by Hawklan


Xander writes a long email wich will have quite a few consequences

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Title: Consequences

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Chapter 1

Xander sat silently in the computer room of Sunnydale High and was deep in thought about what happened the last day in Sunnydale. Angel was dead and Angelus free. He had to admit that he never liked Angel, which mostly had to do with the fact, that he hated all vampires since he had to stake the animated corpse of his friend Jesse and now? He was in deep shit in his opinion.

He was intelligent enough to know that he had no chance at all to deal with Angelus, at least not alone, but the chance of getting help here in SunnyD was next to nil. Why? Ohh that's easy to answer. The high and might Buffy 'It is everyone's fault and not mine' Summers wanted her precious Angel back, without a care that several innocents died in the time being. In theory he could understand her, losing someone you love is hard, but damn she was the Slayer and had a duty to fulfill and what does she do? Nothing at all, the only thing she did was complaining about how unfair her life was and so on, a shame that all of Angelus victims couldn't complain about that anymore, because they were all dead. .

The last thing that brought him to this point was that Buffy let Angelus go just after they killed the Judge and then she and the rest of the gang had the gall to blame Jenny for all the mess. Those things were the reason why he was sitting here staring at the monitor of one of the computer, he read the mail he had just written again to see if he forgot any of the facts of what happened in Sunnydale since he knew Buffy. The mail itself was several pages long and ended with the words.

"I sincerely hope Mr. Travers that you find a way to help with this situation, because I fear many more people will die while Miss Summers dreams of getting Angel back and Mr. Giles continues to let her do what she wants.

With kind regards,

Alexander Harris"

The only thing he now had to do was to press the send button, but he still wasn't sure if he should do it or not and so he sat there quietly for nearly 30 minutes, he just decided to get something to drink and then he would decide if he would sent it or not. He got up and left the room to get something to drink out of the mess hall.

Shortly after he left the room, the door opened again and Jenny Calendar entered her class room, she just had a private 'talk' with her ex-boyfriend Rupert and tears were silently running down her face. She sat down at her desk and got a tissue out of her bag and used it to clean her face again and then she started to pack a few things together, because she decided to leave and report to her uncle that she had failed and that he should sent a team to deal with Angelus.

After she stuffed all her private things into a box she noticed that a PC was still running in the last row. Curious she went over to the table and see why the computer was still running. She looked at the screen and saw an open email waiting to being sent. She quickly read the mail and the grinned like a satisfied cat.

She took the mouse and then pressed the sent button. While getting her box of things she thought about Alex and about what he wrote to the current head of the council. She really could picture hell breaking lose in England after Travers read that mail. She also found it quite awesome that Alex decided to write all that, looks like she had underestimated that young man quite a bit, but she should have known better after he stood up to the gang in defense for her. Smiling she left the school and drove to her apartment.

After quite a while Xander returned to the computer room, it really was getting late now but he just wanted to save the mail he wrote and then sleep a night over it to see if he would sent it or not. After her reached the PC he saw the message 'Mail sent' on the screen. "Upps... it looks like I somehow got on the send button while standing up. Seems to be out of my hands now what will happen now," he thought to himself. He quickly logged out of his yahoo account and then powered the PC down. He then looked at his watch and quickly hurried home.

Meanwhile in England

Quentin Travers sat stunned at his desk. He simply couldn't believe what he just read there. He sat still for ten minutes and then read the email he got again and he still couldn't believe it. "MARY," he shouted and moments later a young woman entered the room. "Yes, Mr. Travers, how can I help you?" Mary asked looking curiously at her boss, because he never heard such a tone from him.

"Ahh Mary, please excuse my tone. I just read something really astonishing and unbelievable. Could you please call all senior council members for an emergency meeting in one hour? Thank you," Quentin said while he poured himself a glass of whiskey and then took a sip from it.

"Anything else, Sir?" Mary asked.

"No Mary, that would be all for now," Quentin replied.

One hour later in the main council chamber

Quentin Travers waited until the last senior member of the council had taken his place. "Normally I would greet you all with a 'Good evening my colleagues,' but sadly this evening is anything but good. A bit more than an hour ago I received an email out of Sunnydale, where the former Slayer Mrs. Summers is still posted and where she was doing her sacred duty... sadly it looks like our beliefs in this regard were false." Here Quentin made a pause and took a sip from a glass of water.

Before he could start again Council Member Wyndam-Price stood up and asked, "In which regard Quentin? What did Rupert report?"

Quentin looked at his colleague for a moment before he replied, "As it seems he reported only heavily censored reports in which he left many important things out. If you all would please turn to your notebooks and would read the mail I just forwarded you, you will see and then we have to decide what actions we will take." Quentin sat down on his chair and waited for the members to read the big mail.