When You Crack…

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"Why does God hate me?" Sasuke asked looking out the window of his room to the street below. Everything was covered in snow, all the cars that were parked on the streets were blocked in and the weather report he got from his phone everyday had informed him that due to heavy snow last night (snow that was still falling mind you) people were advised to stay indoors. Apparently all the roads were closed.

And that meant Suigetsu, who was still here, couldn't leave anytime in the near future.

"He doesn't hate you." Suigetsu replied reaching around the smaller male's waist and pulled the brunette against his chest. "He just really loves me…today."

Sasuke glared a little and pushed Suigetsu off him walking away to rather flop back down on his bed and stare at the ceiling.

"So what exactly are we gonna do? I figure you're parents won't appreciate me spending the night without permission…"

"It's not my parents who worry me." Sasuke interrupted with a sigh. "My Dad won't give a shit one way or the other and my Mom would probably laugh and poke fun at me. It's my brother who worries me."

"Why? He didn't seem too bad." Suigetsu commented.

"If Itachi knew you were here, and that you stayed here, and that you even touched me let alone looked at me in the way you constantly do and are doing right now mind you…" He added making Suigetsu stop using his 'hi I'm lusting for you' looks that he was unconsciously doing. "He would murder you in the most gruesome way possible."

"Great to know you care about my life." Suigetsu replied trying to figure out if everyone in the family was that violent?

"Not really, but I figure he'd probably kill me next. And even if he didn't I'm not necessarily fond of the idea of my brother going to jail."

"I don't know if I want to be here anymore…" The silver haired male commented.

"Sucks to be you. Unless you wanna just leave your car and walk home in that snow." Sasuke replied looking back up at the ceiling.

Suigetsu smirked and hoped up not only on the bed, but on the Uchiha as well. "Aw, it's almost as if you want me to stay." He commented blocking his view of the ceiling which Sasuke was actually enjoying looking at so he ended up glaring a little at those lavender eyes. "Not that I mind."

"Of course not." He drawled out propping himself up on his elbows. "Off."

"Sorry, I wasn't well trained, so I don't understand what you want me to do."

"Well, you could get off me, or I could get you off me." Sasuke offered.

"Wrong answer. You should've said: 'well, you could get me off, or I'll get you off.'" Suigetsu answered leaning forward a little. "But I could give you a consolation prize."

The silver haired male then closed the space between them kissing Sasuke again. The momentary shock caused Sasuke to fall back onto the bed. But he recovered quickly and was kissing back despite himself. Suigetsu wasted no time in getting his tongue in the smaller male's mouth forcing their faces even closer for a deepened kiss that even the apathetic Sasuke seemed desperate for.

He opened his lavender eyes slowly to see the scene beneath him. There Sasuke was eyes closed kissing back feverishly with his hair disheveled and the top button to his pajama cloths about ready to undo itself. He decided to help it out and snapped the button open with one hand while his other moved underneath Sasuke's body to pull him closer.

Sasuke didn't bother pretending to care about that and arched his back helping the silver haired male in getting ever more contact with him. Pale hands moved to his chest pushing him off but Sasuke's followed along not letting their lips break apart just yet. When they'd gotten into a sitting position finally they broke apart for a breath. It was silent for a moment say for the sound of their panting. Suigetsu recovered first moving to sit against the headboard pulling the ebony haired male with him turning him around so that they were facing each other and pulled Sasuke onto his lap having the smaller male straddle him.

They were kissing again the moment the Uchiha looked up. Sasuke shifted a little at the uncomfortable feel of a bulge against his ass from where he'd been seated but that only served to force his over bulge to brush against it. He let out a small moan into the lavender eyed male's mouth to which Suigetsu opened his eyes again.

He smirked suddenly and moved his hips to grind against him earning a growl/grunt/moan.

There were some knocks on the door that caused them to suddenly stop and look at the door. They didn't even notice someone approaching.

"Sasuke-chan!" A female voice called through the door suddenly and the knob was being turned. Faster then probably humanly possible, cause Uchiha's were just special like that. Sasuke had hoped out of the Hozuki's lap ran across the room and stopped the door from opening. At the same time Suigetsu slipped off the bed and slid under it with the expertise of someone who was a manwhore. Well if the shoe fits…

"Mom! I'm changing." Sasuke called back.

"Huh? Sorry, honey I thought you were asleep. Hey, when you get done come downstairs okay?"

"Yea." Sasuke replied.

He waited by the door until his Mother's footsteps faded away and this time he locked it. Why didn't he think to do that last night?

Sasuke looked back over at the direction Suigetsu was at to find the silver haired male already out from under the bed and advancing towards him. "Do you want me to finish you so that you can go down there?" Suigetsu asked smirking at him.

The brunette glared at him before kicking him in the shin and heading to the bathroom that was adjoined to his room. He shut and locked the door without another word. After a few minutes Suigetsu could hear the water running. He smirked at that before flopping down on Sasuke's bed turning his attention to the ceiling.

He just loved messing with Sasuke.

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