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My family had moved from Seattle the morning after Cassy's funeral. It was lucky that I had given my notice to the hospital the day of her death, because too many people had seen me leave the funeral with Bella, and, knowing that, her sudden disappearance would have lead to too many unanswerable questions.

This morning was the first time that I had returned to the city since that day. It had been forty-seven years. Usually, we waited longer to return to any location – we couldn't take the risk of anyone who we had known recognizing us upon our return. But this was different. We were passing nearby, and I had made a side trip. I wasn't planning on being seen; I just needed to come back once again. It was time to say good-bye.

My first stop was the clearing where I had spent so many nights during the years we had lived in this city. It was a bit overgrown now, decades of being left alone had allowed nature to reclaim much of what I had once destroyed to make my place. There were new trees, growing right in the middle of the field, in the spot where Edward and I had once had such deep, thoughtful conversations. Grass, which had once been flattened against the ground under Bella's body as I made love to her, now grew tall, reaching for the stars at which I had once spent entire nights staring. As I looked around the field, I barely recognized it, yet I knew that it was mine.

Satisfied with having spent some time in the clearing that had been one of the most special places in my existence, I decided that it was time to go to my last stop on this visit to Seattle: the cemetery.

Even after all these years, returning to her grave still brought about sadness and feelings of remorse. Her life was probably the one that I had wished to preserve the most of any I human I had ever come across. Her death had come far too soon in her young life, but I had come to accept the fact that it was her fate.

Sighing as I read the words on her headstone, recording her name, and the short years of her life, I remembered her last words to me, a request that she had not lived long enough to see fulfilled.

But then, hearing a rustle of grass from across the field of headstones, I looked up, and saw the beautiful smile on the face of the woman walking toward me. I waited patiently for her to reach me, feeling the same joy swelling my heart as I had felt each time I'd looked at her since the morning she woke in my arms as a vampire.

When she was finally close enough to touch, I pulled Bella into my arms, kissing her softly as we stood in front of the headstone of the little girl who had brought us together. When I pulled away, I smiled, a smile that I was sure showed in my eyes. Feeling every hair of my body standing on end, knew at once that Cassy had finally gotten her wish.

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