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His total demeanor had changed. He was angry now because I was making him leave and not letting him get his way.

He was still standing in front of me as he shoved his hands in his pockets before roughly grabbing my hand. As he shoved my rings back on my finger he said, "I told you that I would put these back on for you. I grabbed them when I made Charlie his breakfast this morning. Now…answer…my…goddamn…questions!"

"Fine!" I shouted at him as I walked towards my window to give myself some breathing room.

I pointed out the window, "That beautiful new Porsche out there is…mine! I cut my hair to hurt you! You love my longer hair…I don't want to do anything that makes you happy! That is the only reason I cut my hair…there is not another one! Riley rescued me from the rain when I had a flat tire in the Volvo on the way to see my dad at the hospital. He also happens to be a lawyer!"

I noticed the recognition cross his face…then there was a scowl…so I decided to push the knife in a little further.

"That's right…I've already talked to a lawyer. Riley set me up with one of his partners and she will be handling my case…get ready to pay, husband!" I yelled as I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Why the fuck are you consulting with lawyers, Bella? This is bullshit and you know it! We are not getting a divorce! I will not allow it…over my dead fucking body will our marriage be dissolved!"

I decided to put one final nail in our marriage coffin.

I slid my rings off my finger once again and threw them at him. "It's too late, Edward. The divorce is happening. I want to be free of you and your lies!"

With that, I stormed into the bathroom and locked the door.

Edward followed me and banged on it relentlessly. "Goddamn it, open the fucking door or I will kick it in, I swear to God!"

"Edward! Do I need to get my gun, son?" I could hear Charlie yell from downstairs.

"Go Edward!" I yelled again.

I heard one final pound on the door and then his voice, "Fine…I'm leaving…but remember this…sweetheart…that money that you used to buy that fucking car you love so much…was my money! You will be sorry for this Bella. You are not going to divorce me and if you want to do this the hard way…so be it."

My body slid down the door until I reached the bathroom floor.

How did I get here?

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