A/N: Hi this is my first ever fanfic. Please be gentle when reviewing (also please review). Before we start I should say this story will be AU from Cold Blood. Basically Rory didn't jump in front of the bullet and the Doctor gets hit. But the before he can regenerate he is touched by the crack. However just before he is erased he gives Rory a gift. What gift you ask? You have to read to find out. But enough of that, on to the story.

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Bad Days.


It hits him like a fire to his chest. He is thrown back as searing pain roars through his body. Too young. Can't die yet. So much to see and do. Too young. But it's happening and he can't stop it.

Before he knows it, they're beside him. The nurse and the kissigram. What a couple. "Doctor, its going to be ok," says Rory, inspecting his body for the main area of damage. Amy's beside him, staring disbelievingly at the dying body in front of her. She allows a single tear to escape before putting on a tough face. Good old Amelia Pond, never letting her fear show through. I just wish-his thoughts are interrupted by another bolt of pain. As his back arches and his face contorts, a blue glow shines over his body. "Strange, usually gold," he mutters, not noticing the shocked expression on his companions faces.

This can't happen, not now. Rory quickly checks the body. He sees the burn instantly. It's hardly easy to miss. He thinks he hears the Doctor murmur something, but he's distracted by the tendril of white smoke now gripping the Doctors leg. Slowly a blue glow covers the Doctor and forces him away.

"Oh no," says the Doctor, as if just realising he's dying, "this can't happen." Then he looks at him and the world seems to stop for a second. During that second, he hears the Doctor whisper to him. Go to the TARDIS. Take the screwdriver. Look after her. Nodding, he grabs Amy lightly by the arm and slowly pulls her towards the TARDIS.

Not even caring to hide the tears anymore, Amy screams at him to let her go. She wants to be by his side for this. The Doctor. Her Doctor. It's not fare. "We have to go back. We can't just leave him to die," she screamed, rage over-powering her sadness, "We cant even leave without him."

Running round the TARDIS, he finally sees what he's looking for. Hidden in the corner, underneath a coat, lies the screwdriver. Picking it up, he presses the button on the side, and his mind is destroyed. Images flood his brain, of metal men with electric hands and oval robots with stick eyes. Of far away planets and futuristic ships. Of men and women left behind and stars in the sky yet to see. Of burning forests and downtown London.

With these images come words as well. Daleks, Cybermen, Galifrey, Rose, John Smith and TARDIS. TARDIS. The word sticks in his mind like glue . The parts glowing in his overloaded head. Almost subconsciously he walks over and presses buttons and flicks switches. Finally, his hands rest and the images stop, to be replaced by darkness.

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