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Here's chapter 6


Last time

'Tis. It is of no matter just get back to me. NOW.'

'I'm afraid I can't do that at this moment. I am busy.'

'BUSY? BUSY! BUSY DOING WHAT?' He yelled into his mind. He felt her wince.

'Not so loud please. I am simply busy with teaching a person a lesson in respect, something I thing you need help on too.'

' I will be loud if I want to, and who is this 'person' you don't know anyone here, you shouldn't be 'teaching' anyone here a 'lesson'.' He sighed; he felt a headache coming on soon.

' I believe her name is Loly.'

As Nnoitra and Grimmjow walked down the hall, Grimmjow stopped.

"You're in the Fraccion's hall."



'What does she have that I don't? I mean I am the live one, not her.' Kagome looked at the scenery around her but found she couldn't enjoy as she usually did.

'Stupid Kinky-hoe…' at that thought Kagome had to laugh. She pictured the undead miko walking the streets of Tokyo. Kirara looked up at her rider and purred to her, she was glad Kagome wasn't angry anymore.

They continued on their way towards the well when out of nowhere, they were attacked.

"AHH!" Kagome's voice rang out. Kirara crashed into the trees below, taking Kagome with her. Kirara landed with a sickening thud. Kagome landed just a few feet away from her.

'What happened?' Kagome thought as she winced in pain. She looked down to find her leg had a very nasty cut that started from her thigh that ended just above her knee. Kagome was stuck in her thoughts until she heard a whimper. Her eyes widened.

"KIRARA!" She yelled looking at the cat.

The neko was still in her true form, sprawled out on the forest floor. There was blood everywhere. Kagome tried to get up but found she was too weak to stand. She settled with crawling to her friend.

"Hold on I'm coming!" she was half way there when Kirara started to growl. Kagome stopped in her tracks.

"What's wrong?"

Kirara shook her head and tried to get up, she growled at Kagome wishing that the miko could understand her.

"Kirara it's okay, I'm coming, okay? Things will be fine just calm down." Kagome continued with her crawling. It wasn't until she was next to the large neko, that she heard a twig snap. The miko gasped.

"H-hello?" Kagome called out, she tried to once again pick her self up to stand but found that her body was still too weak.

'Dang it! The one time I didn't bring my arrows.' She thought in frustration.

"Who ever you are, I am a powerful miko! I am not afraid of you!" She yelled to who ever it was who had attacked them. Kirara whined. Kagome looked at the neko.

"'s going to be o…" Kagome didn't finish as she took in what the neko's injuries were. Kirara wasn't going to make it and they both knew it. Kagome looked down to Kirara's torso or what was left of it.

Kagome looked around, the neko's lower half was nowhere in sight. Tears started to well up in the miko's eyes.

"Kirara…" Kagome said softly as she started to pet her friend.

"I'm so sorry" The neko mewed softly looking the miko in the eyes, she looked as if she was trying to say something…then they both heard a large menacing growl.

'Oh no.'

Kagome gasped and looked around her, to find that there was no one there but them. She looked down at Kirara, who started to growl again.

"Kirara…" Kagome started to cry once more. Kirara mewed at her friend, her cry bring the miko out of her trance. Kagome looked at the neko as the light then faded from her eyes.

"K-kirara? Kirara? Kirara!" the miko screamed. Her hands found themselves wrapped around the neko, Kagome shook the fire youkai with all her might, trying to bring the creature back.

Kagome tried to summon her powers but found that they weren't coming forth.

"No! Damn it Kirara! Please come back! Kirara!" Kagome screamed. Seeing that the neko wasn't coming back, Kagome collapsed onto her friend and broke down. She didn't at all notice that figure creeping up towards her until it was too late.

"I-I'm so sorry Kirara! This is all my fault!" Kagome whispered against Kirara's fur. She looked up in time to see a large shadow loom over. With a gasp she turned her head.


There behind stood in all his perfection, the demon lord himself. He looked down at the miko. They both remained there for what seemed hours. It was Kagome who broke the silence.

"S-someone o-or s-something a-attacked us a-and Kirara- she- Kirara was killed! I-I don't understand? W-why would anyone do this?"

She asked looking up at her long time friend and mentor.

Sesshomaru bent towards the girl, and touched her cheek. Kagome's eyes widened.

"S-Sesshomaru? Wh-what are you doing?"

Sesshomaru didn't answer, as his hand traveled down her face and rested for a moment at her throat.

"Didn't you realize?" His voice came out in a soft baritone. The miko's face crunched up.

"What do you mean Sesshomaru?"

What happened in the next moment remained unclear to Kagome. One moment she was sitting next to Kirara with Sesshomaru crouched next to her, then the next she was thrown a few yards away from the deceased neko, with Sesshomaru on top of her. She then noticed something.

'H-his eyes!'

They were red, and the look in them made her realize that he wasn't just in blood lust. Sesshomaru looked down at the miko, he brought his head closer to hers. When his head came into contact with her neck, he took in her scent.

"Too long."

Kagome held her breath. She was at a lost for what to do. She gathered her courage.

"W-hat? Sesshomaru?"

She turned her head towards his. Kagome tried to move her arms but found that they were bound to her sides. She took this time to realize that she was in trouble.

"Sess-sesshomaru what are you doing? Get off! Please get off me!"

She started to struggle, but he wouldn't budge, he was too strong and too big for her to over power him. Sesshomaru paid her no mind, he brought his head closer to her neck, he started to sniff the junction of where her neck and shoulder met.

"Too long have I waited, and no more will I."

He whispered, causing her to shudder at the hot air his breath caused. Kagome tried to shake her head, but found she couldn't move it that far, she couldn't kick him off either, since he was straddling her waist.

'What is he doing? Why can't I use my powers?'

Tears started to move more frequently down her face.

"Sesshomaru please! I don't understand! Please get off of m-" She wasn't unable to finish as she gasped at the feel of his tongue on her throat. Her eyes were now completely wide open.


Kagome screamed.

~0~End Of Flashback~0~

Nnoitra stopped.

"Who's in the Fraccion's Hall?"

Grimmjow didn't answer, for he was too engrossed with the conversation he was having in his head.

'Is that where I am?' Grimmjow mentally glared at the women.

'Yes now get back here!'

'Hmm…not right now…as I said before…I am a little busy.'

'When I find you, you are going to be in big trouble.'

He could hear the cero laugh.

'I look forward to it.'

Grimmjow looked at Nnoitra.

"Com'mon I think I know where she is now."

Nnoitra didn't get a chance to retort as Grimmjow used this chance to flash step towards where she was.


While she was having that rather entertaining conversation with Grimmjow, she had been busy with the Fraccions as he had called them.

Loly was a bloody mess. She knew that some of her bone were broken, and all from a few kicks from the Cero. She had never been treated like this in all of her life.

Loly coughed up some blood. She glared up at the woman child.

"You're a monster!"

That was when things went from bad to worse for Loly.

'Monster…Monster? MONSTER!'

Loly watch in morbid fascination, as the Cero shook her head, and was covering her face. This seemed to go on for minutes but then Kagome snapped out of her stupor.

'No. I am not a monster, but if you want…' Kagome lifted her hand to the air.

'I can become one.' She brought down her hand.

Loly closed her eyes not wanting to see this…this monster as her last view on this plane of existence. But after awhile of waiting for the blow, she found that it never came.

She heard a collected gasp from everyone else in the room. Loly opened her eyes to see what was taking the women child attention away from her.


There was her leader in all his glory. He was crouched next to Kagome with her hand caught by his own. His eyes seemed to glow with an unknown emotion.

"You've been a very bad girl…Kagome"


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