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"You just need to calm down Mrs. Natter." John said calmly to the hysterical woman sitting across from him and Dean. "Try taking some deep breaths and tell us what happened."

After seeing a newspaper article for the sixth kidnapping, the Winchester family had packed up and headed for the little town of Hicks, Nebraska. Yes, the town's name was literally Hicks. The people here might have once been hicks themselves, but after so much trouble in such a small time, they had turned into cautious, quiet people. Strangers in this town were avoided at all costs. Dean was pretty sure the only reason anyone was talking to them was because of the fake badges. Even with those, the help they were getting from the townspeople was slim to nothing.

All of the victims were 16 years old, female, and generally well liked in the town. None of them had any kind of criminal record or anything to indicate they would run away. And they all disappeared in the span of only a couple of seconds. Mrs. Natter had been the last one to lose her daughter, so the pair decided to start there and work from there.

Mrs. Natter sniffed and rubbed furiously at her eyes. "I was looking around Jim's- he owns a furniture store- for a new chair. She was bored, so she went to sit by the door. I looked away for a second, and when I looked back she was gone."

"And how do you know that someone didn't take her?" Dean asked. It was the thing that most of the townspeople insisted—that something not human had taken their daughters. All of them were completely positive about that.

"Anna may have been 16, but I'm still a mother. The door had one of those bells that ring on it throughout the store when someone walks in or out. I always looked up when it went off. After I looked away, it…it never went off. No one came in or out of the store!" Mrs. Natter wailed, breaking down in sobs again.

"Thank you Mrs. Natter, we'll come back if we have anymore questions." John said gently as he and Dean stood up to leave. Mrs. Natter nodded and grabbed a kleenex from the box next to her.

Outside the door, a teenage girl sat on the step. Her shoulders were hunched over, letting her wheat blonde hair cover her face. She gasped and jumped up when she heard the door shut. Her eyes were red—she had obviously been crying.

"You were here to talk to her about Anna, weren't you?" she asked quietly.

"Do you know something?" Dean asked, his bright green eyes taking in her hesitant posture.

"I never told anyone." She whispered. "Can we talk somewhere else? I don't want her mom to-"

"Where would you like to talk?" Dean asked.

"There's a park, by the library. Meet me there in an hour." She said, then turned and walked away quickly.

"That was strange." Dean said, watching her walk away. Her head was bowed, her hair covering her face again.

"Hopefully we'll find out more in an hour." John answered, watching the girl disappear around a corner. He looked down at Dean. "You better hurry if you want to pick your brother up before he decides to walk home."

Dean glanced at his watch. "Shit!" without another word, he raced towards his Impala. His dad smiled a little as he watched the car take off into the road. It was no idle threat—patience was never something any Winchester was good at, and if Sam didn't think his brother was coming for him, he would walk home, even though past experiences in walking home had proved dangerous.

Sam had just given up waiting for his brother when he heard the Impala's enjoy roar around the corner. He didn't even want to know how fast Dean had been going; he was just lucky there weren't any cops sitting around. Throwing a glance at the group of seniors crowded at the door, he hurried down the stairs and slid into the Impala. Of course, Dean noticed his glance.

"Did they give you any problems?" he asked, eyeing them. They looked like kids who wouldn't be able to cause much harm to Sam, but anyone could get taken down by enough numbers.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Dean, I'm the new kid in a tiny school of people who hate outsiders. Of course they gave me problems. It wasn't anything I couldn't handle though."

One of the seniors chose that moment to look over at the car. Dean noticed the split lip and smiled. The senior glared back.

"So, do we have a case here?" Sam asked, trying to draw attention away from himself. Dean was used to it by now. Sam liked to deal with his own problems.

"Maybe. Everyone is positive that it wasn't human, whatever took the girls. I think their right. We're meeting with a girl in an hour who may know something."

"Do I have to go? I have a ton of homework to do." Sam pleaded. Dean looked at him sharply.

"Sam. It's Friday. You have all weekend to work on it."

"Not really. As soon as we get an actual lead on this case, I'm going to be out helping you guys. It'll probably happen right when I need to get homework done."

"Well I don't know. You'll have to ask dad when we get back to the motel."

Sam sighed, already knowing what the answer was going to be. "Yeah, okay."

Dean elbowed him, trying to get a smile out of him. "Hey, cheer up. Maybe it'll just be a salt and burn case."

Sam looked at him, far from amused. "When have we ever had that kind of luck?"

"You never know, maybe our luck will brighten starting today." Dean joked. Sam snorted in response.

"Yeah, let me know how that works out for you."

It appeared luck was on Sam's side in the end. John didn't want to bring Sam with them in case it scared away the girl. He was pulling out his homework and spreading it over the bed when they left.

The park was only a few minutes away, but both Dean and John drove, just in case they needed any of the weapons. The girl was already there, sitting on a swing with her arm wrapped around a chain. She looked up with interest when they pulled into the parking lot. They walked over to her, Dean taking a seat in the swing next to her while John leaned against a metal pole, careful to keep a watch out for any danger.

"You're not really state police, are you?" she asked, looking between them.

"No, but we can still help you." Dean said, taking a chance. The girl looked at him, then looked back down at the woodchips. She drew in a deep breath and nodded. "What's your name?"

"Anya. I'm Anna's best friend." She said. Dean noted that she used present tense. She was positive that Anna was still alive. While Dean highly doubted it, he let her keep thinking it. Sometimes hope was all they had.

"What did you know about Anna?" John asked.

Anya seemed to struggle to get the words out. "I mean, I don't know about the other girls that got taken, but Anna, she was scared before she got taken. She told me that she was walking home one night from her boyfriend's house and she saw this figure standing back the way she came. She said it was just standing there, not moving, just watching her."

"Did she tell you what this figure looked like?" John asked. His mind was already churning with possibilities.

"She said that she could tell it was a guy, and that he was wearing this red robe, but the hood was pulled up, so she couldn't see the face. But…" she trailed off, the ground immediately drawing her gaze again.

"But what Anya?" Dean prodded her back into the conversation.

"But I saw him too." She whispered, closing her eyes as she turned her face up to the sky. The sun broke through the tops of the trees surrounding them and both Winchesters could see tears on her face. "And he-he told me that he was coming for me too."

It proved to be too much for her and she broke down crying. Dean got up from his swing and hugged her. He hated doing things like this, but the girl was only a year older than Sammy, and fear was already gripping him. Just because whoever it was had stuck to patterns so far, didn't mean they wouldn't make an exception.

"Come on, we need to get you somewhere safe until we can figure all this out." John said gruffly. Dean could tell he was thinking about Sam too. The girl nodded and sniffed, wiping away the last of her tears. When she stood up, she stood a lot straighter than she had earlier. Apparently telling someone had helped her a lot.

"I can call my mom, tell her I'm staying at friend's house." Anya snorted sarcastically. "Not that she'll even care." She walked a couple of feet off, pulling out her cell phone.

"Any ideas?" Dean asked quietly.

"Maybe a couple, but we need to see if we can get anything else out of her. This sounds big though. Bobby is only four hours away, I say we take her there, and watch her while Sam does some research." John said. That was mostly the truth. He also just wanted to get Sam out of the town, just in case. Sam wouldn't protest as much if he thought it was for the job. Dean nodded, on the same thought path.

"I'll call Sam and have him pack up the stuff so we can leave right away." Dean said, pulling out his own cell phone.