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Chapter 13 - Maybe not so much Deja Vu

As if these boys couldn't confuse me further!

It was better then last time, last time Emmett just teased me but this time…this time it was something new, something I think was good.

His lips briefly touched mine. The hand that played with my loose curl was now caressing my neck. It took me a moment to comprehend what was going on and why Emmett was just waiting. He wanted to know I was okay with this.

Unsure of how to indicate that I was okay with this I leaned forward a little more and went for another kiss. Emmett, now seeing that I wanted this, placed his other hand on my waist and pulled me closer, placing soft butterfly kisses on my lips. I sat there, rigid, letting Emmett kiss me and kissing him back just as softly.

As I began to regain control of my body I slowly moved my arms, checking that I could actually move them. I felt numb. One arm went to his arm and I placed my hand on his shoulder, my other hand went to his face to hold and stroke his cheek.

Emmett took this as a good sign. His grip on my waist got tighter pulling me in closer. His hand that was on my neck travelled more roughly to the back of my head pulling my face closer. Our kiss was more heated now, gone were the soft butterfly kisses that he surprised me with. My lips moved against his. The more comfortable I got, the more I participated the more heated and rough the kisses were.

My hand travelled to the back of his neck pulling him closer, indicating the need for more. His tongue lined my bottom lip begging for entrance, asking permission silently. I allowed it and trust me I didn't regret it.

Why I even tried to fight his tongue for dominance was beyond me, Emmett seemed a natural born kisser, not needing to stop to catch his breath as often as I did, knowing exactly what to do to make me want more, using different techniques to make me feel…well, good! Just like he had promised.

After what felt like ages, but not long enough, my hands had roamed his chest, arms and face and now I was desperate for air. I pulled away, slightly pushing on Emmett's shoulders to push him back.

"Umm…well that's one way to keep me busy I guess." I whispered, enjoying Emmett's unsteady breath on my lips. He smirked and kissed my nose.

"Wow, definitely prefer the good girls." He winked at me. I laughed nervously feeling slightly awkward in his arms. What now? Were we in a relationship or was this just fun. A relationship with Emmett? I was unsure how I felt about that.

"So…what now?" I asked.

"Movie?" Emmett shrugged. I nodded.

We walked to the living room. Emmett stuck in The Hangover and joined me on the saof. He slung his arm around me lazily. It was comfortable, not at all awkward anymore now that I knew we were just friends. What happened was just something that happened. No big deal.

The movie finished, and I was wiping tears from my eyes as Emmett laughed at me.

"I knew you would love it!" He practically yelled. We were laughing so hard that we didn't realise the door had opened.

"Aww Bella, did the big mean Emmett make you cry?" Jasper teased. I took a look at him to show I was just laughing. His shirt was ragged, his hair not much better. Like I had assumed, "glue".

"Why are you crying anyway?" He asked, placing his newly purchased beer into the fridge.

"Two words, The and Hangover." I giggled. Although in a good mood from the film, I couldn't deny the inevitable. I didn't want Jasper angry at me because I had to miss his birthday.

"Ahh I see." He chuckled.

I glanced over to Emmett. He put a finger to his lips. I understood what he meant. Best not to tell Jasper of our little kiss.

"Well…this was fun Bella, we should do this again, but for now I think theres something you and Jazz have to chat about." He leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek. He paused to check that Jasper was still stocking the fridge with alcohol and kissed my lips roughly. With a wink he pulled away and headed off to his room. Seconds later loud music thumped through the walls.

"So…" Jasper urged, still stocking the fridge. How much did he buy?

I sighed and walked over to the kitchen, lifting myself onto the counter next to Jasper.

"I need to tell you something." I said quietly. Jasper, noticing my reluctance, stopped what he was doing and placed his hand on mine, which sat still on my lap.

"What is it?" He asked, concerned.

"I'm sorry Jasper, I can't make your birthday." I looked down at our entwined hands just waiting for him to say something.

"Ok." Was all he said. He withdrew his hand and continued to busy himself.

"What? Your really ok with it?" I asked confused.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"Well Emmett said that you were really excited, so I thought maybe…"

"Emmett doesn't know shit." Jasper said suddenly, harshly. I flinched at his sudden change in tone.

"Jasper I am really sorry." I walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Forget it, its fine." He said dully.

"I promise we'll do something the next day?" I questioned.

"Whatever. I really don't care whether you're there or not." It stung, I was just stung by Jasper. Ouch. He walked to the sofa a flopped onto it, starting to flip trhough different channels.

"I should go…" I walked to the link door with my head low.

Not even a goodbye.

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