Author's Note:
I found this story recently while going through some files. I wrote it as a counterpart for the Supes/WW fic 'I Find You'. Enjoy!

I See You

She still has much to learn from Man's world, but one thing she knew for sure.

In her eyes, he's the epitome of an oxymoron.

Retrospectively, it probably wasn't the most flattering description for him. But the longer she allowed her thoughts to drift towards him, the greater the argument is for the description.

How does one whose name evokes images of indestructibility have hands so gentle that they won't break the most fragile glass?

Her cerulean eyes watched him unintentionally as he assisted the rescue crew with clearing road debris after an accident. Efforts that would have taken at least 7 human days to complete were getting accomplished without complaint in minutes. His muscles, taut with strength, showed no strain or hesitation. His smile was honest and his fervor in his task was second to none.

As a close friend of his, she couldn't help but be amazed at how opposite his other side was.

Arguably, his real side.

Gentle, yet aloof and clumsy at times.

Strong, but quite mild-mannered that one would think he couldn't hurt a fly.

So charming he was in the cape, however quietly handsome outside of his tights.

Once too often she found herself enamored in the facade of the man who the world admired, and then the man who the world easily forgot. Sometimes, the puzzle of who he was made him all the more confusing, yet so very simple to understand.

He was all that magnificent, but also he was that humble.

'Are you in love with him?'

It had been asked infrequently, and even though she always gave the platonic response, it always took her a moment longer before saying it isn't so.

She found herself at war with her emotions, wondering what was truth and what was safe to tell the world. How could she, a woman who bore tools of integrity, be false to herself when it came to him?

'Are you in love with him?'

She always needed that moment, a time where she always wondered what was truth and what was lie.

Longing glances from him she had spied gave her hope, but then there would be glint on his left hand that would quickly dampen such spirits. She thought that long ago she had accepted it, but there was always a part of her that would wish it wasn't so. And she hated herself for it.

'Are you in love with him?'

The longer she thought about it...


Well, maybe so.