled behind him. She released his hand only to be set it on his left shoulder, her chin on his right, her breath hitting his ear lobe.

Toushiro dutifully ignored the odd flipping sensaion his stomach made.

"This is your Anniversary present." Matsumoto whispered. The blindfold was removed and he blinked at the sudden light.

They were in his office and (thankfully) everything was in tact and nothing was altered for the apparent celebration.

There was, however, a new addition in the center of the room. A simple wooden table with two equally nondescript chairs on opposite sides. There were two sake bottles (that they both knew he wouldn't be drinking and she, ever so nicely, would take off his hands) and two huge watermelons.

"Which anniversary warrants this kind of gift?" Hitsugaya asked, knowing full well how hard it was to get such a delicacy.

"The Century Anniversary of your first day as Captain of course." Rangiku stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Hitsugaya sighed before sitting on one of the chairs in a gesture of his acceptance.

Matsumoto grinned and took the other seat.

"Happy Century Anniversary." Hitsugaya said after they cut up the watermelons and began his sweet bliss of fruit induced euphoria.

"Hope to serve for centuries more Taicho." Rangiku retorted sporting one of her rare small sincere smiles that made watermelon seem like cannon fodder in comparison.

"Looking forward to them Luitenant."