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Summary: Bella is starting college. She meets her dorm roomy Rosalie and her two neighbours, Jasper and Emmett, however these two boys are...different in the sense that they are two confident, drinking, female loving, tatoo drawing males. Will love blossom between Bella and the guy, or guys?

Chapter 1 - Welcome To College Darlin

The sweat was trickling down my forehead as I rolled my wheelie suitcase up to the doors of my new home, the College of Phoenix.

My name is Isabella Swan, Bella I insist. I'm here in Phoenix at Phoenix College doing a Business course. I think my dad is hinting at me becoming a policewoman, following in his steps but that is not an option for me. My father, Charlie Swan, is the chief of police at forks. My mother, Renee, lives here in Phoenix, quite far away from the College with her new husband Phil. Mum owns her own garden centre, she loves gardening and Phil is a minor league baseball player so he tends to travel a lot. My mum often finds time off of work to go with him.

Anyway back to me. It's a sunny hot day today, when isn't it? I guess I had gotten used to the miserable cold of Forks.

I approached the double doors leading to the main office. I was met with the cool breeze from the air conditioning. It felt so good. I lingered there for a moment before I walked up to the desk. Sitting there chatting away on the phone was a middle-aged woman; her red hair bouncing a she chuckled down the phone. She politely held her index finger indicating, "one moment please". I nodded and looked around. Nothing special, an office, office stationary and desks, not to mention the multiple framed awards hanging on the wall. This College was known for its student success rate.

"So sorry about that dear, how may I help you?" The lady asked after putting the phone back on the receiver.

"No problem. My name is Isabella Swan, I'm here to collect my timetable and dorm key?" I said it as more of a question. She got the hint that this was my first year.

"Of course dear, one moment please." She started typing away at the computer in front of her. She printed two sheets of paper and passed them to me.

"This is a copy of your timetable, it has all your subjects, lesson times and rooms listed. And this is a checklist. It is a list of things you are expected to purchase for your lessons. I'll just go get your dorm key."

I thanked her and looked at the second sheet of paper she gave me. Three business books and the suitable stationary for notes. A moment later the lady walked back into the office.

"This is your key, you will be staying with Miss…ah here Miss Rosalie Hale in room 312. Do you need a map?" I replied yes. The lady handed me a map and wished me luck for the College year. I thanked her and headed off to find my room.

To say the campus was large was an understatement. It was huge! There were benches set out on the grass outside the buildings, a fountain where students were sitting, relaxing and watching the water shimmer in the sun. There were so many students, how was I going to fit in anywhere? Heaven knows how many cliques there were.

I dragged my wheelie suitcase behind me as I approached a large cream coloured building. This was my building, now I just had to find my room.

When you enter the building you almost expect there to be a front desk but there was nothing there of the sort. Instead I was faced with a large lounge area. Masses of students were gathered at the various sofas watching one of the two TV's playing music channels. There was a line of students queuing for the coffee machine, a mini kitchen situated in the corner and one side of the room had four computers at separate desks. It was the perfect hanging out area for students.

I looked around at any sign of stairs or signs to lead the way. There wasn't any. I sighed and decided to look at my map. I always was a bit klutzy so I should have known that I'd walk into something whilst my nose was in the map. I heard a rattle and looked up rubbing my forehead which was the first thing to come into contact with the hard object.

I had walked into a vending machine. At the front of the vending machine was a supermodel. She had piercing blue eyes and long blonde wavy hair. She looked at me and the confusion in her face turned into a large grin.

"Hey thanks, I've been kicking this machine trying to get this can out for ages. You new here?" She asked.

"Yeah, actually I'm having a little trouble finding my room, I know I'm definitely in this building though."

"Well hey, I'll help you, what room you staying in?"

"Err room…312?" She started squealing.

"Oh my gosh you're my new room mate! Oh this is so exciting, I thought I was going to be stuck with the same old party pooper geeks, do you know how disappointed I have been with my previous roommates? But you look different! Wow this is so exciting." She started jumping up and down on the spot before grabbing my suitcase and wheeling it towards a set of double doors. I followed quickly in order to keep up with her. She stopped at the elevator and pressed the "up" button. The doors opened and we stepping inside.

"So what's your name?" She asked me as soon as she had chosen the floor. We were on the third floor aka the top floor.

"Isabella Swan but please call me Bella, Isabella sounds so…old fashioned. You?"

"Rosalie Hale, Call me Rose if you want it doesn't bother me either way. So you're new here right? What are you studying?"

"I'm doing a business course. What year is this for you? What are you doing here?"

"This is my second year, I'm doing a three year long course in motor mechanics."

My eyes opened wide. Surely this girl should be doing beauty, modelling or something in that industry.

"I know I know, what does this girl know about mechanics? I just love cars, I love taking them apart and putting them back together its so fascinating to me." She said noticing my shock.

"Well hey I think it's great that you're doing what you want and not being a stereotypical girly girl. Good for you."

"Oh no don't get me wrong I love fashion and shopping, which reminds me, where are your other bags?" I looked at her confused. "Oh my gosh this is your only bag?" She looked at me like I had just shot somebody. I shrugged and she tutted. "Looks like we're going to have to go shopping effective immediately Isabella. But first…" the elevator door opened revealing a long corridor full of doors. "…our room!"

We wandered down the hall a little before Rosalie stopped at a door and pointed at it signalling me to open it with my new key. When I opened the door I saw the cutest little apartment. It was perfect for college life. There was a kitchen; yes there was one downstairs but I suppose that was for snacks, and it had all the essentials like cupboards and a fridge and others. There was a little living room with a black leather sofa and a reasonable sized television along with a miniature coffee table. There were four doors, which I'm guessing were the two bedrooms and a bathroom, however I was unsure about the fourth. It was the perfect little apartment.

"Wow this is nice! Oh but what is that door?" I said wandering inside and pointing at the fourth door. Rosalie followed.

"Oh that door links us to our neighbours, something about "fire health and safety". And yeah it is nice, especially when it's clean, which brings us to the rules." She said sternly.

"Keep the place clean, no guys, no food in the bedrooms, no stealing clothes or make up….did I miss anything?" I said grinning.

"Ok, if you follow them rules we might not get along. Yes keep the place clean, yes guys, food in the bedrooms as long as you don't spill it, no stealing but you can ask to borrow clothes and makeup and we take turns doing the dishes…and that's about it." I nodded in agreement. Rosalie showed me to my room. It was small but cosy. It had a single bed with a pale blue sheet on it, the walls were a creamy colour and it had a window big enough to climb through. There was a closet and a set of draws, but still space left over should I need it. It was extremely roomy and cosy looking.

"You like?" A voice came from the door.

"I love!" I smiled as I turned to find, who I expected to see as Rosalie Hale, a stranger at my bedroom door. Who was he?

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