"I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life get's kind of boring
Need something that I can confess"

Awkwardly, I hugged Six goodbye and disappeared into the dorm room. He didn't come in immediately, and I figured he was sitting out there, thinking or something. I didn't dwell on it though, I just ran upstairs as best I could and went straight for Rain's room. Panicking, I banged on her door rapidly.

"Rain," I hissed, "Rain!"
She opened her door a few seconds later. "Scar?" she asked, standing there in her cloud PJ's, "I was worried about you last night! You were so wasted . . . Wait is everything okay?"

"Can I come in?" I asked quietly.
"Uh okay," she said, holding her door open for me. She closed it behind me as I went and sat down on her purple polka dotted bed. She sat down beside me.

"You okay?" she asked, seeming worried.
"I did something incredibly stupid last night," I told her.

"Oh God, what?" she asked.
"I . . . I slept with Six," I said.

"You did what!" she demanded, jumping right off the bed.
"I hooked up with Six. Six and I did it. Six screwed me. I fucked with Six. Six and I made love. I layed Six," I said, listing all the other terms for sex I knew, "Do I have to spell it out for you?"

"I can't believe you had sex with Six!" she exclaimed.
"Neither can I," I groaned, burying my face in my hands, "I don't know what to do."

"What do you mean?" she asked, "It's over, it's done with."
"No it's not," I moaned, "We didn't use any protection."

"Oh my God, don't you realize that you could get an STD?" she demanded.
"I thought about that," I said, "But it's okay . . . Six has only ever had sex with Violet, whose only ever had sex with him. That's not the real problem."

"Oh my God, you could get pregnant!" she exclaimed.
"Duh," I said miserably, "That's the problem."

"Oh my God, what are you going to do?" she asked, "Is there anything I can do to help?"
"Well you can start by calling Veve and DJ," I said, "And telling them to haul ass down here ASAP."

"Will do," she agreed, pulling out her cell phone and calling DJ and Veve with instructions to come to her room immediately, no questions. I just sat there on her bed, feeling like I was going to vomit again. I also felt like I was going to burst into panicked tears, but I refused to cry.

DJ was there before Rain even got off the phone with Veve. She knocked on the door about a million times and Rain ran over to let her in. She strutted, dressed in skinny jeans and an oversized black hoodie. Her wild red curls bouncing as she walked in and stood in the middle of the room with her hand on her hip.
"Okay, what happened?" she demanded.

"Scar had a drunken one night stand with Six," Rain told her.
"Hey!" I protested.

"Well it's true," she said. Well I couldn't argue with that.
"You hooked up with Six?" DJ demanded, not seeming too shocked. Just mildly surprised with an out of place smirk on her lips.

"Unprotected," Rain chimed in.
"Well isn't this rich," she said smugly, "You called me stupid for having sex with my boyfriend Brandon, with protection. And then you go and have unprotected drunken sex with a guy you barely know. Oh the irony . . .

"Not now DJ," I warned.
"Sorry, but you gotta admit that it's pretty ironic," she said, "So do you think you got an STD?"

"No, no," I mumbled, "Six and Violet have only ever had sex with each other. So I think I'm safe."
"Maybe he lied," she suggested.

"Now why would he do that?" I asked, "I had already slept with him, he didn't have any reason to lie."
"Okay true," she agreed, "But maybe Violet lied. They were apart for a while weren't they? Maybe she cheated on him."

"Oh God," I groaned, putting my head back in my hands.
"Okay, okay, sorry," she relented, "She probably didn't cheat on him, it seems like they're really in love."

I groaned again. "That doesn't help."
"Oh sorry . . . so do you think you might be knocked up?" she asked bluntly. That was DJ for you, brutally honest and blunt.

"I don't know," I said, "I have to go to town on Monday and get Plan B."
"Monday?" she asked, "Why not go now?"

"Well all the cars are out on the weekends," I reminded her, "I won't be able to get one until Monday."
"Will it work then?" asked DJ, "I thought you had to take it the morning after."

"There's like a five day window," I explained, "But each day you wait there's a better chance it won't work."
"Want us to go with you?" asked Rain.

"Yeah, yeah, that'd be good," I said just as there was a serious of kick knocks on the door.
"Helloooooo?" came Veve's voice, "Anybody home?"

"Just come in Veve," Rain called.
"Okay," she chirped, skipping in. Even at ten thirty on a Saturday, she was already dressed. She had a little pink skirt on and a white cammy, a pink bow in her hair and ballet flats on her feet. She was extraordinarily preppy, but we loved her anyway.

"Hey Scar why are you wearing your clothes from yesterday?" she asked. I was wondered why nobody had said anything about that.
"Because she had unprotected drunken sex with Six last night," DJ told her.

"Ohhhhh!" she squealed, clapping her hands and hoping up and down, "If the baby's a girl, can you name her after me? Oh, we have to have a baby shower! It'll be so much fun."
"Veve, cool it," DJ said, "We don't even know if she's pregnant yet."

"Oh poo," she said, "I hope she is!"
"I hope I'm not," I grumbled.

"Aw! Why would you say that?" she asked, "I love babies!"
"Then why don't you have one?" DJ snapped.

"Okay!" she chirped, "If Scar doesn't have a baby, then I will."
"You go do that," I muttered.

DJ just stared at her. "Remind me again why we're friends with you," she said.
"Because I have nice clothes?" she suggested.

"God you're stupid," DJ muttered.
"DJ, cool it," I told her.

She just snorted and crossed her arms unhappily.
"I wonder what color eyes the baby will have," Veve continued, "Will it have hazel eyes like you? Or maybe like green or blue . . . Because Six has two different colored eyes. Oh! Or maybe it'll have two different colored eyes just like Six! That would be so adorable! Six has the prettiest eyes!"

"Veve," I interupted, "I'm. Not. Having. A. Baby."
"Well, you had unprotected sex . . ." she said, "So you could be pregnant."

"Well that's why I'm going into town to get Plan B," I told her.
"Aw!" she said sadly, "Why would you do that?"

"Because I don't want a baby," I explained.
"Why?" she asked innocently, "Babies are so cute!"

"Yes but I'm too young to be a mom," I tried to explain to her.
"My mom was sixteen when she had me," she said matter-of-factly.

"Of course she was," DJ muttered.
"Anyway," I said, giving DJ a pointed look, "I don't want to be a mom yet. Besides, Six has a girlfriend, and I highly doubt she'd be okay with me having his baby."

"So . . . what if the Plan B doesn't work?" she asked, "I mean, it doesn't always work right? Especially if you take it later. Then what? Will you get an abortion?"
"I don't know," I mumbled. I really wasn't okay with abortion. I mean, I believed people should have a right to have an abortion if they wanted to. I just didn't want to. Plan B was preventing a pregnancy, but abortion was killing a baby that was already formed. I didn't think I could do that.

"If you have an abortion, I'll cry," she threatened.
"If you get any stupider I'll cry," DJ muttered. Her and Veve didn't really like each other. Actually, it was really just DJ who didn't like Veve. Veve didn't seem to realize that DJ didn't like her.

I gave her a warning look and turned back to Veve. "No, Veve," I said, "I don't think I'd get an abortion."
"Oh good," she sighed, "Oh wait, I just got a great idea! You should name the baby Seven. That'd be so cute! You know like six, seven. Get it?"

"First of all if, if, I have the baby," I corrected, "I wouldn't be able to name it Seven, because then everyone would know that Six was the father."
"So?" DJ challenged, "He would be."

"Yeah but people can't know that," I told her, "Six has a girlfriend, she'd kill him."
"So, hypothetically speaking," she said, "If you get pregnant and people ask you who the father is . . . What would you say?"

"I'd say . . . I don't know who the father is," I decided.
"You know people will think you're a huge whore, right?" she demanded, being brutally honest once again, "I mean, saying you don't know who your baby's father is implies that you've had sex with so many guys that you can't keep track."

"I know, I know," I said, "Let's just hope Plan B works and I don't have to worry about that. Okay? Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go vomit." With that, I ran into Rain's bathroom and threw up nosily in the toilet.

"Ugh . . ." Rain moaned, "Now I think I'm going to be sick . . ."
"Oh!" Veve squeaked, "Morning sickness! You are pregnant."

"So. Frickin. Stupid." DJ muttered.