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Chapter 4-

Their lips were wrenched apart, and Marina's hair was pulled back, just as she felt a cold, icy wind go past her face. They both turned, and there, stood a tall blonde woman, with wild curly hair, which reached the shoulders of her black trench coat.

"You could have got yourselves killed; don't you know that you're supposed to check for monsters before deciding to have a bit of a pop at each other?" The woman smirked, and before anyone could say anything, a deafening screech rang out through the alley way, and Martha quickly attempted to join them, having seen them through the shop window, stopped in shock. The Doctor and Marina, having seen Martha stop in shock, trained their eyes to see where she was looking, and when they saw what had Martha so transfixed, they wished they hadn't looked.

A large, spider like creature, with sharp pincers and a human head, had stuck itself onto the alley wall. The creature's lower body was that of an orange spider, whereas the top half was that of a human male. Venom streamed out of its mouth and down its spidery body. The creature breathed in, and aimed some venom towards The Doctor.

The venom missed by an inch and landed on a cat, which froze into place, very much like an ice age creature that has been encased in ice.

"So that's what the cold wind was." Marina stated, broken out of her stupor. "What should we do?" She continued.

"There's only one thing we can do, and that's save Henry Moore." The woman spoke gravely, as if Henry was all ready dead. The woman tightened the red belt on her black trench coat and broke into a run, the sound of her black boots echoed off the walls. The sound and movement distracted the spider, and it followed her, the light taps of the tips of its legs could be heard faintly, as it screeched once more.

"Go! Find somewhere safe! I know how to handle this!" She shouted from the street, and The Doctor and Marina ran into the jewellery shop, slamming the door behind them.

"What was that?" Martha asked, rushing over to see if they were okay.

"That, was a Humanum Araneae, comes from the English 'Human Spider'. They have the ability to freeze potential meals with their venom. As you saw there."

"Anyway to kill it?" Marina asked, pushing her bangs out of her face. The not-really-kiss had been embarrassing, especially knowing a huge spider was watching.

"We have to make it digest its own skin." The woman had returned, her hair more frazzled, the blonde strands poking out at all angles, framing her head like the rays of the sun.

"Sorry, who are you?" Martha inquired, taking note of the chunky high-heels and beautiful jewellery.

"Call me River, River Song. Me and The Doctor know each other." She smiled, casting a look towards The Doctor. But, Marina noted, it didn't look like a smile, more of a smirk, as if she'd won something.

But The Doctor didn't look like he had any recognition of her. He kept muttering her name under his breath, as if testing it out on his lips.

"Right." Marina dryly commented. "So, how are we going to do this?"

That had them stumped. Even the all-to-smug River Song couldn't think of anything. All they could think of, collectively, was that they needed to get close enough to get a scrap of skin, and then place the flap inside the next victim. The skin was toxic to all other Humanum Araneae, but it was fine with all other animals and plants.

But who was the next victim?


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