Total Drama Fashion Company

By: Christopher T. Henderson

Ted- Last time on Total Drama Fashion Company, our employees played a little game of capture the flag, but it was the most boring game of capture the flag I've ever seen, eventually poor Hibbert got captured, leaving him without a marshmallow, stay tuned for the most dramatic episode yet of Total, Drama, Fashion Company!

(Theme song by Fire and Ice)

Dear Mom and Dad I'm doing fine, you guys are on my mind, you asked me what I wanted to be and I think the answer is plain to see, I wanna be famous. I want to live close to the sun, well pack your bags cause I've ready won, everything to prove nothing in my way, I'll get there one day, cause I wanna be famous, I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous. I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous. (whistles) I wanna be, I wanna be famous. (guitar strum)

(the employees are sitting around the fire in the conference room)

Lulu- Was that a chicken?

True- No, it wasn't a chicken?

Lulu- Good, I am afraid of chicken?

Oscar- Snakes give me the creeps.

(Lulu went into the mailroom for a confessional)

Lulu- Next thing I know everyone is having this big share time to by the fire, True admitted she's afraid of spiders, even Ryan admitted he's afraid of sumo wresters.

Ryan- So Jimmy, what's your biggest fear?

Jimmy- Celine Dion music store standees.

Ryan- Excuse me.

Lulu- I love Celine Dion, what's a standee?

Ryan- That cardboard cut out they have at music stores.

Jimmy- That thing just seems so real and life-like.

(True went into the mailroom for a confessional)

True- Poor Jimmy, he's still really cute though, I wonder if he likes me the same way I like him.

Mr. Madigan- I'm afraid of mimes, like a lot, what about you Amanda?

Amanda- Bad hair cuts, now Coral, it's your turn.

Coral- I'm not afraid of anything.

Amanda- You must be afraid of something.

Coral- Nothing.

Ryan- Hey Coral, do you want some jelly?

(Ryan held up a plate of green jelly)

Coral- No, I mean no thanks.

Amanda- What's your problem?

Coral- I just don't like green jelly ok.

(the next day)

Ted- Good morning employees, for today's challenge you will face your worst fears, Ryan, it's sumo time!

(Ryan did a spit take)

Ted- True, I have lots of spiders ready to meet you.

Lulu- How did he know those were your worst fears?

True- Because we told them, last night at the fire.

Lulu- They were listening to us.

Amanda- It's a reality show, they're always listening to us.

Lulu- That's eavesdropping, is it?

(Lulu went into the mailroom for a confessional)

Lulu- I can't believe they just invaded our privacy like that, that is so rude, if I ever win the million dollars, I'm suing the show, you hear me.

(first challenge)

(True has to sit in a tub full of spiders)

Jimmy- It's all right if you can't do it.

True- I'll do it.

(True sat in the tub and the front row got pone point)

(next challenge)

(Oscar has to pet a snake)

Amanda- It's the smallest snake in the world, just pet it.

(Oscar pet the snake and the back row got a point)

(next challenge)

(Lulu has to sit in a pin with a chicken)

Lulu- I can't, I can't do it, sorry.

(next challenge)

(Amanda has to wear a bad wig for the rest of the fifteen minutes)

Amanda- Oh my gosh, it's hideous.

Coral- Oh you poor thing, here, have a mint.

(Coral feed Amanda a mint)

(next challenge)

(Jimmy has to hug a Celine Dion music store standee)

Ryan- Dude, she's made of cardboard, get your head in the game!

True- It's ok if you can't do it.

Jimmy- I'll do it.

(Jimmy hugged the Celine Dion music store standee and the front row got a point)

(next challenge)

(Mr. Madigan has to scare away a mime)

Amanda- I'm just curious, why do you hate mimes so much?

Mr. Madigan- Well, my mom took me to the fair one day and I got lost, then I tuned around and saw this man with a white face and black lips mimicking me, pretending to be me, it was awful.

(Mr. Madigan turned around and saw a mime and then hid under his desk)

(next challenge)

(Ryan has to face a sum wrestler)

(Ryan then hid under Mr. Madigan's desk)

Mr. Madigan- Get your own desk.

(Mr. Madigan went into the mailroom for a confession)

Mr. Madigan- True's friend Ryan can be so annoying sometimes, why is he in this competition, he doesn't even work here, or does he?

Amanda- Hey look, my fifteen minute are up, I can take this wig off now,

(Amanda ripped her wig off and the back row got a point, and then she looked in the mirror)

Amanda- Oh my gosh, I forgot how cute I am.

Ted- Look at that, the scores are tied, two to two.

Mr. Madigan- So we both win?

Ted- Not quiet, there's still one more challenge left.

Coral- Who is it, it can't be me, I didn't.

Ted- Remember, this is a reality show, we're always watching you, and your reactions.

Lulu- I knew it, it is eavesdropping.


Coral- No thanks.

Coral- I just don't like green jelly ok.

(next challenge)

(Coral has to go into a tub of green jelly)

Lulu- You're afraid of jelly.

Coral- Just the green kind, it's all warm and looks like snot.

Ted- Remember, if you can complete this challenge, you win.

Ryan- Yeah, go for it, it's all warm and snot like.

Coral- I can't.

Mr. Madigan, Amanda, and Oscar- Coral!

Ted- The back row wins, I'll see you all tonight at the fire.

(Amanda went into the mailroom for a confession)

Amanda- I can't believe Coral did that, I'm so voting her off.

Ted- Employees, I have three marshmallows on my plate, if you do not receive a marshmallow, you must go down the Elevator of Shame and ride in the Taxi Cab of Losers and can never ever come back, ever. The first marshmallow goes to, Oscar.

(Ted threw Oscar a marshmallow)

Ted- Mr. Madigan.

(Ted threw Mr. Madigan a marshmallow)

Ted- I only have one marshmallow on my plate, and the final marshmallow of the night goes to…

(dramatic pause)

Ted- Amanda.

(Ted threw Amanda a marshmallow)

Amanda- Yes, I win, goodbye Coral.

Coral- Fine, who needs the lame TV show anyway, by the way, remember your old assistant, Abigail Barns?

Amanda- Yeah.

Coral- I'm her sister, and the mints I kept giving you were loaded with caffeine, if you have too much caffeine you don't sleep, and then you go mad, that's what you get for firing my sister, goodbye.

(Coral left)

(Amanda went into the mailroom for a confession)

Amanda- I can't believe she did that, I'm glad she got voted off, when I win the million dollar, I'm going to buy this company and fire Oscar, Lulu, Jimmy, and especially True.

Ted- That was some episode, see you next week for another exciting episode of Total, Drama, Fashion Company!