Neon Genesis Nightwarriors

Now I the fanfiction writer TURP am writing an Evangelion/Darkstalkers crossover why? No one's ever done 1 before that's why. A thought crossed me just how the heck do you cross the two? Considering the Nightwarriors OVA came out in '99 and in the world of EVA Second impact occurred in 2000. Plus most people didn't believe in monsters (most mortals didn't even know about Pyron) and second Dr. Akagi's a very scientific woman likely not prone to believing in myth and fables like vampires, mermen and zombies and the like. Rating is T for Teen for intense written violence, innuendo, crude/sexual humor and language (Lilith says "shit" a lot and its variations and to a lesser extent her sister Morrigan too plus a lot of other words too) but rating will not change so get used to it.

-chapter 1 Enter Nightwarrior Pilots

-Tokyo-3 streets

After the defeat of acid dripping spider-like angel Matariel the pilots (including Rei at the suggestion of Shinji and to Asuka's disgust) decided to take a walk around the city that was slowly recovering from the blackout though with constant threat of Angel attacks there was no such thing as a city wide recovery. As usual Asuka was boasting about she was the one who made the killing blow to the Angel and again Shinji and Rei just let her talk so as to not set her temper off.

"Ahh it feels so nice to add another dead angel to my list I'm getting better I know it." Boasted the German born redhead. Shinji just shook his head in defeat.

The trio kept walking along until they started hearing music and came to a small park area with benches and trees scattered here and there. The music got louder until finally the three pilots came upon a lavender haired girl dressed in a red t-shirt and simple blue jeans dancing around to her boom box. She was pretty good and but there was one problem the girl looked around 10 to 12 not dating material at all. Asuka could make out some of the music's lyrics and they included "Get up get up get up drop the bombshell and this is outta control!". Suddenly the girl noticed our pilots and she got all misty eyed turned off her boom box and ran towards Shinji at full speed.

"Shinji my old pal!" The lavender haired girl then tackled slash hugged Shinji to the ground.

"Umm... Have we met before this is embarrassing y'know?" Said the shy boy obviously confused and the girl jumped off him and looked a bit hurt.

"Wait a minute you know me we used to chase each other around in daycare. Don't you?" Shinji shook his head and the girl put on some glasses.

"How 'bout now (Shinji shakes head again) grrr! How 'bout now (kisses his cheek) remember me now?" Shinji went beet red after the girl kissed him inciting fits of jealousy from Asuka.

"Alright miss prissy pants who the hell are you?" The redheaded girl was fuming now.

"Shit! I forgot to introduce myself how rude of me names Lili Aensland. Yo Shinji sound familiar now?" The brown haired boy once again shook his head. The girl just groaned out loud.

"Hmm I know what'll work let's see if I have it (digs into her pocket) ah here it is. (pulls out mistletoe) Here (kisses his cheek) remember now?" Shinji's eyes went wide open in realization when he finally knew just who he was talking with.

"Of course now I remember you Lili Aensland from daycare. You held that mistletoe over me during the Christmas party. How have you been Lili? I haven't seen you for years." Now Asuka wanted answers from this girl.

"Ok missy what was that bit of tunes you were so rudely blaring hmm?" She grumped out.

"Powerman 5000 it's a fav of mine." Lili answered the redheaded German girl. Then by freak chance the three pilot's school friends happen to walk around the corner. They include the tough jock Toji Suzahara, the brainy military obsessed Kensuke Aida and the pigtailed and freckled class president Hikari Horaki. Naturally the six classmates start talking amongst themselves.

"Hikari what're you doing around here?" The pilot asked her raven haired friend who blushed a bit when she answered.

"Toji and I were going to the convenience store to buy some things for both our family's dinner." She said back.

But then Toji and his guy pal Kensuke noticed Lili standing alongside of Shinji. She was short maybe a few inches smaller then Asuka her eyes were red just like Ayanami's and her figure while nice as it was she was flat as a board but her light lavender hair was pretty. Her clothes weren't really special either she was clad in a red t-shirt and simple blue jeans.

"Shinji pal uh who's the kid?" Questioned the military otaku after all it wasn't often a girl was fawning over their timid pilot friend the guy was kind of a wuss after all. Their shy friend was about to speak when the girl spoke.

"Names Lili Aensland and I'm from Scotland. I'm an old friend from his daycare days." The jock Toji didn't seem very impressed by his school chum's girly friend.

"Ya look like a poster child for lolicon." Toji said unimpressed who was then promptly smacked upside the head by Hikari.

"I am not a lolicon I'll have you know I'm 16 years old ya dumb-shit!" Lili shouted angrily at Toji making him jump back a bit. (writer's question what's funnier for Lilith to say to Toji dumbass or dumb-shit?)

"She's fiery I like that." Said Kensuke smirking and then chuckled to himself.

"Leash it nerd-boy Shinji's mine!" Lili said kissing Shinji's cheek and wrapping her arms around the shy boy. This act got Asuka fuming inside but it also confused her why was she acting jealous of this shrimpy little imp. Shinji was a spineless jellyfish hardly worthy at all of her romancing.

"Alright break it up break it up ya little hussy!" Fumed the boastful German and in retaliation Lili just stuck her tongue out. This got Kensuke laughing and Asuka fumed inside even more. Finally Kensuke regained his composure and got back up.

"You got told Asuka! You got told!" Laughed the nerd falling backward. Asuka developed a forehead anger vein and it was throbbing. Asuka then slugged Kensuke right across the face knocking him back to the ground. Shinji, Toji, and Hikari in particular seemed very shocked by Asuka's act of aggression and Hikari swiftly went to Kensuke's aid helping him up.

The class president gave her friend a very cold glaring look more a look of disappointment rather than anger. "Asuka I'm surprised at you hitting people now you apologize to Kensuke!" Hikari lectured and scolding the redhead.

"He shouldn't have pissed me off!" Snarled back the redhead trying to defend herself. Hikari didn't like the answer and apparently neither did Lili.

"Bullshit that's no excuse I don't care who you are or what you do. You don't slug people. If ya wanna pick a fight pick one with me!" Lili shouted at Asuka. Asuka wasn't used to people talking back to her like this which meant one thing to do make a threat back.

"Back off little miss Lolicon and stay outta this!" Snarled the red EVA pilot. Lili didn't seem fazed by Asuka's temper in fact she seemed amused.

"Bullshit Asuka I ain't afraid of you. And no I won't stay out Shinji's my friend and I'll stand up for him." Said Lili sternly. Asuka was about respond when suddenly nine strange robots appeared.

For large robots they seemed very simple in design their heads resembled a Dogu an ancient Japanese clay statue, their arms had massive spherical shoulders and mitten-like hands, the body was also spherical in shape and the machine stood on very simple designed legs. The machines eyes then opened and glowed red. The then converted their hands into machine guns and prepared to fire.

"Shit! Huitzil drones!" Lilith cursed out loud.

"Uh-oh." Thought the kids. Lili seemed annoyed at the sight of the quoted "Huitzil" drones and I thought I was going to have a nice pleasant day today. Shit!"

Lili then lets out a yell and she crackles with energy then in a flash of light she's clad in a new outfit a red legless leotard with a fluffy top around the arms along, her arms from the pit down to her hands had gloves (they were fingerless) were powder blue as were her leggings. The leggings were covered by darker blue bat shapes and her legs had long red boots. But was the most striking about Lili's new look was the two large red wings on her back and the smaller one's on her head. She looked like some she devil from some horror comic. "(flexes joints) Ahh that's better I needed to get outta those human clothes I was getting cramped. (strikes fighting pose/smirks) Alright c'mon you worthless sacks of pig iron I'm ready."

Lili takes flight using her wings which have converted into thruster pods and she speeds through the air toward the nine robots. Lili sends out a strange green energy blast surrounded by little pink hearts and the blast impacts into one of the robots. The robot hit is sent flying backward through a nearby building then through a wall then through a bank vault where it finally stops and blows apart.

The remaining eight robots retaliate by firing on her but Lili shields herself with her wings she then punches another robot sending it flying backward and then exploding and quickly she then turns her left wing into a blade and upper cuts another drone effectively slicing in half. Two Huizil drones fire on her again only for Lili to change her wings again into a spinning double blade twist. The two machines then are sliced up in half and explode into scrap. Lili then unleashes a barrage of punches at another machine then sends out two more of the strange heart blasts basically shredding the two mechs to pieces.

The lavender haired girl then grabs a hold of one of the robots face and throws it while sending out another heart blast obliterating it to ashes. The final robot charged at Lili then converted her wings into long sharp ended filaments and whipped, slashed, hacked, and sliced the drone to worthless scrap filings. The bits blow up and Lili lands softly on the ground but the kids are terrified of her and are hiding behind a bench. This confuses Lili a bit. "What what's the problem here people? You act like you've never seen a succubus before."

-to be continued in next chapter

Yes the end seemed kind of rushed but I wanted to get it posted within a few days of writing it forgive me people. Anyway I've seen Evangelion it's not bad but Asuka can be such a mouthy bitch when she wants to be and Shinji can be way too whiny. I mean if some organization wanted me to pilot some big death machine I'd do it (provided I've been trained). Getting to the Darkstalker elements I've chosen Lilith as a central character for Shinji to interact with because let's face it Morrigan and Lilith are some the series most popular characters (one of mine too) (there's also Lord Raptor) so she'll be fawning over him. But Asuka/Shinji fans don't worry Lilith just wants Asuka to get jealous (that's her plan) and rest assured all Darkstalkers characters will show up.