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Madara is older now, but the memory still remains. Deep in the back of his mind, he is unable to forget the promise his Senju had made him.

And the dream they both shared.

"Go to hell." Dark eyes warily watched the other while an ominous frown spread cross his lips. "Then maybe I'll accept you, Senju."

There are times when we deny ourselves what we truly want…

The slight flicker of hurt crosses the elder's eyes. "Madara, I…"

because the pain is preferable to waiting.

The twisting ache in his chest is real. The pain in his arms is too.

So is the crying, cursing child thrashing wildly in his arms, overcome by rage.

Its not that he enjoys the pounding on his chest or the gashes sharp nails leave on his arms, but he knows that this is proof of the other's feelings for him. This refusal to accept his embrace and his devotion is all the proof he needs.

He doesn't understand how he knows this, but somehow, despite his young age, he recognizes that this is perhaps the most attachment the younger boy trapped within his arm's embrace has ever displayed towards another.

He accepts the other's scorn as a gift to be treasured.

They are still young, very young. Neither one of them understands what it is they feel for one another, but they know it's very dangerous.

The younger turns and walks away, the older watches him do so.

They both know what the other is thinking.

It's not a secret to either of them.

They are older now, both fine shinobi of status and power. But nothing has really changed between them from their younger days.


"Damn it!" A soft curse leaves the lips of the younger, his brows pulled into an expression of displeasure. "Senju, release me! I have battle preparations to attend to." He struggles half-heartedly to escape the other's hold.

The elder's arms tighten around his waist. "That excuse is getting old. You need to widen your choice of activities." He buries his face into the mass of coarse black locks the Uchiha calls hair.

"Bastard." The Uchiha is still after that, content even.

He doesn't usually have scratches on his arms when they leave each other.

"I can't."

Madara's thin brows pull together, displeasure evident on his face. He knows exactly what is happening. Always had known.

"I see." Hurt. That was the only thing Madara felt at that moment, but it didn't matter now.

He had been such a fool.

"Let's end this Senju!" His rage is unmistakable.

Now he would pay the price for his foolishness.

A promise.

Not that the young Uchiha believed in it anyway, but it felt…nice…to let himself, if only for the briefest of moments, dream of such a future. Even if he knows better, he…can't help but dream.

Because that was the first dream, Hashirama had ever shared with him.

Blood. It's on his hands and running down his chin, warm and bitter against his scorched skin. He grits his teeth and glares at the Senju, who holds the front of his robe in his grasp, holding him up.

"You, you…" He breathes in pained gasps.

He can only whisper the rest, but there the most honest words, Madara has ever said.

They're his last words; the last words Hashirama will ever hear him speak.

Soft eyes lock with Madara's bleeding crimson ones. He smiles, but it's dead and broken, like a soulless doll. "I'm…sorry, Madara."

The light leaves Madara's eyes and Hashirama can't look anymore.

It hurts…

So he lets go, and Madara tumbles to the bottom of the cliff, to his final resting place…

Or so Hashirama thought.

"Madara." Warm hands tighten around his waist and he feels…happy. "I'll never let you go."

"Really." The sarcasm doesn't go unmissed by the elder man, but he merely smiles and kisses Madara's neck tenderly.

"I promise." A suspicious glare meets his soft gaze.

"And what would compel you make such a promise, Senju?" A demanding question that only causes the elder to laugh lightly.


Madara looks up to the Hokage stone faces, still unable to forget that day, that night, that promise.

And the words that followed.

His face is still, like the statues themselves, but the tears are still falling, bitter and warm against his skin, like blood.

"I love you, Madara."


And he turns away from those eyes, like he had so many years ago, when he was so very young.

"You never loved me, Senju."

But this time, no one comes after him.

Now there's no one holding him back from his dream.

Author's Note

Oh, it's so sad! It makes me want to cry, but I shall resist for the sake of this Fandom pairing. I came to realize very early on that this is a tragedy pairing and heartbreak is just part of the package of their greatness. So what do you think? Please review…