Dragon Ball NG Chapter 63: Victory or Death

Chitsu woke back up the next morning. Gosu was right next to her in his bed, with his back facing her. He was muttering some nonsense about food in his sleep and rolled over on his back. Chitsu smiled and got off of the bed. She looked down at Gosu and sighed. He always looks so peaceful when he's sleeping…

Not really caring if he woke up or not, Chitsu leaned forward and kissed on the forehead. Gosu instinctively jerked his head back, but otherwise didn't wake up, getting a giggle from Chitsu. She walked out of the room, to the surprise of Junsei, who was eating breakfast at the kitchen table.

"Chitsu, what are you doing here?" He asked curiously.

Chitsu's throat tightened. Dammit, dammit, dammit! "Uh…" She said through a nervous laugh.

Junsei gave her a cheeky grin. "Don't tell me you and Gosu…"

"NO!" She furiously shouted, her face a deep shade of red. "We slept in the same bed, but nothing happened."

"Whatever…" Junsei said casually, not really believing Chitsu. She let out an indignant huff and stormed out of the room before Krillin woke up.

Gosu came out from his room, wiping the snot from his eyes. "Jeez, why is Chitsu always yelling so fucking loud…" He muttered.

Junsei shot right up to him and elbowed him in the shoulder. "Gosu, you lucky bastard, you! I see you and Chitsu finally, y'know…"

Gosu yawned. "I wish. We just slept all night. Believe me, if we did anything I'd be bragging."

"Yeah, I guess so." Junsei replied. His expression became tenser. "So…are you ready for the fight."

Gosu smirked. "Hell yeah! I'll kick Hojiro's ass six ways from Sunday!" Gosu said confidently.

Junsei playfully slapped Gosu on the shoulder. "I expect nothing less."

Gosu nodded and went to the bathroom to wash up and take a shower. Krillin slowly approached the kitchen from his room.

"So today's the big day." He said.

"Yeah; this is sure to be one helluva fight." Junsei replied.

Krillin turned to the bathroom door that Gosu just closed and gazed at it. He was apprehensive about the fight, as he knew that under Kama's eye, Hojiro would have no bounds as to what he would do to Gosu in the fight. The old master was fearful that this fight might descend into kill or be killed territory. Gosu…be ready for anything he throws at you.

A few minutes later, Gosu came out of the bathroom, squeaky clean and in his signature white sleeveless shirt and puffy blue pants. Krillin walked up to him. "Gosu, I've been meaning to ask you something – where did you learn the Solar Flare from?"

Gosu's head tilted upwards and he raised a finger to his chin as he tried to recall the encounter. "Hmm…OH YEAH! It was this weird guy; he had three eyes." Krillin's head jerked back and he raised a curious eyebrow. "But that wasn't even the weirdest part about him. He had short blue hair, and was normally a nice guy, but whenever he would sneeze – which was an awful lot – his hair would turn blonde and he'd turn into a fucking maniac!"

Krillin's eyes widened upon realization of just who that guy was. Tien Shinhan, you sly devil! I guess you couldn't resist Launch any further! That guy must be one of his descendants!

"Do you know of him, Krillin?" Gosu asked.

"Well, by the way you described him, he sounds like the great-great-great-whatever Grandson of an old friend of mine who I 'stole' the Solar Flare technique from." Krillin replied.

"Oh wow, that's cool!" Gosu remarked.

Krillin gave Gosu a stern look. "Now, Gosu, are you sure you're ready?"

Gosu nodded grunted affirmatively. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

Krillin responded evenly and left the room. Gosu turned to Junsei's room. "Hey, Junsei, are you ready?" He called out.

As if on cue, Junsei hopped out of the room. "Yeah, now let's go."

The two fighters walked out of the room and out of the hotel. They approached the tournament temple, where their group of friends were waiting for them. They all gave Gosu the usual questions pertaining to how prepared he was. Gosu shrugged most of them off and walked into the temple, where he looked around. He found one room that made him laugh in amusement. Just three years prior, he had gone to that same room before the final round and rather than mentally preparing for the fight…he smoked a blunt and almost missed it altogether! Gosu shook his head and continued walking, and suddenly, in a flash, Retasu appeared before him. Gosu stepped back and eyed him curiously.


"Son." Retasu cut in. "You are aware that Hojiro will most likely be going after your life, correct?" He asked tersely.

Gosu nodded. "Yeah."

"Hn. And I'm assuming you're fully prepared for the worst?" He asked.

Gosu looked at his rival apprehensively. "Yes…" He said, his voice shaky.

"You're nervous." Retasu scoffed. "Hn. Typical. He'll chew you up and spit you out with that attitude."

Gosu growled at Retasu, but didn't do anything further than that. Retasu grunted and walked past him. Gosu looked over his shoulder at him before turning back around and walking behind him. Gosu could feel it; Retasu wasn't confident in him. Gosu shook his head to get any negative thoughts out, but it was a lingering feeling that he didn't like at all. Sighing, Gosu followed him outside, although to his simultaneous surprise and expectation, Retasu jumped off to the side to avoid socializing. Gosu joined his friends, and turned to see Kansho, with a cast around his arm, walking to the group. He was accompanied by Yakimo.

Panko was the first to speak up. "Glad to see you're out of the hospital bed." He turned to his younger brother. "…I almost forgot you existed."


Everyone laughed nervously; somewhere, a fourth wall was developing cracks. Aaaaaaanyway, some guy wearing a white gi and black pants approached the group. He looked to be in a bout his late 40s/early 50s, with short, shoulder length hair that was a dark shade of gray. Nobody recognized him. Well, nobody besides Gosu.

"Dimsum!" Gosu exclaimed.

"I knew you'd see me somewhere around here!" He said through a laugh. Gosu walked up to him and shook his hand.

"So what brings you here?" Gosu asked.

"It's the finals of the World Martial Arts Tournament – I had to see it!" He replied.

Dimsum. That name rang a bell to Krillin. And no, not because of the food implications. "Dimsum…aren't you some martial arts expert?"

"Oh, so you must be the great Master Krillin!" He said. He walked up to the hermit and bowed in respect. "It is an honor to meet you."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot to introduce you guys – this is Dimsum. He was a sparring buddy during my training." Gosu explained. "He's helped me refine a lot of my attacks."

Dimsum nodded. "Indeed. Gosu's quite the firecracker, but he's a fantastic fighter."

Gosu scratched the back of his head and laughed. "Well, anyway, I'm hungry. How about we eat some lunch!"

A few moments later, the group set up multiple tables, including separate ones for Gosu, Trunks, Bulma (remember, this Bulma's part Sai-WHOOPS HOLY SHIT SPOILERRIFIC MY FAULT, READERS) and Goshen. Everyone finished their meals quickly, although Gosu wanted seconds.

"Man, I can go for another round. Anyone else?" Gosu asked.

Everyone else ignored him and got up. "Well, we're gonna go look for seats." Chitsu said.

Tori pulled out a gun. "Lucky for you guys, I'm packin' heat. That's the best persuasion for gettin' good seats!"

Most of the group laughed nervously before turning around and heading for the ring area. Gosu felt a rumbling in his stomach, and a *ahem*…pain in his backside. "Oh God, I think I overdid it a little" he groaned. He hopped out of his seat and stormed to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Hojiro, Zakai, and Master Kama walked to the temple. "This is what we have been waiting for, Hojiro. Do you remember your mission?" Kama sternly asked.

Hojiro nodded. "Yes, master." He said, with a hint of apprehension in his voice. He still wasn't sure about what to think about Kama after Retasu's words. Sure, common logic told him Retasu was just full of shit, but still…he couldn't shake this uncomfortable feeling he had while being in his presence at the moment.

Hojiro took a deep breath. "I'm going to one of the rooms to meditate." He said before turning around and walking to the temple.

Kama turned his attention to one of the tables laid out. He had seen Gosu running from it moments earlier out of the corner of his eye. A sudden plan came to his head, one he was sure would be brilliant. He looked down at Zakai. "Hey, do you have one of the Haijin pills with you?"

Zakai shuffled through his pocket and found a bottle. He pulled it from his pocket and held it up to his master. It was a standard orange bottle of pills. "Yup, here it is."

"Excellent…" Kama said with a gleam in his eyes. "Drop one of them in Gosu's cup. Do it with haste!"

Zakai nodded and opened up the bottle. Using his telekinetic powers, he raised one of the pills up and shot it directly into Gosu's drink. The pill dissolved, mixing its contents with Gosu's drink. A devious smirk came to Kama's face and he laughed sinisterly.

"Perfect. Gosu won't come out of this day alive now…"

Gosu came back from the bathroom and took a seat back at the table. He took a gulp of his glass of water without a second thought, and didn't seem to notice anything peculiar. Just as expected.

The pill should take a while to kick in…hopefully right in the middle of the fight so he can be hit with a sudden sense of hopelessness! Kama wickedly said to himself.

As Hojiro was walking to one of the rooms, he bumped into Retasu. The two stared intensely at each other for a few moments; Hojiro wasn't quite sure what to say at the moment, so he instead simply grunted and walked to his destination. Retasu shook his head and walked away, where he ran into Tamana.

"Oh, Retasu, I was wondering where you were." She said.


Tamana rolled her eyes. "I just wanted to see what you were up to. Are you gonna see the fight?"


Tamana smiled. "Well, I guess I'll be seeing you around!" She said as she went to the ringside area.


Retasu saw Trunks, Junsei, and Goshen heading to the temple, likely watching the fight from there. Retasu shrugged. Figuring that they had the best seats in the house, Retasu turned back to the temple and followed them. The crowd was all gathered up by now, and from the sound of it, they were restless, anxiously awaiting the final fight. The ring and the surrounding area was all fixed up from the fight the previous day, to boot.

The announcer stepped into the ring, mic in hand, and raised it high above his head. Swinging it back to jaw, he began his introduction. "Well, fans, at last; the moment of truth is finally here! The final fight, the main event, the war to determine who will be…THE STRONGEST UNDER THE HEAVENS!"

The crowd roared in anticipation. Hojiro, overhearing the announcement, took that as his cue to get up and to the ring. He left and as he walked down the hall, Gosu walked in as well. He shot Hojiro an intense look before nodding at Trunks and Goshen and walking down the stone trail to the ring. Hojiro was right next to him, taking each small step to where their battle would be waged.

"Son Gosu has become a fan favorite of the tournament! He made a spectacular showing last tournament, where, for what he lacked in technique, he made up for in pure brawling and street smarts!" The announcer explained. "Though he didn't win the final round, he more than made an impact! He's shown a marked improvement throughout this year's tournament, and even triumphed the previous winner, Junsei, yesterday evening in the semi-finals!"

Chitsu felt prideful on Gosu's behalf. That's my Gosu… She said with a confident smirk. She blushed at how affectionate of him she had been getting lately.

"And then there's Hojiro, who once again proves that you don't necessarily have to be nice to make your mark as a martial artist. He has rampaged through this tournament, leaving both of his opponents critically injured!"

Kansho scowled. "Kick his ass, Gosu…" He hissed.

Retasu's eye twitched, as he didn't want to be reminded of his defeat.

The two stepped into the ring, walking to opposite sides of the structure.

"And now, these two will meet to determine the new world champion! This will surely be a fight for the ages!"

The crowd cheered loudly. All eyes were on these two warriors. Some were on Hojiro's side, others on Gosu. They knew they were in for a brutal battle.

Hojiro and Gosu stared each other down. One of the monks began pounding on a drum to signal the beginning of the fight. With each banging of the drum, the anticipation of battle increased for the two black haired fighters. The rhythm became faster as they both seemed to be trying to attack the other with just their eyes alone. Everyone invested into the fight – Gosu's friends, Kama and Zakai, Retasu - leaned forward, all with different things on their mind. This was the moment of truth for Gosu – he knew what Hojiro was ultimately going for in this fight – it was either Victory, or Death. However, what he didn't know was how uneasy Hojiro truly was.


A sound of a loud gong shaking set the fight in motion. Both fighters crouched down and leapt forward. With the same move on their minds, they pulled their fists back, and aimed a punch at the other. Unsurprisingly, their fists crashed into each other rather than connecting with a body part and inflicting excruciating pain. They repeated the same motion with their opposite hands, and received the same result. Gosu switched things up, aiming his elbow right at Hojiro's face, but the long haired fighter jumped up and over his head, appearing behind him. Gosu moved just in time to dodge the furious kick aimed right at the back of his head and landed the first blow, sneaking a punch right to his opponent's chest.

Hojiro took a defensive step back and clutched his chest, feeling a sharp pain rising in it. However, he shook it off and came roaring right back at Gosu, throwing a punch at him that would've beheaded any average human. Gosu raised a palm to block his fist, but was taken aback by the stinging sensation he still felt regardless; Hojiro's punch had a considerable amount of strength behind it, and it would've been bad news if he let it hit his face. Hojiro swung the forearm of his free hand at Gosu's face, but the palm-tree haired fighter bent back to avoid it. Gosu swung back up, intending to land a headbutt, but instead of feeling Hojiro's forehead, he was instead rocked by the force of the man's knee connecting with his jaw. Gosu jumped back and rubbed at the afflicted area, feeling the salty taste of blood rising in his mouth. Gosu spat out a wad of the crimson liquid and crouched into a fighting stance, as if he was unfazed.

Both fighters once again lunged at each other, but this time, they weren't planning on landing just one single shot. They both furiously unleashed a rain of punches and kicks on each other. They failed to make any significant contact, though the whirlwind of attacks was enough to leave the crowd slackjawed as they tried to follow them. Trunks, Retasu, Krillin, Dimsum, and others could see them, but even they saw nothing but blurs.

The sequence was abruptly cut short when Hojiro landed a roundhouse kick to Gosu's face. Gosu was knocked back by the force but nonetheless remained on his feet. He looked up and saw Hojiro's fist headed right to his face; he didn't have time to dodge this one! The last thing he could do was let one of those brutal punches hit him dead-on, so doing the only thing that felt logical to him, Gosu whipped his tail out and wrapped it around Hojiro's arm. Hojiro gasped in confusion, almost completely forgetting about the furry appendage that may as well have been an extra limb. Before he even had time to assess the monkey wrench (har har), he was violently swung forward by the tail and hit with a brutal knee to the jaw, as Gosu returned the favor from earlier. Gosu unwrapped his tail from Hojiro's arm and, to add salt to wound, slapped Hojiro right in the face with it.

The strike stung, but was nothing compared to a regular punch. However, the attack had a different effect on Hojiro, one that wasn't in Gosu's favor. Hojiro glared at the monkey-like warrior with pure rage over the insulting, mocking gesture. Letting out a furious growl, Hojiro grabbed Gosu's tail and swiftly swung him forward before landing a brutal knee right to his stomach. His anxiety over the fight was gone; Hojiro now wanted Gosu's blood for being belittled like that. Gosu tried to loosen his tail from the death grip Hojiro had on it, but his resistance was futile. Hojiro viciously punched Goku in the face, and just in case the message wasn't clear, he did it again, and once more. Hojiro hoisted his opponent up and then swung him around like a lasso, amazing the crowd with how effortlessly he was handling Gosu. Hojiro tossed Gosu into the air and jumped up, reaching a height a few feet above him. Raising both of his hands in the air, he clenched them together and furiously slammed them into Gosu's stomach, sending him crashing down to the surface of the ring.

However, that wasn't enough to satiate Hojiro's anger. Before Gosu even hit the stone surface, Hojiro forcefully grabbed him by his gravity defying hair and delivered a knee to his now aching stomach. Gosu hacked up blood from the impact. He was released from the tight grip that Hojiro had on his hair, but rather than sinking to his knees on the ring surface, he was hit with a punch before he even had a chance to. Hojiro unleashed a deadly shower of punches on the poor warrior, smirking in satisfaction as he heard the sweet sound of the foolish fighter's bones crunching with each debilitating blow. Chitsu turned her head away, not wanting to see the attack. Master Kama on the other hand, smirked approvingly. Excellent work, Hojiro!

Hojiro finished off the assault with a staggering kick to Gosu's shoulder, sending him flying right into one of the stone barricades of temple! It broke into a pile of rubble, leaving the palm tree haired warrior laying beneath it. Hojiro laughed callously before folding his arms across his chest.

"That should teach you not to be angry, you fool!" He indignantly shouted.

"Oh my, Gosu has discovered just why you never want to get on Hojiro's bad side! Our Dark Horse fighter just may have ended this fight early!"

The announcer began his count. "1…"

Retasu tensely watched as the count went on. Hojiro's assault definitely was lethal…


…"Wow, Gosu may very well have been beaten, there!" Trunks said…


Chitsu clenched her hands together. "C'mon, Gosu…"


Now, the only thing left is for Hojiro to end his miserable life… Kama thought.


Dimsum felt a bead of sweat slide down his head. He never saw Gosu get beat up like that before…


Like Gosu had done so many times in the past at these tournaments, he leapt right back up from the heap of rubble as if he was unharmed. Even though his appearance, now rife with bruises, cuts, and dirt, showed he was anything but, Hojiro and everyone else was still shocked at his tenacity.

Gosu, with his signature goofy grin etched across his face, let out a relieved sigh and wiped off his forehead. "Whew! That hurt like a bitch! Guess it wasn't an idea to piss you off like that!"

Gosu started doing stretches to ease his muscles. Hojiro could only stand there with his mouth gaped open, not knowing what to say at Gosu prancing around as if he didn't just get the holy hell beat out of him.

Kama's face tensed up, but then he remembered the poison coursing through Gosu and how it would be taking effect any minute now. Any resistance Gosu put up would be useless in the long run. Kama's lips curled back into a smirk as he snickered to himself.

"B-but how…" Hojiro asked breathlessly.

"Oh, I wasn't really trying for the last, oh…five minutes." Gosu said, as if he were just explaining a cooking recipe.

Collective gasps could be heard from the audience. Even Krillin had to do a double take. "Man, Gosu, what are you made of?"

Retasu couldn't help but snicker at the declaration. That idiot really was something.

"You lie!" Hojiro shouted back.

"Well, what else can I say? I'm not bluffing." Gosu said innocently.

Hojiro smirked. "Well, then, how about you get serious?"

Gosu replied evenly. "Oh, don't worry, I will…"

Hojiro made the first move, flying at Gosu. He tried to kick him, but the attack went through him instead. Hojiro scowled, knowing it was that blasted afterimage technique. He turned around and saw Gosu standing right across from him. Hojiro clenched his fist tightly and swung it at him, but was met with the same outcome. Looking up, Hojiro could see Gosu flying down at him from the sky, ready to attack. When Gosu got close enough, he slammed his fists down…only for the attack to go through Hojiro!

Dammit, he's using his own after-image!

Gosu looked around, looking for any sign of Hojiro. He was startled when the man appeared right in front of him, ready to attack. He swung his leg up, looking to land a deadly kick, but was once again only hitting an afterimage! Hojiro growled in frustration before being rocked by a kick that hit him right in the spine! Hojiro hit the ground shoulder first and rolled over on his back, trying to ease the pain of the kick. He had felt many kicks before, but that one really hurt.

"And now Gosu has Hojiro down! 1…2…3…4…fi-"

Hojiro got up to his feet. His legs were shaky, but his face was still deadly serious. He charged at Gosu, but he jumped up into the air and went for a kick right at his face. Hojiro jumped backwards, but then sprung forward to deliver a crushing elbow right to Gosu's shoulder! Gosu instinctively clenched his hurt body part, leaving him open for the punch that hit him right in the stomach! Before Gosu even hit the ground, Hojiro kicked him right across the face! Gosu hit the ground, although he managed to stumble right back up to his feet, though he heard an annoying ringing in his ears. He slapped his forehead to shake the feeling out before going right back on the attack.

They both ran at each other and threw every punch and kick out that was in their arsenal. They were desperately trying to knock the other down, delivering brutal attack after brutal attack. To the audience, it was like watching a bunch of blurs. Gosu managed to get the upper hand this time, landing a punch that hit Hojiro right on the base of his nose! He followed that up with a kick straight to the chin, the force of which lifted Hojiro a few feet off of the ring. With a burst of Ki, Gosu used an invisible Kiai blast to send Hojiro flying straight up to the sky. To finish the lethal combo off, Gosu curled up into a ball and began spinning…

Everyone knew what attack was coming next. However, there was something different about it this time. In addition to spinning rapidly like a ball, Gosu was now glowing with a bright blue light. Krillin and the others could feel his Ki increasing.


Gosu launched into the air at breakneck speed and hit Hojiro head-on in the chest! Hojiro screamed in pain; he knew that attack was going to be painful, but this was much different. The added inclusion of his Ki made the impact much worse for him, and the heat. It felt like his chest was being scorched! Gosu spun back and then drove himself into Hojiro's chest again, and with even greater force! The impact caused Hojiro to fly up even higher in the sky than he already was! Gosu uncurled from his ball and descended to the ring. Arrogantly wiping his finger under his nose, Gosu looked up with a smirk on his face.

"Absolutely amazing! Gosu's reliable and crowd pleasing Pinball Attack has sent Hojiro somewhere thousands of feet up top!"

"He just keeps enhancing that stupid ass attack." Junsei snickered.

Gosu could see a figure falling from the sky. His smirk widened when he got a better look at him and saw it was Hojiro. He hit the ring with a loud thud and sprawled out on the floor. The fighter appeared unconscious, so the announcer began his count.


…Chitsu was almost ready to declare victory…


…Trunks, Junsei, and Goshen all cheered on…


…Kama hoped Hojiro would get up…


…as he needed to tough it out long enough for that damn pill to kick in…


…Dimsum and Krillin looked at Hojiro with a watchful eye…


…Retasu had the same suspicion as the older fighters…


…and that was that Hojiro was much tougher than this…


Hojiro slowly wobbled up to his feet before the announcer could even say "9!" His breathing was heavy, and his chest was still burning from that last attack. He looked at Gosu and growled in contempt. This guy…he was such a goof. He used silly attacks like the pinball thing and walked around with that stupid tail like he was a walking circus act. And yet…his strength betrayed the goofy persona he let on. His technique and strength were excellent.

"Yeah, I knew that wouldn't be enough…" Gosu muttered.

Hojiro smirked and phased out of sight. Gosu's eyes widened as he tried to get a feel for where his opponent was, but no dice. Hojiro suddenly reappeared right behind him and wrapped his large arm right around the smaller fighter's neck! Gosu could feel his breath shortening, and he tried to jerk his way out of Hojiro's grip. He attempted to drive an elbow into his stomach, but Hojiro shifted to the left and then drilled him with a knee right to his spine! Then, Hojiro floated up a few inches above ground and fell back so he was floating horizontally in the air. Releasing his grip from Gosu's neck, he lifted both of his legs up and slammed them right into Gosu's back, sending him high up in the sky!

Snickering, Hojiro launched himself in the air to follow him, yet something was wrong – Gosu wasn't in his line of sight! Hojiro frantically looked around for the wild haired opponent, but it was only the sound of his voice that let him know where he was…

"OVER HERE!" He shouted, his voice booming from high above. Hojiro looked up and growled, but saw him raise both hands to his face…


Hojiro shielded his eyes from the horrific flash of light. Gosu took advantage and spiraled straight down to him, hoping to land a deadly attack. However, he was shocked out of wits when he saw Hojiro disappear again! Gosu stopped in mid-air, having no clue where he was.

"But h-"

Before he could even complete his question, he was hit with a Ki blast right in the back! The heat from the blast tore a small hole in Gosu's shirt as he fell to the floor. When the bright light faded, the spectators were shocked to see that it was Gosu who was sprawled out on the floor rather than Hojiro.

"For those who didn't see, Hojiro managed to dodge one of his Gosu's attacks and hit him with a Ki blast. Amazing how he did that without even being able to see!" The announcer explained.

Hojiro descended to the ring with an arrogant smirk on his face. "I guess you didn't see that coming, huh?"

Gosu slowly got back up and wobbled around a bit. His back was stinging and his head hurt from his fall. "How did you…?"

"Simple: I just followed your Ki. I wouldn't let a temporary loss of vision shake my composure." He boasted.

Gosu smirked. "I see…"

Gosu crouched into a fighting stance, but felt something strange. He felt an unnatural pain in his head, one that was causing him to feel dizzy just for standing up. Gosu shook it off and leapt at Hojiro. However, he couldn't muster all of the strength he intended to put behind the blow. It was too slow, allowing Hojiro to easily dodge it. Gosu growled and tried to kick him, but once again was to slow and Hojiro ducked to avoid it. He jumped up and hit Gosu right in the jaw with a punch.

Gosu stumbled back and growled again. Shit! I can't be getting exhausted already!

Hojiro came running right at him and threw a rapid volley of punches at Gosu, and while Gosu was keeping up and dodging them, it felt like the more he did so, the dizzier he would get. It was starting to become difficult to keep up, and now the pain his head was starting to reach his limbs, as well. Gosu lifted his arm up to dodge a wayward kick, but his arm felt very stiff as he did so. The kick hit his forearm, and it felt like it was going to crumble from the force.

"What the hell…?" He muttered.

Hojiro nailed a punch right to his stomach. Gosu managed to stay on his toes, but it took all of his strength to do so. Krillin and the others noticed how hard of a time Gosu was having. Kama, on the other hand, was elated.

It must be kicking in…!

Gosu hobbled around, trying to keep his balance. He ran at Hojiro, but at a slower speed than usual; he felt like he was going to fall down as he did it. Hojiro scowled at him.

"That little playing possum trick you used on Junsei won't work on me!" He sneered.

"What?" Gosu asked in confusion.

Hojiro wasn't the only one who suspected it. Retasu, Trunks, Goshen, Krillin, and especially Junsei thought he was once again trying to fool Hojiro into thinking he had the advantage. Hojiro punched Gosu right in the face, the force of it causing Gosu's head to swing to the side. Gosu very nearly fell from the attack. He furiously charged at Hojiro and attempted to punch him, but it took almost all of his strength to do it. Gosu's head was drenched in sweat, and he felt a shortness of breath. Hojiro ignored it, figuring it was an act and kicked Gosu in the face.

"GET SERIOUS!" He demanded.

Gosu growled and tried to hit Hojiro with a swipe of the forearm, but it was read easily and his opponent jumped back to avoid it.

"You're in a life or death battle and you're once again playing your silly games? Unbelievable." He said in contempt.

"Dammit, I'm not…" Gosu tried to walk to his opponent, but he felt like his energy was being zapped from him. He was stumbling around as he walked, panting heavily. Why is this happening?

Hojiro backhanded Gosu hard across the face. "Cease these stupid games!"

The attack only made Gosu weaker. He attempted to jump at Hojiro, but fell right back down before he even had a chance to get close. Kama held back his urge to laugh. It's working!

Zakai didn't feel as happy about it. He could tell that Hojiro was getting angry at having to fight Gosu when he was so weak. Krillin could feel something strange going on with Gosu's Ki.

"I don't think this is an act, guys…" He said.

The others blinked and turned to Krillin. Dimsum agreed. "Yeah, there's something wrong with his Ki."

"But what…?" Chitsu asked.

Gosu looked up at Hojiro, but his vision was betraying him. The image of Hojiro and the arena became blurry, and he felt a weakness in him that threatened to cause his limbs to crumble. Gosu clenched his teeth together and tried to walk to Hojiro again, but as soon as he took a single step, his leg buckled beneath him and he fell one knee.

"What's going on…" He rasped.

Hojiro raised an eyebrow. He could feel the strange feeling that Krillin and the others were sensing. Something was definitely wrong; his weakness wasn't just an act this time. "Gosu, wha-"

Gosu tried to spring back up, but fell face first to the ground. He tried to move his arms around to help get up, yet they weren't responding at all.

"It appears that Gosu has lost his ability to even move…" The announcer said.

Chitsu's eyes fluttered in concern. "What's wrong?"

"Something's paralyzed him…" Krillin replied.

This is perfect! Now, kill him, Hojiro! Kama said to himself. Everything had fallen into place for him. Now that the pill kicked in, Gosu was absolutely powerless. There was only one step left…

Hojiro tried to figure out what was wrong with Gosu. These effects…he recognized them. A sudden realization hit both he and Retasu. They both knew of only one thing that could zap away Gosu's movement like that!

"Well, let's give Gosu the benefit of a doubt. If he doesn't get up by the count of ten, the match will be ended." The announcer declared.


Hojiro looked over at Kama…


…from the devious smile on his face, he knew his suspicions had been confirmed…


That bastard…Kama must be behind this… Retasu thought…


Gosu has been afflicted by the Haijin pill, which has left him unable to move! With him not being able to get up, the ending of the fight seems to be guaranteed. Will the wild-haired warrior find a way to get out of this mess? Find out on the next Dragon Ball NG!