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It was another four days before Sam was up to any serious movement. Well, Sam had been trying to get out of bed for four days, but it was on the fourth day that the doctor finally agreed to it. Even with the long wait, it was still a strenuous process. By the time that Sam finally got completely stretched, he was exhausted and ended up back in bed, sleeping for half the day.

Still, as soon as Sam woke up, he was ready to move again. This time it was his dad who helped him get out of bed. Sam was just happy to be able to take a shower and change out of his hospital gown. When he got out of the shower, Dean practically pounced on him, asking if he needed help and helping him get up on the bed.

It was another three days before the doctor gave them a definite time that Sam would be released—another two days. The doctor made a hasty retreat while Sam glared daggers at him. By now he was restless and his ribs had healed enough to let him move without too much soreness. After the nurses caught him out of his room for the tenth time, they threatened to handcuff him to the bed. Sam sullenly kept his roams to his room. Dean was pretty sure he had the tiny room memorized and could find his way through it in the dark.

The doctor finally gave up trying to keep Sam in the hospital a day after that. The arm wound had healed fine, with only a thin scar down his arm. The fever had gone away two days ago, and his ribs had healed enough for almost normal activity. The problem was, Sam knew he should be able to leave, and therefore was insufferable. He asked the doctor if he could leave every time he saw him and he pestered anyone in his room.

When his dad left the room after the doctor announced that Sam could leave, Sam got busy unhooking himself from the machines. If a nurse had been around, they certainly would have been freaking out.

"What exactly do you think you're doing?" Dean asked as he watched his brother unhook the machines.

"Getting out of here. I'm leaving before they can force me into one of those god forsaken wheelchairs." Sam slid from the bed and grabbed up his duffel bag his dad and Dean had brought him a week ago.

"They're going to start a manhunt for you. Think that some bullies took you or something." Dean idly commented. He ignored the nasty glare Sam sent him.

"That's why you're going to stay here and tell dad I'm waiting at the car."

"Okay, then you really are going to get beaten up or something." Dean said seriously. "I mean, come on Sammy, you have the worst luck possible. Let's not tempt fate. I'm coming with you."

"And how does dad know where we are exactly?"

Dean snorted. "Dad always knows where we are."

Sam sighed. "Fine. Let's go before they come back." Dean made towards the door, but Sam stayed by the bed.

"Are we going?" Dean asked. Sam was still staring at his bag.

"Did dad ever say what happened to that demon?" Sam asked suddenly, catching Dean by surprise.

"Uh, he just said it wasn't a problem anymore. Why?"

"Never mind." Sam sprung back into action, grabbing the bag and throwing it over his shoulder. He started towards the door but Dean stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"Sam, seriously. What's wrong?"

Sam looked over at him and Dean saw that he was scared again. He wasn't sure whether he was scared of what he wasn't saying, or scared of telling Dean.

"I don't know…sometimes I think I hear the demon."

Dean thought his heart might have stopped again. "What do you mean?"

Sam sighed and his shoulders sagged. "Sometimes, when I'm alone, I think I can hear the demon talking to me, telling me you're not going to be there in time."

"In time for what Sam?" Dean tried to hide the fear in his voice, but he wasn't sure he completely succeeded. Sam looked away and Dean knew he was trying to think of a lie, or hide the truth.

"You won't get there in time next time." Sam turned back to look at him. "You won't be able to save me."

"Look, you shouldn't worry about it. I'm sure dad got rid of it so it would never come back. Now come on, let's get out of here before they show up with a wheelchair." Sam looked away for a moment, but when he looked back, any hint of fear was gone.

"It's about damn time."

Darkness. That was all that surrounded him. He could feel the outside world, but no matter how hard he tried to reach for it, it was beyond his ability to get to it. This stupid box and its stupid runes trapped him within. The only way he could ever possibly get out was if someone released him. While he knew it would happen eventually, it would be at least a half a century before someone found out about him and his prison. 50 years confined in a jewel within a box just didn't seem like fun.

From having his own cult to being held prisoner. He had really fallen from the graces of his kind.

Something shifted around him. Something new surrounded him, something powerful. For a second, he felt hope for escape, but then he recognized the power and dreaded it.

Light filled in the darkness. Teristal pulled his form together and looked up through the crystal to see a man leaning casually against the wall in his line of vision.

What do you want Azazel?

"You seem to be in quite the tight spot." The man replied looking down at the smoky crystal. His eyes gleamed a pale yellow.

Release me Azazel! Teristal's anger sparked viciously. The man just laughed.

"You are no threat to me Teristal. Nor will you be for a long time." this time when the man looked down, his yellow eyes matched Teristal's anger. "Really, this is all your fault. I warned you that the Winchester's were off limits. An attack on Dean I could have ignored. For now he is no threat to me. In the future, perhaps, but as of now I could care less about him. John, even, I could have forgiven over time. Ultimately, I will kill him. But you? You picked out my child from all of them. And that is never forgiven."

Then his taste…

"Yes. He is mine and no one else's. No one is allowed to touch him. And for the crimes you have committed against my laws, I'm going to help John out for once. I'm going to bury you so deep in the earth that no one will ever find you again."

With that the box shut, plunging Teristal in darkness forever. He cared not for Azazel's threats. Humans were power hungry and Teristal was powerful. Though it seemed impossible, someone would find him one day. Then he would have his revenge on the Winchesters. All of them, even if it messed with Azazel's precious plans.

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