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A Basket of Life in Alphabets

Story Number One: A for Apple

Apple is, no doubt, Narumi's least liked fruit. Ever since he was a child, he didn't want to taste it and even see it. Maybe because he was traumatized when he was still a kid.


When he was 5 years old, he and his family had a trip to visit his father's friend, who owned an apple farm. Narumi was so excited when he noticed the apple trees from afar.

He wanted to pick an apple by himself, but, unfortunately, that never happened. Every time he tries to pick one, someone would pick it for him, pinch him hard in the cheek, and tell him that he's the cutest kid in the world. That scenario happened a lot that day so Narumi didn't bother picking one again.

Not only did Narumi ended up having a swollen cheek, they also ended up having a whole year supply of apples.

They had apples everyday in a year and Narumi grew sick of it. He didn't want to eat apples ever again. Seeing an apple would make him remember his past experience.


Now, 12 years later, Narumi was sitting alone at the SP club room, holding a gleaming red apple.

Earlier that day, during lunch time, Narumi saw Kiri bought an apple. Narumi then observed how Kiri smelled the apple before slowly and carefully took her first bite from it, saw Kiri sink her teeth in for another bite and saw some extract coming for the apple enter her mouth, leaving some I her lips which made it a bit redder. Narumi watched the movement of Kiri's mouth, mostly her lips, until she took the last bite. Then she saw him looking at her. She noticed that Narumi was mouth was a bit agaped as if seeing the most breathtaking scene in the world. Narumi then blushed then suddenly took off without even saying anything.

"Hmmmm", Kiri uttered before standing up, not even bothered asking Narumi why he was looking at her.


Narumi's feet dragged him to the nearest cafeteria. Without even thinking, Narumi picked an apple up then bought it.


Who would've known that Narumi would buy an apple just because he saw a girl eat one? Nobody did. He didn't either.

"Stupid Puffy Head. Stupid fruit.", Narumi stated before taking a bite from his apple.

A/N: Letter A: check! This is a story that I came up while eating an apple. I thought: what if Narumi disliked apples, then wrote this story. I'm hoping for your review.

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