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Hotaru's POV

Five years ago I left for Alice Academy. I left Mikan my best friend. She use to send cards but it stopped two years after. What happened Mikan? Then our homeroom teacher Narumi came in wearing a princess costume.

"Good morning, everyone!"

No one replied. "Well then, today we have a new student with us."

Then everyone perked up. New students were rare. "Come in Mikan- chan!"

I looked up. Mikan? What's she doing here? She walked in but was different than I remembered. Her hair was in low pigtails, her eyes were closed, and she changed the uniform. The jacket and shirt ended at her elbows, the blue skirt was black, and wearing combat boots. Also, she cut the jacket so it ended a few inches below her chest.

Mikan's POV

I waked in the classroom and kicked Narumi hard. "I told you never to call me that," I said in a icy tone.

Then he slowly got up. "A-anyway this is Sakura Mikan. Treat her kindly. I'm just going to go to the nurse. Free period." Then he went holding his stomach.

Then everyone started asking questions.

"What's your Alice?"

"Why are you're eyes closed?"

"What class are you in?"

"Got a boyfriend?"

"What's your star ranking?"

I opened my blood red eyes. (She's wearing contacts.) I was about to answer the questions but then I saw someone that I knew was here.

"Imai-san, how are you?"'

"Mikan, what happened to you," she asked as she came toward me.

"I grew up. And realized that you're studying to be the best to go home so, I just didn't want to bother you."

"You're being stupid." Then she took out a gun and shot it. "Baka!" It was fast but I caught it with no difficulties.

Everyone's eyes widened. No one had ever caught it.


"Imai-san I would prefer if you didn't address me in such manner."

She looked hurt. I'm sorry Hotaru but I don't want you to get caught up in my mess.

"Oi, new girl." I looked up to see a boy with messy black hair holding a manga book.


"So what is your Alice?"

"Might as well tell right now. I have the nullification and SEC Alices."

By the look on everyone's face they don't know what those Alices are. "With one I can nullify anyone else's Alice and with the other one I can steal, erase, and copy Alices."

Then everyone looked scared. "Don't mess with me. By the way what's your name?"

"Why should I tell you that," he asked in a rude voice.

"Because I answered your question," I said it just as rude with a glare.

"Fine. Hyuuga Natsume." He closed the book and he had blood red eyes.

"And to answer the questions that I have heard I will only said it once. Dangerous class, Special star, and no boyfriend."

Then all the boys started asking me out. It was so annoying that I made an ice dagger and threw it.

"Never said I haven't copied anyone's."

No boy came near me for the rest of the period. The bell rang. Time for math. The teacher's name was Jinno. It was so simple I tuned him out and listed to some music. Then several moments later a fist banged my desk.

"Sakura! Pay attention!"

I looked at him emotionlessly and continued to listen to my music. When he was about to yell again I interrupted him.

"The answer is 52,781.5231."

He looked shocked and said nothing. As did the rest of the class. Are they that stupid? Then rest of the day went smoothly with no accidents. I made sure that no one was near me. I can't do that again. When night fell I went out to the forest. There Persona stood.

"How was your first day?"

"Wouldn't you know?"

"So what do you think of the Black Cat?"

"He is rude and seems like a playboy. He also looks like he needs to take a break from missions."

"Then you will take his place?"

"Haven't I already?"

"Your mission is to steal a certain person's Alice in the AAO."

"Which person?"

"Kagura Mitsuki. Here is her information."

He threw a folder that I caught. "Good luck Bloody Rose."

I slipped on a black mask with a white bloody rose on one side. The mask hid my eyes and covered everything except my mouth.

"Don't need it." Then I used an Alice stone to teleport myself.

Two Hours later.

"Here's her Alice stone."

Then I threw it to Persona. He examined it. "Good work. See you tomorrow."

"Another mission?"

"No, abilities' classes. I have someone I want you to meet."

"See ya then."

Then I headed to my dorm. When I got there I noticed that I was next to Hyuuga. Great just great. I opened my door and quickly got changed into pajamas. Then sat on my bed and took out the locket that I hid under my clothes. When I opened it and saw the picture I started to cry softly. It was a picture of my parents. The last one I had. I still can't believe that I was the one who caused their deaths. Mamma, Daddy, Please forgive me.

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