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Jensen regained consciousness slowly, forcing his eyes open with much more energy than he thought necessary. He blinked up at the bare ceiling, high beams criss-crossing over plaster and wires. There was a brief surge of panic, a sudden drop of his stomach when he realized he didn't know where he was. It took a few seconds to mentally link everything back together and for him to realize he was back in the warehouse.

The pain started a few seconds later, a dull, throbbing ache beginning in the center of his body and moving outward. His shoulder and side felt like they were on fire, each breath burning and pulling at the stiff stitches. Another cloud of confusion descended over him and he frowned, trying to remember what happened. Blurry snap-shots of memory flickered around in his head: the office building...the suitcase...the girl being held hostage...getting shot...oh. It felt like he'd been hit with a brick, the very heavy and unforgiving brick of knowledge. He'd been shot. Again. God, he hated getting shot.

He heard something next to him and turned his head slowly, his eyes falling on the slumped form of Cougar sitting next to him. The Sniper's back was against the wall, one hand resting on the blankets over his chest and his hat was pulled low, obscuring his eyes so it was hard to tell if he was even awake. Judging by the slow, even breaths though, it was a pretty safe bet to assume the older man was asleep. There were dark circles under his eyes and the lines on his face spoke hours of concern. Jensen vaguely wondered how long he'd been unconscious.

He shifted just a bit, his back and legs stiff and sore from being in one position for too long. However, the shift caused his shoulder to press painfully into the mattress beneath him and a groan escaped him before he could prevent it.

Cougar's head shot up instantly, suddenly completely alert and focused on the grimacing blonde on the mattress. "Jensen..." He breathed, his voice coming out as more of a relieved whisper.

Jensen managed a weak smile, still trying to fight the urge to whimper in pain. "Hey Cougs..." He mumbled, trying to hide the pain he knew was evident in his eyes. "Long time no s-" He started but was cut off when the older man suddenly engulfed him in the biggest hug he'd ever gotten in his entire life. Jensen froze for a second, unsure what to do. Cougar was not a touchy person, never had been, and for him to suddenly get all grabby and huggy was a bit of a surprise. Once again, Jensen wondered how long he'd been out of commission.

After a few seconds, the Sniper pulled back, keeping his hands on either side of the younger man's face and looking at him carefully as if he was afraid Jensen might suddenly disappear in front of him. "You're alright..." He said, trying to convince himself more than anything.

"Ow...yeah...I'm alright-ish..." Jensen groaned again, his shoulder aching fiercely. His side was on fire but it was nothing compared to the pain in his chest. "I feel like the bullet proof vest test subject..." He mumbled, trying to add a bit of humor into his voice. It didn't quite make it there.

Cougar didn't say anything, he just continued to stare at the computer tech, taking in every inch of him as if he couldn't quite believe he was real.

Jensen frowned, trying to remain upright without his body giving out on him again. "Uh...Cougs...? The stairing's starting to freak me out a bit..."

"It was my fault." The older man said suddenly and Jensen frowned again.


"It was my fault you got shot..." Cougar shook his head slowly, sitting back on his knees. "I should have taken the shot but that girl was in the way and...I knew I could do it but there was still a risk of hitting her...and then he turned on you..." The sentences were running together, none of them ending properly, and cougar kept shaking his head.

Jensen reached out, taking one of the Sniper's hands in his own and squeezing it gently. "I know..." He said quietly, ignoring the ache radiating in the rest of his body. "I know Cougs...Jesus, I know you'd never have taken the shot if it meant hurting that girl." The Sniper refused to look at him and Jensen scooted a bit closer, gritting his teeth in pain. "Cougar...Carlos..." He said, hoping using the older man's real name would get his attention. It gained the desired effect when Cougar looked at him. "I don't blame you...not for not taking the shot...not for me getting shot...none of it. I knew the risks as well as you did...I knew what could happen."

"But you-"

Jensen shook his head slowly, wincing at the dizziness it caused him. Oh yeah, he got hit with a briefcase too, huh? "Don't blame yourself." He said simply, moving his hand and reaching up with his uninjured arm to gently touch the older man's face. "I don't blame you...I never could...I know you did what you had to."

Cougar didn't say anything, he simply wrapped his arms around the younger man again and hugged him tightly. "I thought I was going to lose you..." He whispered in a voice so soft that if he hadn't been right next to him, Jensen probably wouldn't have heard it.

Jensen smiled and rested his head against Cougar's shoulder, closing his eyes and leaning into him. He was exhausted and sitting up was wearing him down even further. "You're not going to lose me any time soon." He whispered the reassurance back, wrapping his uninjured arm around the older man's back and holding on as tightly as he could. He could only imagine how terrified Cougar must have been. He could barely imagine something like this happening to the Sniper; he knew he couldn't stand it if Cougar had been shot and all he could do was sit by and watch. It must have been terrible. "I'm not going anywhere, I promise..."

They stayed like that for a long time, neither was sure how long but it didn't matter. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Jensen pulled back and looked around the room. "Where are the others?"

Cougar shook his head slowly. "I'm not sure. They've all been in and out for the past few hours..." He left the sentence there; it was clear his attention was focused elsewhere.

"How long have I been out?"

The Sniper frowned. "Almost two days." He said quietly, keeping one hand firmly planted on Jensen's arm to assure himself the blonde was still there. "You had a terrible fever and we were afraid that..." He didn't finish, the words fading off into obscurity.

Jensen smiled softly and touched his hand. "Well, I didn't." He said with a wink. "Someone's gotta stay around an keep an eye on you, right?" He teased weakly, slowly but surely losing his battle against staying upright. He swayed a bit and Cougar's arm swung around his back, his dark eyes wide with concern. "S'okay." Jensen smiled again and shook his head. "Just kinda hard to stay upright, you know...?"

Cougar nodded and carefully lowered him back to the mattress, pulling the blanket up to his chin again. "You need to rest...your body needs to heal."

"I don't think I can protest too much against that." Jensen joked, keeping his hand on Cougar's arm. "If you see the others before I do, tell them I said hey."

For the first time since he'd regained consciousness, Cougar felt himself smile. "Aisha said she would shoot you herself if you ever did anything that stupid again. I agree with her."

Jensen smiled tiredly in return. "Guess you'll just have to keep me from doing anything that stupid again, huh?" He squeezed the older man's arm gently, trying his best to relax against the mattress. "Stay with me for a while?" He asked even though he already knew the answer.

Cougar smiled warmly at him, a smile he only reserved for the geeky computer tech he'd fallen in love with. "Anything for you, mi amor." He whispered, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to the younger man's forehead. "I'm not going anywhere, I promise..."

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