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Clenching his teeth, Sam tried to not yell as a large finger poked and prodded at his chest. His bare back was cold against the metal surface he was laying on, but his exposed chest felt like it was on fire. His whole body tensed as a sharp wave of pain exploded from his chest running through his whole body. The finger pulled back slightly until Sam was able to relax a little. He let out a shaking breath and could feel his eyes watering from a mixture of pain, anger and sadness. He sighed a little as the large finger began to rub gently over his chest and abdomen; it eased the pain a little.

"You can not keep doing this Sam." The stern but gentle voice of Ratchet said from above him.

Sam sighed this time in frustration. "I know, but what am I suppose to do?"

"Stop using these abilities." Ratchet said firmly. "The more you use them the faster you're body changes."

Sam moaned as he pushed himself up from the large berth. He sat at its edge, his feet hanging over the side and he looked down at the floor that was a good way down.

"When it's over... will the pain stop?" He asked.

"I believe so." Ratchet told him. "The pain is caused from the energy that is changing your body, once there is nothing left for it to change the pain should stop."

Pushing himself to his feet Sam grabbed his shirt form off the berth and held it in his hands. "Well... that's something to look forward to I guess."

The sound of grinding gears filed the med bay and Sam flinched a little. "Do you not care anymore if you are human or not?" Ratchet asked. "When this started it was all you were concerned with. You swore that you wouldn't let this get out of control so that you could keep your body for as long as possible."

He felt a few tears run down the side of his face, these from shame. "I know Ratchet..." He chocked out. "But..." He trailed off.

There was silence in the med bay for a few moments until the sound of Sam's phone ringing filled the air. He ignored it for a few moments but when it kept going he sighed and pulled it from his pocket.

"Hello?" He answered. "Hi Mikaela..."

Ratchet's gears ground together again but he didn't say anything. Sam kept the phone to his ear for a few seconds before sighing.

"Sure 'Kaela... I can be there in about an hour..." He trail off listening to what the girl was saying on the other line. "But I... you know what happens when I..."

He was interrupted again. This time Ratchet could hear the loud yelling of the girl even though his audio receptors were on a normal setting. Sam sighed heavily and rubbed at his chest wincing a little.

"Alright Mikaela... I'll be there in a second..." He hung up the phone and stuck it back in his pocket.

Slowly he began to pull his shirt back on over his chest covering up the plate of shining silver metal and pulsing blue light that had taken root there.

"And that is your problem Samuel..." Ratchet said gesturing with his hand. "You are destroying your human body faster than what was needed just to please 'her.'"

Sam didn't say anything, he just finished pulling his shirt on and looked sadly up at Ratchet.

"I am not the only one who sees it this way." Ratchet said. "Everyone does and they all are tired of seeing you put yourself through all this for her. Optimus more than anyone."

"I'm sorry Ratchet..." Sam said. "But... I can't keep her any other way..."

Sam lowered his head and sucked in a breath. Ratchet felt the air in the room get a little warmer, mainly the air around Sam. A ripple expanded outward from his body and in a small flash followed by a loud crack of power Sam vanished from the top of the berth. A small dent stood in the spot that he had been a moment ago. Ratchet sighed and placed his hand over his face.

"What are we going to do with you boy?" Ratchet asked himself.

"Ratchet?" A heavy voice called from behind him.

The medic turned around and saw Optimus Prime standing in the doorway. He had a sad look on his face plates and his shoulders where slumped just a little.

"Sir..." Ratchet answered knowing why the Prime was there.

"Sam was just here wasn't he?" Optimus asked.

His question was answered by a sharp nod from Ratchet.

"This can not go on." He said.

"I agree Optimus." Ratchet said. "With every use of the AllSparks power his body changes more and more. Almost all of his chest has been transformed which shouldn't have happened for five or even ten years."

"At this rate he won't be able to be among the humans any more." Optimus said.

"It's that females fault!" Ratchet said firmly. "He does all this so that she won't leave him, we can not let him exile himself from humanity just to make her happy."

"I know Ratchet." Optimus said sadly. "Perhaps we can show him that she is simply using him..."

"I don't know how you plan on doing that sir..." Ratchet said.

"Easily..." Optimus said. "Bumblebee has been keeping a close optic on her when Sam is not around... He has found something that we can use to help 'open his eyes' as the saying goes."

"Sir... that is not like you." Ratchet said. "Spying on an ally..."

"I do what is needed to keep my friends and loved ones safe." Optimus said.

Ratchet raised an optic ridge and crossed his arms. "And which category does Samuel belong in?" he asked. "Friend or loved one?"

Optimus didn't answer he just turned and walked out of the med bay letting the doors close behind him. Ratchet chuckled and started cleaning up the berth and arranging his tools.

"I guess that answers that question." Ratchet said to himself.

Sam sighed and sank into the warm leather; a small smile came over his face as he was able to relax. It had been a long time since he had been able to go anywhere with Bumblebee. All his time had been taken up with either Mikaela, school or learning how to control the constantly evolving abilities that came from the AllSpark's power that was in him. On a bad day he would wish that he had never shoved the stupid cube into Megatron's spark, that he had just handed it over to him and said; 'Here you go, now please don't kill me.' But he hadn't, and he knew that he had made the right choice, even if it was making his life a living hell.

Then there was Mikaela, his amazingly sexy no nonsense girlfriend. Or at least his girlfriend when he did what she wanted him to do. If he ever refused to do something for her then she would threaten to leave him faster then you could blink. At first it hadn't been so bad, picking her up when she needed it. Helping her with what ever work that she needed done. But when he started to get the powers from the AllSpark things had gotten a lot worse. Her favorite thing to make him do was take her where ever she wanted to go... in the world. The demand started when the AllSpark gave him the ability to transport anywhere he wanted in the blink of an eye. All the Autobots said that he was opening space bridges which was something that only the original Prime's could do.

He didn't care what it was called or who was able to do it or not. All he cared about was how much worse things had gotten after learning how to do it. Unlike the other abilities that he had at the moment the space bridging was the one that took up a lot of energy and was the main one that was forcing his body to change faster. Every ability that he used made his body change a little more, but this one kicked the change into over drive. Ratchet and Optimus said that his body was changing so that the power would be better contained and protected. He understood that logic, he just wished that it didn't have to hurt so much.

"What are you thinking about?" Bumblebee's voice cut into his thoughts.

Sam smiled, which was rare for him these days. "Nothing Bee, just thinking about stuff."

A lie, he knew it and he knew that Bee knew it. Normally he never lied to any of the Autobots but he didn't want this good moment to be ruined by talking about what he was actually thinking about.

"Where are we going anyway Bee?" Sam asked. "You said that there was something I needed to see..."

"It's not much farther Sam.", came the reply.

Sam smiled and ran his hand over the steering wheel. As long as he was going with Bumblebee he didn't care ware they were. A loud honk from a semi caught Sam's attention and he looked out his window and laughed as he saw the bright flaming alt form of Optimus Prime. Sam waved at the large truck and was answered with another honk.

"What is Optimus doing here?" Sam asked Bumblebee.

"He must just be out on patrol..." Bumblebee said.

If Sam had been paying attention he would have noticed that Bumblebee's voice was tighter then normal. But he was enjoying the presence of the Prime too much to notice. While being with Bumblebee always made him happy, he was overjoyed whenever he was near Optimus. He felt a connection with him that wasn't there with anyone else. He turned back to face the front when he noticed that Bumblebee was slowing down. He raised his eye brow when he saw the bleachers of the football field at his school. They pulled in and parked behind one of the bleachers and nothing else happened.

"Bee what is going on?" He asked. "Why are we here?"

"Sam..." The heavy voice of Optimus drifted from Bumblebee's speaker. "There is something that you need to see, I am sorry to have to do this to you. But it is for your own good..."

Sam was confused and when the door opened, he slowly got out wondering just what was going on.

"Optimus... Bee?" He asked looking between the two of them.

Neither one said anything and in the silence he started to hear something. It was a little faint but he could hear it. It sounded like... laughing... laughing that he knew.

"Mikaela?" He asked himself.

He turned and started walking to the other side of the bleachers where the laughing was coming from. He was going to call out to her, until he heard a voice start to talk.

"What about the nerd?" It asked.

Sam knew that voice... 'Trent?' He thought. 'What is he doing here with Mikaela?'

As he got closer he heard Mikaela answer.

"Don't worry about Sam. He is so dense it's not even funny, besides he is too in love with me to break up with me even if he did find out."

Sam's eyes went wide as he listened to what was being said.

"I don't understand, if you don't like him then why are you with him?" Trent asked.

"I am not with him!" She said firmly. "I am just using him to get what I want... When I am bored then I will tell him that it isn't working out and that I hope we can still be friends..."

"Which is a lie... right?" Trent asked. "I can't have a girlfriend who is friends with someone like that."

"Of course it's a lie Trent." Mikaela said. "Once I am done with him then I will make sure to change my number and I'll go back to ignoring him like before. He'll catch on sooner or later."

Sam clenched his fists tightly at what was being said.

'She is using me!' He thought angrily. 'After all that I have been doing for her...'

Sam snapped his head up and gritted his teeth in anger. He could feel hot tears welling in his eyes and soon they fell down his face. Turning from the bleachers he made his way back to Bumblebee and Optimus who hadn't moved an inch. Looking between the two of them for a moment, he moved to Optimus's passenger side door. It opened without him needing to reach for it and he climbed inside. It shut with a loud snap and Sam fell into the large leather seat. Optimus started to back out of the parking lot and just before he drove off down the road Sam looked out the window and saw the shocked look on Mikaela's face as she walked around the bleachers with Trent's arms wrapped around her.

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