Neon Genesis Nightwarriors 17

Now I the fanfiction writer TURP as the group faces off against a series of powerful string of earthquakes, tornadoes, firestorms, and even snow. Only the pilots have the means to stop these forces of nature from destroying the city. But can they do it and more importantly just whom is behind it all? Rating is T for Teen for intense written violence, innuendo, crude/sexual humor and language (Lilith has a very foul potty mouth and to a lesser extent her sister Morrigan too and actually just about everyone, s***, f**k and its varieties, plus SOB and bastard too fun stuff people;) and generally content not suitable for those under 13 years of age should hear. Get ready as the forces of Mother Earth and Makai collide!

-chapter 17 - Forces of Nature

-Makai Realm

Deep in the dark Makai Realm at Dohma Castle the likes of the castle's very owner Jedah Dohma himself was deep in thought. So far every plot and plan to kill the Elemental Crystal hosts had ended with failure. His plan at using that demon infested rave even faltered... Jedah even counted on the fire host's arrogance to lead everyone to a certain doom. Their powers were developing faster than he had anticipated. Any further and they might actually be a threat to Pyron and then the true battle would begin. The six gems had another power that the youths had yet to discover. It was one that could even wipe out Pyron.

The demon lord sat atop his jagged looking throne going over his losses rubbing his chin in thought on what to do now. ''I have to get Pyron's regeneration done more quickly otherwise those brats are going to ruin me. So I must proceed carefully if I am to remove them from my plan. That rave failed, my own warriors failed, and their power grows every passing minute.''

The likes of BB Hood happened to walk into the throne room. She often saw the devil lord talk to himself but never out loud before. ''Yo boss while yer talkin to yerself what do you want us to?''

''Nothing my dear nothing. My newly crafted weather accelerator crystal should do the trick." Jedah smirked as he materialized a steel grey twin sided hexagonal prism from his own Makai energy.

The gemstone glowed with a greyish glowing light which was almost sinister as now the undead samurai Bishamon walked into the room. Hood stared at the crystal bored. ''But... We don't need to know what the weather is. What're you gettin' at bat boy?'' BB Hood said completely lost on the concept.

Even Bishamon was lost on the idea. How would a few bad rainstorms deter those pesky kids? ''Exactly. Explain Lord Jedah.''

Now Jedah got pissed. If there was one thing BB Hood and Bishamon lacked it was a brain with distinct higher functions. It seemed the two needed to have an explanation as always. He wondered why good help was so hard to find and why he was surrounded by fools. ''It doesn't report weather you idiots it creates it and other natural disasters of various origin! It was my late father's own design.''

By now the two realized just what Jedah was plotting. The gem could create weather and run absolute chaos with it could make quakes and tidal waves. Jedah snickered then let out a huge evil laugh. ''I'll destroy their precious city with its own very forces of nature! Ahahahahahahahahah!''


In the streets of Tokyo-3 no one saw the steel grey gemstone appear from out of nowhere and zoom up into the upper clouds floating high above the city skyscrapers. It crackled with dark Makai energy arcs as it then unleashed its power upon the city... first start small then build it bigger was what Jedah instructed it. It would start with a light powder snow.

And so despite the fact it was essentially permanent summer in the city it started snowing which did not go unnoticed by the pilots and their three crystal classmates along the rest of the school too. Kensuke was the first to notice the strange weather outside. "Hey everyone look outside its snowing! Look!"

Indeed it was true a light showering of powder snow was going on outside much to everyone's shock. Even their teacher couldn't believe it himself. "I don't believe this perhaps Second Impact's effects are starting to weaken at long last. Seasons have returned to us.'' The old man uttered hoping for the best.

''But Second Impact canceled that?! Right? Right?'' Asuka barked out not buying the idea of the sudden snow.

''This isn't a natural occurrence Asuka.'' Her fire gem partner told her. ''It seems Jedah is up to something.''

Suddenly the windows were pelted by dozens of bean sized hailstones when a huge unexpected bolt of lightning caused the making of a hugely loud thunderclap scaring the living piss from the whole room. Now it was Touji's turn to complain. ''The hell was that?! Thunder, lightning, and hail in a snowstorm?''

''That was thundersnow Touji.'' The white sentient jewel told the jock as it emerged from his body startling the whole class.

It was then all the other crystals emerged from their hosts startling everyone even more... even the teacher who likely had seen just about everything. As a third scare Rei's cellphone rang. She then answered it. "Yes this is Rei Ayanami? Major? There's a what headed here?! Plus a firestorm? We'll handle it then. Everyone we must evacuate the school there's a tornado headed from the north while from the south is a massive firestorm is on its way. Quickly! Quickly! NERV needs the six of us to handle it! Aensland help everyone else.''

Needless to say this news wasn't taken too well as the teacher ushered the rest of the class to the school basement while the same was said for every other classroom. However the six gem users leaped out the class window and converted into their elemental just before they hit the ground.

Once outside of the schoolyard the six happened to see just what sorts of natural forces they'd be facing. Hikari focused her mind and determined the exact power of the twister that was rapidly coming in from the north towards the school. The tornado in question was an F5... the most powerful and most rare type of all.

-begin Wanderlust by Nightwish

In turn Asuka felt the heat energy from the huge firestorm from the south. Though it was fire like her jewel companion mentioned it wasn't a natural phenomenon. Something or someone had sent these disasters loose upon the city. It was almost surreal in that a firestorm was raging while it was snowing and hailing. Asuka then figured it was best to take both out at the same time so in order to lessen the potential... however considering the size of the two forces of nature she wondered if they had the muscle to even slow them down or not. ''Ok no better time than the present. Wondergirl start up a localized washout with the area's ground water. Hikari see if you can drive back that oversized windbag.''

Hikari used her wind powers to create another tornado... mostly to combat and destroy the other. Fight a powerful funnel with a funnel she thought. The two impacted each other with the energy force of several combined megaton bombs. This was a very hard task for the class representative. She was used to delegating not fighting. It was just like she feared her powers weren't quite enough to push back this huge funnel of wind. Delving deeper into the recesses of the pink crystal's reserves she got mad. "Oh c'mon! Move! MOVE! DAMNIT!''

The two tornado's clashed together like massive roaring monsters but it seemed neither was winning when suddenly Hikari felt her aura turn pink. "Huh? What's happening? I feel more power flowing through me.''

It was then the second tornado the girl created from scratch suddenly engulfed the other natural one utterly destroying itself in the process. This left Hikari a bit uneasy. "Have I just uncovered a new level of power?''


Meanwhile back with Rei, she went about dissolving into the area's water table and telekinetically pulled the water up from the burning earth via long upwards moving columns which formed into a massive glob, the water user manipulated over the entire area ablaze. She then dumped it upon the massive firestorm... unfortunately it wasn't enough as it only put out half of the blaze. So Rei tried again but went one step above and made the large mass even bigger but pulled even more water from deep below the city far below the subways and water mains but from some deep underground cavern water. Tons of the columns appeared as they added critical amounts to the already huge mass of water Rei had been manipulating.

Then she let loose with the deluge dumping tons of water on the huge burning fire this time finally putting it out once and for all. To make sure she sent a message to Shinji via a water clone. He was busy trying with Touji to reinforce and brace the city's buildings in case Hikari failed at stopping the twister. It was then the water double appeared bearing news. ''Shinji-kun disengage your renovation of the city superstructure's and help me make sure my fire is truly put out.'' She said in usual calm voice.

Seeing as how Touji was doing just fine for now Shinji caused a wet dirt type of eruption that smothered what remained of the fire. It was bad... at least three or four football field sized areas had been completely scorched. ''Done. Rei be careful. Help us here and brace these buildings with ice I sense something right below us. Something isn't right I can feel it.'' The earth host said uneasy.

''What do mean bud?'' Touji asked lost. Unless his friend was sensing the unthinkable. Naw it couldn't be could it? Unless Shinji was sensing an upcoming earthquake?! If so then they were in some real royal trouble.

Confirming Shinji's bad feeling the whole city was rocked by a powerful four minute shaking. Then after it was over the sudden appearance of Lilith and the sudden withdrawal of the waves upon the beach made Shinji even more worried. Lilith's phone rang. "Yes hello?! Huh Misato?! What can possibly be so important now huh?!'' The demon girl bitched.


Deep in the bowels of NERV the likes of Misato was in a total uproar. She just checked the satellite readings from the Pacific buoys and just got terrifying news. ''Yer kidding?! Yer not... Oh shit. Lilith that quake just triggered a massive series of tsunami's headed right for you all! I hope you guys can do it!"

-city -begin Ultragigantor by Red Line Chemistry

Back up in the streets Lilith then gaped at what Misato just told her. ''What!? Fuck! There's a tsunami headed here?! Shinji Touji head to the beach front on the double! Rei try to slow it down!'' Lilith barked out to the trio.

It was then the others regrouped along the shore hoping they'd learned enough about their jewel based abilities in hopes they could stop the incoming waves of destruction. ''What can we do against that thing?! Its an effing tsunami!" Kensuke just had to whine out like a pussy.

Looking out into the receding beach front waters Asuka then had an idea... it was a doozy of an idea but the situation left them all little choice. Narrowing her solid blue eyes she informed everyone on just what they'd be doing. ''We dig a trench. A big effing deep trench. Wondergirl, Hikari, Kensuke, do what you can to slow it down. Zap it, blow it, freeze it anything. Shinji, Touji you're both with me its up to us to dig that thing. Let's go for it!''

Seeing how bossy Asuka was right now Touji wanted to bitch but knew now wasn't the time to do it. He and Shinji did as they were told and only gave a unanimous grunt. The fiery girl knew the only way to keep the inner city from being completely flooded by the tidal waves was to dig that trench like a woman possessed. ''Asuka I will try to slow the incoming tsunami but I am not sure just how much strength it will take to do so.'' Rei said as she dissolved into the ground and went out to sea hoping to slow the waves' advance along with Kensuke and Hikari.

Shinji started creating several long ditches that Touji went about deepening using his one arm converted into a liquid metal boring drill as the other was a massive power shovel... the type used on heavy duty mining shovel machines. To make the rock and dirt easier to dig through Asuka used her superheated flames to partially melt the material making it easier to dig through.

Shinji recalled he could also manipulate plant life too so he forced up hundreds upon hundreds of plant roots to form a secondary net to catch all of the incoming water. He also created several tunnels that would divert the water back out to sea and emptied in the continental shelf area. The earth using boy figured he drag up massive pillars of stone to act as yet another breaker against the waves. Upon hitting a section of very hard rock Asuka figured fuck it just melt the damn thing down to nothing as Touji continued to deepen as well as strengthen the already huge trench.

Touji however strengthened the varying tunnels with a quick setting metal coating. Asuka then heat treated it increasing its durability. Shinji even created several high mounds out to sea to act as additional breakers. Staring out to sea Asuka hoped all this was enough to stop the incoming waves or at least lessen the damage. ''I hope this'll do it.''

''I agree with the fire devil we did all we can here with what we got.'' The metal user said as Asuka shot him a death glare.

Asuka hissed to him flipping him the bird. ''Death.''

Shinji on the other hand stared out to see hoping his other allies were alright. He felt the vibrations coming closer... the tsunami was coming whether they liked it or not. All they could do was divert its mass and lessen its energy.

-out to sea

Meanwhile out to sea the others were thinking up ways to actually slow down the series of powerful waves headed right for the city. Angels were one thing to defend against but natural disasters going off all at once was another in of itself. Kensuke tried blasting the waves with extremely powerful bursts of gigavolt lightning to change some of the water into hydrogen gas but it wasn't enough. No matter how much he blasted more of it just kept coming. ''Damnit... I hope Hikari and Rei can come up with a better plan than that or we're all toast.''

A few miles ahead of the waves series Rei emerged from the sopping wet mud and sand and generated numerous ice pillars and used an extension of her liquid body to to bore numerous holes which turned into tunnels leading back under the ocean floor and led deep below the city under the very bedrock Tokyo-3 was anchored onto. She also created several giant sized ice breaker type formations much like Shinji did though she was unaware of him doing so.

''Basic physics of tsunami's. They are generated by intense energy and carry even more. In order to lessen the impact on shore you must steadily decrease its force.'' Rei mentioned out loud to no one.

It was true though the more energy the tsunami lost before it even hit ashore the better off the city would be. Plus with the tunnels ready to divert more of the incoming water away from the city it just might work.

Closer to the series of waves front Hikari then created several waterspouts to suck up more of the waves water further decreasing what was going to impact shore. She then went about using the last of her defensive abilities that she could think up. She created a powerful gale that pushed and pushed more of the waves power back on itself. But even she was ultimately only able to keep back to the water for only a few minutes before it put too much of a strain on her powers.

And so the waves went towards shore as Hikari zoomed off as Kensuke met up with her along the way. Rei then dissolved back into the wet mud and moved through the ground back to shore where the others awaited any developments.

The wind and thunder user arrived back along the beach front where Asuka, Touji, and Shinji. Lilith floated about high atop a tall flag pole of a large building looking for any signs of the incoming potential inundation. She gestured for everyone to get to high ground but luckily Shinji created several huge pillars for everyone who couldn't fly to climb up. Lilith saw the water coming and pour down the tunnels Rei had made. The rest impacted the ice breaker formations slowing it down a bit.

''There goes the ice.'' Lilith mentioned seeing the waves rush towards the beachfront and hit Shinji's root wall. It was partially smashed through as his rock formations also slowed the mass of water down even more.

''Here it comes everybody brace yerselves!'' Lilith called out as the whole group readied themselves for the true force of the incoming tsunami.

The waves came... they filled the trench but the tunnel system worked. Combined together they allowed the water to keep coming forwards while diverting the forceful liquid below the very seafloor and emptied far out to sea. Gradually after a few hours the waves started to calm down... yes they'd done it!


Deep in NERV Misato was throwing a huge hit of joy as were Maya and the bridge bunnies. "Oh yeah I didn't think that trench thing would work but look at it! Yeah it did the job just fine!'' Shigeru hollered out like a madman.

''Heh they did it. Those gems really are powerful. Maybe this Darkstalker stuff is worth studying eh doctor?" Makoto asked lightly elbowing the fake blonde in her ribs.

Indeed Dr. Ritsuko Akagi had a few ideas brewing up inside that blonde head of hers. "Maybe... Maybe it'll usher in a whole new source of energy where we don't need oil.''

"Don't count on it." Anita griped glaring at the blonde for even thinking up such an idea. Makai energy was far too complex for someone in her scientific background to fully understand or appreciate.


Back at the beachfront Lilith's cellphone rang again. "Hallo? Oh yeah Misato yeah we did heh! Tonight you and sis are going out for a few barhops she'll show ya the good stuff to guzzle."

Staring out over the now receding waves Asuka looked up as the sky now started to darken... the sun was setting. The city had lived through another disaster she thought and she took care of it. Something her gem disagreed with. "You did it all by yourself hmm? Who controls the water element? Not you hmm."

The fire crystal then emerged from her body as she just flipped it the bird. ''Damnit Asuka! Now I'm not talking to you for the rest of the day, maybe even the week if you don't apologize!'' The jewel raged at her.

''Like I hell I will!'' Asuka bitched to her personal gemstone partner.

Hopping into Shinji's arms bridal style Lilith enjoyed the show the two were putting on. ''Those two will never change.'' Lilith giggled out watching the two bicker back and forth like little toddlers over a toy. The earth boy had to admit it was funny to see.

Hikari while annoyed she still saw Asuka couldn't get along with the fire gem but figured that was something for another day. She had a family to go home to... and one she helped save. ''Hmm you're right but keep in mind the more things change the more they stay the same.''

''Agreed. Its been a long day let's go home. I'm thinking of deep throat tonight.'' Kensuke mentioned casually.

''Agreed yet again.'' Touji added to Kensuke's speech then realized what he just said. "Wait... WHAT!?"

Kensuke simply grinned like a madman to his metal using friend knowing he'd be having a good time that night. ''Heh! Told ya I'd think up something to exploit Tete not having a gag reflex! Oh I'm gonna have some real fun tonight!" The geeky thunder user mused flying off back to his apartment.

"Yup they stay the same.'' Hikari uttered out knowing the thunder user being a pervert was something that would never change. But he had someone to protect to so it was somewhat excused.

Meanwhile far up above the clouds and what nobody knew was that the weather manipulating grey jewel causing all the trouble had overloaded from overuse and shattered into fine shards. They fell into the sea never to be seen again by mere mortals.

-to be continued

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