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Aliens speak English?

It was just another day at the SGC. SG1 had come back from a two day mission to a planet (dubbed P3X-277) that had a few very old ruins with some very old dialect on them, much to Daniels delight., not so much for the other three who spent the whole time patrolling the camp for a non existent threat.

Now SG1 were having lunch in the commissary listening to Daniel talk about the long dead civilization that had lived on P3X-277.

"-it's like they just vanished!" exclaimed the excited archeologist, while eating a bowl of red jello.

"Hey Danny?" said Jack sitting opposite Daniel.

"Yes Jack?"

"How come almost all the aliens and the off world humans we meet speak English?" asked Jack eating a piece of cake.

"Yeah I've been wondering about that as well." piped in Sam, while eating her preferred blue jello.

Daniel paused for a moment before speaking. "Umm... I don't actually know."

"Like that time we went to the planet with the Mongol descendants. Ya know the one were Carter got kidnapped and traded the first time." said Jack, gesturing to the Major sitting on his left.

"The one with the Shavadai."

"Yeah sure, that one. Any way, shouldn't they of been speaking Mongolian and not modern English?" he said, now pointing his spoon at Daniel.

"Now you've mentioned it, they should have." Daniel replied looking thoughtful.

"Oh and the planet with the cave man virus thing that we caught. Weren't those folks from some sorta civilization that died out long before English came about?" by now Jack was waving his spoon around with complete disregard for the globs of strawberry jam that splattered the table between them.

"They're descended from the Minoan civilization. You know, I still don't know what the bull symbolizes!" Daniel exclaimed

"I don't think he's listening anymore." supplied Sam watching the Colonel ramble on.

"Indeed." responded Teal'c.

After hearing 'Indeed' Jack started on another train of thought. "Oh and what about Teal'c and the Jaffa how did they learn English? I mean sure some of the aliens we meet are pretty quick learners like the Nox. Oh and the Asgard! They've been abducting people from earth for years so they would've picked it up at some point, probably helps that their really smart too."

"You know the colonel does have a point, we do seem to run into a lot of aliens and off world humans who speak English." Sam said looking over at Daniel.

"And what about the ones that speak English but the writing is totally not English and more like squiggly lines and stuff, which by the way is really confusing." said Jack still waving his spoon around, looking at every one.

"Hey Jack, how about we ask the next lot of English speaking aliens, how they learned English?" Daniel eventually replied.

"Good idea Danny."

They all went back to their respective lunches until Jack spoke up once more.

"Ya know what I just realized?"

"What?" mumbled Daniel, with a mouthful of apple pie, having finished his jello.

"Carter gets kid-napped and traded way too much!" he replied.

All three men paused and looked at Sam.

She froze, spoonful of jello half way to her mouth. "What?"