"Good bye." Mork said as he walked into the apartment

"Mork you're supposed to hello." Mindy said

"I say good bye." Mork said firmly

"I don't know why you say good bye I say hello."Mindy told Mork

"you're Earth custom's are so strange on Ork we say our good byes before our greetings in case the person goes belly up while we talk"Mork explained

"but you are on Earth Mork you say hello first."Mindy explained before taking a drink of milk

"I feel like a little bug crossing an English highway."Mork muttered

"a what?" Mindy asked

" a Beetle on Abby Road. " Mork said

"Ah." "well Mork your an alien from the Crab Nebula" Mindy said

"But to bad I'm not real famous I'd give anything to be one of them for a day even Ringo."Mork said

"Mork how do you know about the Beatles?" Mindy asked

"one day at the record store I listened to one of there song's but when I listened there was just this chanting take him home take him home. then I figured out what was wrong"Mork said

"What was it?"Mindy asked

"I was playing the record backwards"

"that's very interesting Mork"Mindy said the phone then rang Mindy went and answered it "the job interview been canceled now what am I gonna do the rest of the day?"Mindy asked Mork

"I know this fantastic movie we can go see." Mork said

"Mork I don't want to see a scary movie" Mindy said

"there not scary just misunderstood"Mork defended

"well you can go see it again if you want to while I figure out what to do" Mindy sighed

"K.O I will go continue my studies of rush hour which is real interesting because nothing moves"Mork said

when Mork got bored he decided to write a song "so this is rush hour it don't make any sense this place feels like a ghost town I look down the street and all I see is a tumble weed where did every one go..."Mork was interrupted by Orson trying to contact him"Orson to Mork Orson to Mork"Orson said

"what is it rocket ship thighs?" Mork asked

" it seem's that all human life in Boulder Colorado has been abducted by Necrotons"Orson said

"gasp choke look of extreme terror the Necrotons how do I save them Orson?"Mork asked

"we are going to send down a device's that's completely wipes everyone's memories of the last few hours including you but if you use a time warp you should be able to get everyone safely out while still wiping their memories" Orson said

"well it goes against every atom of my being as an Orkan to be brave but I have to for I succeed I will try to remember to call nanu nanu" Mork said as he broke the psychic link.