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Author's Notes: This is somewhat of an AU but the Cullens do live in Forks and the Cullen kids do go to school but in my story it's currently the summer holidays. Emmett and Rosalie are together as are Emse and Carlisle. However, Jasper and Alice aren't; I'd decided to do away with the whole "they're together but when Bella comes into their lives, it becomes a love triangle struggle" thing. It'll be angst overload if I go down that route. BTW, this story is really going to be angst ridden, just a warning. Oh and this story depicts a loving relationship between two women so if that makes you uncomfortable, well frankly honey, you've taken a seriously wrong turn.

Chapter 1 – Not An Ordinary Day

A sickening thud reverberated throughout the Cullen house as Alice, locked inside a vision, tripped on the stairs and toppled down. Her body hit the floor with a crash that resounded through every passageway and room, sending every present vampire into a state of paralysis.

Edward was nearest to his sister; he could only stare at Alice's convulsing body in utmost horror before instincts kicked in. Pushing back from behind the piano, he blatantly ignored the sound of it crashing into the wall as he raced toward the pixie vampire, his movements all but a blur. As he dropped to his knees in front of Alice, a low keening was to be heard from upstairs.

"Edward?" Esme had emerged from the kitchen, a mangled and twisted pot still dangling from slender fingers. She fixed her eyes upon the scene in front of her, concern marring the gold of her eyes.

Edward pulled Alice into his arms, uncaring of just how her thrashing limbs were making thunderous cracks as they collided with his face and chest. "See to Jasper, Esme," Edward rattled off hurriedly as he fought to restrain his sister. "He can feel her pain."

The motherly vampire was already blurring up the stairs, the mangled pot long forgotten as it lay forlornly on the ground. She shouldered her way into Jasper's room, gasping unnecessarily as she found the blonde haired vampire on his knees, hands clutching either side of his head.

"Jasper, honey," Esme soothed as she dropped down beside him, wrapping a loving arm around his shaking shoulders. "Jasper?"

Jasper whirled around, fixing agonized eyes onto Esme. "So much pain," he choked out even as he tugged wildly at his blonde locks. "Make it stop!" Another furious tug on his hair.

Esme wrapped her other arm around him and pulled him to her, shielding him, as only a mother knew how. With love.


Downstairs, Alice continued to seize, unaware of anything but the terrifying vision that had consumed her entire being. She was awash in darkness; it seeped into her pores, tendrils of it curling around her, mocking her. Pain accompanied it, shooting down her veins, flaring her nerves with flaming hot pokers. She wanted it to stop. But there was nobody to help her.

"Alice, snap out of it. Alice, please!" A plea torn desperately out of Edward's mouth. He clutched at the pixie vampire's shoulders and shook her. "Alice!"

Maybe it was the sheer desperation that painted Edward's voice. Or the painful way he gripped her shoulders as he helplessly tried to console his sister. Either way, Alice's thrashing began to cease, her arms and legs falling limply against Edward even as her head lolled back.

Edward heaved a sigh of relief. He jostled Alice's head to lie against his shoulder and pushed back a few messy strands of onyx black hair. "Alice?" He inquired softly, even as he began to rock her gently.

Alice frowned, smacking her lips. She felt unusually weak, as if there were barely an ounce of energy left in her. She burrowed into the scent of her brother, seeking comfort and felt the waves of relief wash over her as Edward tightened his hold. "Bella..." she murmured.

Edward glanced down, eyebrow arched. "Bella?" he echoed.

Alice looked up into concerned honey eyes. "Bella," she repeated.

"Who is Bella, sweetheart?"

Esme had made her way downstairs with Jasper behind her. Both situated themselves around Alice and Edward. Esme reached over to pull Alice into her arms and cradling her child, she ran a quick inspective gaze over the petite vampire, checking for injuries that she knew were nonexistent. But it never hurt to look.

"Alice?" Jasper this time. His penetrating gaze locked onto hers. "Alice, you were in so much pain." The blonde involuntarily flinched as he recalled the feeling just scant moments ago. "Did you have a vision of this...Bella?"

Alice began sobbing, her eyes filling with venom soaked tears that would never fall. She buried her head into the crook of Esme's neck. "Someone's going to hurt her. Someone's hurting her," she whimpered.

"When, Alice?" Edward demanded even as he began scanning his surroundings. "Where?"

Alice shrugged, reaching up to yank at her hair in frustration. "I don't know. I don't know!" She furrowed her brows as she tried to remember. "All I saw was darkness. It was everywhere. And the pain..." She shuddered.

"Shh," Esme murmured. She pulled Alice closer still before turning to address the boys. "Call everybody home." Her tone brooked no arguments.

Edward and Jasper nodded simultaneously. However, before they could begin to rise to their feet, the unmistakable smell of fresh human blood began to saturate the air.



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