I've been toying with the idea of writing a Doctor who fan-fiction.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with Doctor Who or the BBC.

Chapter One-

"Wow, I can't believe it." Martha said as she halted before the tall, thin green house. The words 'Foster's Adoption House' were printed on a sign behind a tree, behind a high stone wall. The Doctor stopped with her, and looked up at the house.

"What can't you believe?" He asked, studying the house, looking for anything unusual.

"This is where Marina is," She stated. And began to walk up to the door.

"Marina?" The Doctor asked, and then looked up, realising that Martha was a few feet ahead of him. "Martha? We don't have time!" He caught up with her as the door opened, revealing a plump African lady, wearing a patterned dress, and her hair tied back in a tight bun.

"Martha? Is 'hat you Chile?" She asked, opening her large arms and squashing her into a hug.

"Yes Ova it's me." Martha giggled, and Ova released her.

"An' who is 'hat?" Ova asked, inclining her head towards the handsome brunette man in a suit and trench coat.

"He's a friend of mine, we're going…on a road trip." Martha didn't lie, but she didn't give the full truth.

"A friend of Martha, a friend of 'ine!" She opened the door wider, allowing the two to walk in. The interior was cosy, with colours like 'duck egg' blue and white and cream. But there were toys and teddies strewn across the wooden floor. Ova lead them into what The Doctor supposed was the sitting area.

"Tell me ever' thing Chile!" She said and Martha launched into a half true half fake story about her meeting The Doctor, who had introduced himself as John Smith.

"How is Marina? Is she still here?" Martha asked eagerly. Ova's smile disappeared and she pursed her lips.

"Marina got adopted, and then her new parents… They were horrid Chile! They didn't feed her! Called her ugly and horrid names… She forced herself anorexic to please them! She won't eat anything. We've tried big greasy yummy things, and small salads. She won't eat anything Chile! Eventually 'deem Police found the state she's in, and she's back in our care. Her therapist comes in, mind you. Still nothing works Chile! I'm gras'in at straws Chile! She don't come out of 'hat room!" She ranted, throwing her head in her hands, sobbing.

Martha had tears in her eyes, and rubbed Ova's thick back.

"Maybe I should go up? Talk to her?" Ova nodded and grabbed one of the tissues out of the box on the side table.

Martha clasped her shoulder, before inclining her head towards the stairs, The Doctor nodded following the woman up the stairs.

Martha wormed her way through the corridors, before stopping at a pale green door, with a pale blue butterfly painted on it.

The words 'Marina's Room' were decorated with portraits of people and doodle of hearts and stars.

"She was always an artist," Martha answered The Doctor's unanswered question.

"Wow, some of these are good! I like that one!" He pointed to one of a woman, with shaded skin, the light coming from the left, leaving a shadow on her right side of her face.

"Martha…Is that you?" He asked, getting his glasses and taking a good look. "So it is!" He chuckled happily.

Martha rolled her eyes and knocked on the door.

"What?" Came a voice from the other side.

"Marina, do you remember me? Martha-"

The door flew open and there stood a tanned, skinny girl, with limp curly blonde hair, which didn't look like it had been washed. The girl was gorgeous, with a lightly tanned face, with a natural light pink blush, with gray-coloured eyes.

"MARTHA?" The girl, Marina, threw herself into Martha's arms. When they had a moment to hold each other, Martha held the thin weak girl at arms length.

"Wow, you've gotten thin. Ova told me, you know. Marina, you've got to take care of yourself, you're beautiful, don't let anyone tell you other wise!"

Marina nodded, before noticing that there was a very attractive man in a suit stood there, awkwardly putting his weight on his right foot, then his left, and then his right. She may have 'problems' but her teenage hormones haven't stopped working. Martha saw what Marina was looking at.

"Marina Gould, meet John Smith, we're…best friends" She smiled fondly at the man, and he grinned back.

"Yep!" And then he turned to the teenager, noticing she was just a few centimetres short of Martha. "Ova also told me, and you really need to eat Marina. This isn't good for you. I've seen so many people die because of anorexia." Marina flinched but nodded feebly. The Doctor smiled at her, making her lightly blush and her heart to flutter.

"So, how long are you planning to stay here?" Martha asked the girl, as they all sat on her pale blue double bed, The Doctor making himself at home in the pillows, feet out in front of him, arms folded, glasses still on.

"I don't know really, I mean, I'm 17 now, and there's no way I can get the money to get my own place, and no one wants a troubled child." Her face dropped. But Martha's lit up.

"We can adopt you!"

"WHAT?" The Doctor and Marina said at once, looking at Martha.

"Come on Do- John, we have the money, we can take her on our road trip! Besides, would you rather she stays here? Alone and troubled?" Martha guilt tripped, and Marina, wanting out of the Dump as everyone so fondly calls it, put her puppy face on and looked at John. He shook his head and sighed.


"Thank you!" Martha kissed his cheek, blushing.


When all the papers were signed, and all of her stuff was packed and she had said her goodbyes to the other kids, with a sneer from Ella, who was too busy giving The Doctor 'bed eyes' as Marina had called them.

"What are 'bed eyes'?" He asked when they had turned the corner, on their way to the TARDIS, unknown to Marina. Martha giggled at the question and looked at Marina, who for once, had a genuine smile on her face.

"It's when a woman, or man, gives the person of their…sexual interests seductive and…inviting looks, to get them to... have sex" She blushed harder "With them"

Martha burst into laughter when The Doctor grimaced and made an 'err' noise.

"But she was…ERR!" The two girls giggled. Then, they stopped in front of a box. The TARDIS.

"Ah, cool! A blue box!" Marina said, walking around the seemingly small police box.

But when the Doctor got some key's out of his pocket and opened it and went in, Martha following, Marina laughed.

"You live in an old police box?" She asked, but nether the less, followed them in, and gasped.

"What the hell!" She looked around the place in awe. "But it was small! And now it's…" She opened her arms wide, muttering to herself as she wondered around the control panel.

"Welcome to the TARDIS Miss. Marina Gould. This handy little big machine allows me and whoever else accompanies me, to travel through time! The future, the past and the present, but that's boring."

Marina looked at him.

"Prove it." She stated, smirking, whilst folding her arms.

"I will, after we fatten you up. Come on!" He dragged both of them to the kitchen area. Still wary of them both.

He'd come to the conclusion that he could never get close to another girl or woman.

He lose's everyone he loves.

But Marina Alexandra Gould was making it hard for him to keep a distance.


Chapter one done!