The Magic of the Panda

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"Wake up! Wake up, Yao!"

"Huh? Yong Soo...?"

"Wake up, Yao-hyung! Come on, wake up alweady! It's your biwfday today, so wake up!" Yong Soo squealed as he jumped up and down their bed, causing the eldest brother to push himself up reluctantly just to make him calm down and stop.

"Yong Soo... Please stop rocking the bed, you're going to make me dizzy again," the middle brother uttered, rubbing his eyes as he, too, unwillingly sat up, saving himself from bouncing off of their bed. "You're more excited about Yao-nii's birthday than he is."

"Yeah, well, it isn't evewyday that we get to celebwate biwfdays, wight? So wake up!"

"Yes, yes! I'm awake already, aru! Could you please stop shouting?"

"I wasn't shouting!" Yong Soo protested.

"Yes, you are, aru. See?" He pointed at the middle brother who nodded, "Kiku agrees."

"Okay, okay." Yong Soo frowned, but smiled as soon as he did, "now, let's open up your pwesents!"

"Shouldn't we let him decide for that?" Kiku asked, but was too late; Yong Soo already fetched Yao's presents from their parents' room and came back escorted by them. He laid out four colorfully-wrapped boxes of different sizes infront of his eldest brother.

"Open mine fiwst. It's that one, the gween one with the big, puwple wibbon," Yong Soo prodded. Yao reached for it and unwrapped it as instructed. "It's a snow globe," he added as his brother eyed it with a twinkle in his eye. "Omma and I bought it together when we were waiting for you and Kiku-hyung aftew school. But she said it counts as my gift."

Yao was grateful for it, so he smiled and said, "it's nice, aru. Thank you, Yong Soo." Everyone returned his smile, especially Yong Soo, who wore a victorious grin on his face. Next, he reached for the white one, and unwrapped it like the first, revealing a magnificently made painting; a typical Japanese scene; one with a cherry blossom tree in full bloom, and a neat garden. Turning to Kiku, "you made this?"

The latter nodded, and smiled with an embarrassed blush. "Sorry if it isn't good enough."

"What are you talking about, aru? I like it. It's pretty. Thanks, Kiku." The middle brother nodded as acknowledgement. Yao then reached out for the smallest box, the blue one, and opened it up. It was a watch.

"You said you wanted one," his current father said, as if he weren't talking to a ten-year-old. "Hope you like it," he added with a grin.

Yao held it up to take a closer look. "This would be very useful. Thanks, aru," he uttered, giving back his current father's smile.

"Open this one next!" Yong Soo poked, pushing the remaining gift to his brother.

"I know, I know. That's the last one, of course I'm going to open it up next." He took it; it was the biggest gift there was, almost as big as the four-year-old Yong Soo. It was enveloped in red; it also had a red ribbon wrapped around it. Excitement somehow squeezed itself to Yao that he even held his breath while he was opening it. His eyes widened at the sight of the last present. "It's... It's a panda."

"That one's from me, Yao," his mother said, giving him a kiss on the forehead. Yao locked the stuffed animal in a tight embrace.

"Xie-xie ni, mama!"

He loved the panda the moment he saw it. It instantly became his favorite thing in the world. From that day on, he always took the panda wherever he went; always making it a point to keep it dry and clean no matter what happened. He never let anybody touch it but his mom, usually for cleaning purposes.

The panda stood witness to Yao's life.

And every night and every morning since then, right before Yao goes to sleep, and the moment he opens his eyes, he always gives the panda kisses.

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By the way, languages; what Yong Soo was saying, "*name here*-hyung," is what Koreans use to refer to their elder brothers (if you're a guy, that is, otherwise, if you're a girl, you call your elder brother "oppa"), then Omma, is "mom" in Korean. And, what Yao said at the end, "xie-xie ni, mama," means "thank you, mama," in Chinese. I'm not good with Korean, nor Chinese, though, I just asked a couple of friends...xD I do with Japanese. :D

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