Summary: Amu is forced to leave Ikuto after losing his memory from surgery. Having no choice, she leaves, unaware that she's already carrying his baby. What would happen if they meet again 5 years later and Ikuto notices this woman's son looks a lot like him?

This is based off of the Taiwanese drama, Autumn's Concerto!

Chapter 1

The silence was deafening.

The empty back streets of the small village of Seiyo bore no sound. Shutters of windows hung on their hinges, dangling over the concrete below that blistered under the dry heat of the sun. Despite the crumbling buildings with ripped curtains, broken-in doors, and abandoned crates scattered across the streets at random, this side of Seiyo was deserted.

It's not like the East of the village was a city's underbelly. There were just such few people living there that no one needed to fix up those buildings, which is why they stayed in such terrible shape. But it wasn't even scary to walk down those streets. Unlike what you would imagine normal back roads to be like.

Amongst the buildings was an elementary school. Rather, the only elementary school in Seiyo. With the red brick walls and posters displayed on the fence that wrapped around the school grounds, it brought color to the neighborhood.

A small boy in kindergarten sat at the top of the slide in the school's playground, blowing bubbles and giggling whenever he either touched one, or one popped. His honey-colored eyes were wide as he watched a large bubble float gracefully away from him, being caught up in whatever breeze there was on this hot September day.

He smiled a toothy grin once seeing a certain blue-haired girl from his class walking towards him, a hop in her walk that made her dress sway. She hated wearing dresses, but her parents either loved torturing her or just thought it was too cute to resist dressing her in one of the especially frilly ones. The boy couldn't help but blush whenever she was around.

"Hey, Yoru!" The girl greeted with a hint of pink coloring her cheeks. She stopped at the foot of the slide and looked up at him.

Yoru waved back at her. "Hi, Miki. I thought you went home already."

Miki shook her head as she walked over to the ladder attached to the play equipment, climbing up it towards the blue-haired boy. On the first day of kindergarten they had noticed that both of them were outsiders – outsiders with blue hair. It was the blue hair that made them decide to be best buds. "No. Dad was suppose to come get me but first my sister's lame cheer leading thingy had to end." she explained.

Yoru nodded in understanding. He, too, was suppose to be at home already. Whoever was picking him up was late. As per usual. Which is why he decided to take bubbles to school so he could play with them while he waited.

The little boy turned around to face Miki as she sat down by the slide. "Criss-cross... apple.. sauce." Yoru said under his breath, his voice strained as he moved his legs to sit the way his teacher always instructed him to.

"Hey, peathanth! Get out of my kingdom!" An obnoxious boy with a lisp bellowed from the pebbles below. He meant to say 'peasants' but everyone was used to his way of speaking by now. Well, except Yoru, which was probably why this 'king' liked to bully him so much.

Yoru gripped the bars lining the platform he was on, making him feel like he was in jail. He peered down at the ground below and spotted the boy in grade 1 who attempted to be intimidating. Since he was a year older, he was in charge. He also liked to boss younger kids around.

"It's the king." Yoru whispered to Miki with an amused smirk.

The 'king', Kiseki, smirked triumphantly up at the smaller children and placed his hands on his hips in hopes of appearing even scarier. "Ath king, I have to thay that you can't be blowing bubbleth on my property! Ith unthanitary!"

"What did he say?" Yoru asked while turning to the girl he fancied so much.

"I think something about he's not letting you blow bubbles on his property." Miki then rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at the older boy. When around Yoru, she was always chipper and happy, but when an outsider invaded her personal bubble – like now – she became sarcastic and cold.

The two friends giggled with each other while holding their hands over their mouths so Kiseki wouldn't hear them. "What a cheese-ball!" Yoru commented.

"What did you thay, Hinamori?" Kiseki bellowed at the blue-haired boy before stomping across the playground towards the ladder, "you're gonna get yourth!" he reached down and grabbed a handful of pebbles, getting ready to throw them with all his might.

That was the perfect moment for Yoru's savior to arrive. "Hey guys! … What are you doing with those rocks...?" The blond man asked with a slight chuckle and a scratch to the back of the head as he grew closer to the three kids.

In an instant, the pebbles were dropped from Kiseki's hand. He glared up at the two blue-heads. "I'll get my revenge." he stated before turning on his heel, pointing his chin in the air, and stomping away proudly.

"Uncle Tadase!" Yoru greeted, waving as he slid down the slide with the container of bubbles in his grip.

"Hello, little ones." Tadase replied before flashing his prince-like smile over to Miki, who rolled her eyes. She hated prince-wannabes. Even though all the grown up women in Seiyo found Tadase to be the dreamiest man around, with his ruby red eyes and swoopy blond hair, Miki didn't see the appeal at all. Then again, she was only four.

"Your mom had to visit with Mayor Tsukasa-san and discuss some grown-up stuff. So, I'll take you home, okay?" Tadase said to Yoru, first needing to get his permission if he felt safe enough to go with him.

"Okay." The boy replied with a nod. He waved goodbye to Miki and held onto Tadase's hand on the way across the empty parking lot, to the freshly washed car waiting for him to climb into and leave muddy footprints all over.

Once getting buckled in his seat, Yoru gazed out the window at the trees, flowers, and animals passing by as Tadase drove to the outskirts of the village, where the Hinamori residence was. Yoru always enjoyed the drive home. It was seeing the cows along the way that he favored. Other than cats, cows were his favorite animal.

They were just so... weird looking.

As soon as the car stopped in front of the small cottage known as home to Yoru, he jumped out of his seat and stumbled into his grassy front yard where his mom was just exiting the front door.

"Mommy!" He exclaimed with open arms before hugging his mom as tightly as he possibly could. Just inhaling her familiar scent was capable of flipping a bad day completely around.

Amu smiled down at her son before planting a kiss on the top of his head. "Did you have fun at school?"

"Yep! We had a dad come in and talk about his job." Yoru announced, then giggled before continuing, "he was bald!"

"Bald?" Amu repeated, trying to sound astonished just to make Yoru cheerful, "Well that's something you don't see everyday!" she commented.

After finishing his long story about everything that had happened that school day, down to what Miki ate for lunch, Yoru hopped into the house to wash up for dinner while Tadase stayed outside to talk with Amu.

The blond was hesitant, not knowing how to bring up the touchy subject of Yoru's dad. Once Amu found out she was pregnant, she was already living back in Seiyo – the place she grew up in. Tadase figured it'd be best for her to move back in order to get away from everything. But everyone, including Amu, knew that a boy needed his father. Especially since he was constantly reminded that he didn't have one whenever 'Career Day' came around. Yoru had to sit and watch other people's fathers talk about their lives, everyone's dad except his.

"Do you think he'll ever get to meet his dad?" Tadase asked slowly, watching Amu start watering the plants that outlined the front yard. "I mean, you have the power to make his dream come true! You know very well that Tsukiyomi is alive and well."

Exhaling, the pink-haired girl turned around to look at her friend. "I know, Tadase-kun. But, it's been five years since the last time I saw him. He hasn't come looking for me for a good reason." she replied, "It was me who chose to leave him, remember? At the time he most needed me... I betrayed his trust."

"But everything you did was to save him-"

"That person has already disappeared from my life." Amu stated softly while putting down the watering can and wiping off the droplets of water from her hands. "But he gave me Yoru. God blessed me with giving birth to such an amazing little boy... and we've been fine for this long, we can survive a whole lot longer without that man."

The sudden noise of the toilet flushing inside the house made Amu realize just how dramatic this conversation was getting and that Yoru would be wanting to eat soon. "Ah, it's getting late. You should get home before it's too dark. I don't want to see your mom chasing you around the village with a spatula again for being late to dinner."

Tadase smiled softly and nodded. "Alright, Amu-chan. Goodnight."

Amu smiled back at him and turned on her heel, slipping off her shoes as she opened the front door to her small house, a warm rush of light washing over her. She stopped in her place once Tadase spoke again. But after hearing his question, she didn't know if she even wanted to turn around to look him in the eye. He would know if she was lying.

"Are you really over Tsukiyomi?"

Author's note: Okay, so I was just rough-drafting this story. So, yeah I know this is a terrible first chapter and very poorly written, but it WILL get better! Don't know if I should continue though... sighhhh...