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"No. I can't be. You have to be wrong. It must be a mistake." Rory repeated this to himself for what seemed like hours. Eventually he lowered his mantra down to a whisper, followed shortly by silence.

"I know it's tough. But trust me you will get through this," comforted the Doctor hologram. "Think how I feel. I'm dead!" It was then that Rory realised he'd missed something. Something big. Huge even.

"The cracks erase time!" yelled Rory, clearly delighted at making this discovery. "That must be why the doctor didn't panic till after he saw the crack touch him. He probably thought he would just change again."

"Yeah, sorry to put a damper on your parade, but what are the cracks." Yelled a northern accent from behind him. Spinning round, Rory found himself facing a tough looking, leather clad wearing northerner.

"Please tell me this is supposed to happen" muttered Rory.

Amy was on top of the world. Well TARDIS at least. Everything was going great. Rory and her had just come back from another adventure and were now relaxing at home. So why was something off? Probably just a little under the weather she thought. If it stays I'll just see a doctor. Doctor. The word sounded strange. She put to the back of her mind and continued to head to the swimming pool. She failed to notice the tears that wept from her eyes as she made her way down the corridor

"Fantastic. Now I've gone back even further. If this keeps up I'll be a old man again." Spoke the new Doctor.

"Here let me fix that." Spoke Rory, and in one fluid motion he grabbed the screwdriver, opened the claws and fired. The tip glowed green as the Doctor stood there, shocked. After a while Rory realised what he had just done and dropped the screwdriver in disgust. "What's happening to me."

"I'm not sure. By the looks of it however, I'd say you're more of an idiot than Mickey." Spoke the Doctor, the hints of a smirk just visible on his face.

"Stop messing about and tell me what's wrong with me." It was at this moment that Amy chose to walk in.

"There's my boy's. What you been up to?" Amy spoke, oblivious to the look of bewilderment on Rory's face. "Ahhhh, do you have to be Nine today Doctor. I could use someone funny like Ten or Two."

"Maybe latter, because I think Rory's just passed out from shock." Spoke Nine casually, gesturing to the floor where Rory's body lay.

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