Chris´ Chronicles - Foreword

First of all - I can´t stand Mary Sues.

Most of the time original characters are built like supermodels, have perfect manners and 'even' a brain (let´s face it: every single one of them seems to be a bloody genius), always do the right thing, everybody adores them and they always get the love interest the writers would like to see themselves with - adding it up: those guys are perfect.

There are exeptions, of course, but the typical Mary Sue has always the same characteristics.

'Chris´ Chronicles' has an original character, alright, but it´s NOT a typical Mary Sue!
I insist on that!

This is "reality-stuff", which means Chris is a person like you and me getting confronted with dimension travelling (Very similar to the Slider universe). No superpowers, just brainwork. You, the readers, are meant to consider what you´d be doing in this situation.

She can´t do magic, or fly or do anything else "we" couldn´t do.
To keep this "real" she´ll learn a few tricks on the way or get a little gadget, but she´s neither a supermodel, nor a genius.

If you can´t live with these restrictions - don´t read on.

I love reviews - even if they´re not positive, but if you feel like posting a negative one, do me the favour and tell me exactly what you didn´t like, why you didn´t like it and - if you can - how you would change it.

And now enough of that: Turn the page and enjoy 'Chris´ Chronicles - The Complete Edition'. :-)

Wyrd Sister